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The Readings by SunChariot Newsletter
January 2013 Edition
Volume 5, Edition 1
Welcome back to the Readings by SunChariot newsletter! And welcome 2013!

I have to say that I find January's a wonderful time of year. The start of a new year for me represents a fresh new start, where we can leave what was not working for out well for us in the past and start anew. A time of new years resolutions when we can create what we want  of our lives and of our selves in the new year. Wen I was a little girl, at the end of each year by mother would draw us a calendar shaped like a leaf and at he end of each year, we'd turn it over and symbolically turn over a new leaf. :-)

Oh, here's something I wanted to tell you about. I just recently discovered where you can find groups in your city that meet and discuss common interests. I joined a few spiritually based ones, and am now taking a 9 week course on spiritual insight starting in early January, that I am very excited about. I find it never hurts to find something that you feel excited about to work on during the winter, Keeps your mind off of whatever the weather's doing. LOL

Also this January holds even more of that newness for me. My old day job wound down in December, and I will be starting off in a totally new one this January. Now interestingly, we're entering 2013,  And 13 in Tarot is about something ending to make room for something that is meant to come and that will be much better for you and make you happier. So I am full of hope and faith on this, and I know this change is for the best.  No doubt, I just know that is how life works for me, and especially this year. Not to mention that 2013 if you add up the numbers....2+0+1+3=6, and 6 is the number about love. So I think this is just going to be a great year for us.

Since this is a year about knowing that what is ending is for the best, and anything that ends will only do so because something much better is meant to come from it, I believe this will be a good year, a year of really having open trust and faith in life. And when we have that and can let go of what is not faith and trust in life, that frees us up to really enjoy our lives and to be more spontaneous and playful. And to be in the present moment and take all the joy there is to have from it,

So that is where I am this month of January. And those things mentioned above are what i want from this shining new year. And I suppose you could call them my new years resolutions.


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Happy 2013!

Quote of the Month

I believe that if life gives you lemons, you should try to make lemonade... And try to find somebody whose life has given them vodka, and have a party.

--Ron White

Not that I am a big drinker, LOL  But I loved the idea of this quote, not to mention that it gave me a good laugh. :-). I believe that we, each of us, has our own unique talents. And when we combine our talents with those of others we can create something between us that is more than the sum of its parts. :-)  For. me, its about making the best of what you have using the best of who you are. And combining the best of who you are with the best of someone else and just watching the magic flow. 
January 2013 Contest

With the year 2013 spread out before us, full of potential that we can make anything we want of, i am making this an anything you want it to be contest. The winner gets to decide between a 3 card Tarot reading, a 3 card Oracle reading, a 3 card angel reading, an 8 Rune Rune reading, or a 9 card playing card reading. You get to decide which best suits your needs and I do the reading. :-)

It's all up to you, It's your year and your reading to make the most of. :-)

To enter the contest, click here.

In the Comments section, just write "January 2013 contest" along with the country you are in (feel free to just put the first initial of your last name if you want)

The drawing will take place on Sunday, January 20, 2013  and will be announced in the February 2013 edition of this newsletter.


Last Month's Winner

The winner of last month's contest was Nancy E from the USA. The prize was a 4 card Angel reading. :-)

Congratulations Nancy for being the last contest winner of 2012!

We'll be in touch soon. Looking forward to talking with you, doing your reading and seeing what the angels have to say for you. :-)

All the best for the upcoming new year!


Tarot Demystified

What you should expect from a good reader (and what not to)

I wrote on this topic in my newsletter a while back, it was likely over a year ago.  But I thought it bore repeating.  While there are some very good readers out there, and some excellent ones too, there are also some who are a bit unscrupulous and even downright crooked and dishonest. Something which breaks my heart. Unfortunately sometimes people run into a reader of the latter type and lose all faith in Tarot. Which is such a shame as it truly can be one of the most amazing things life has to offer, when done properly,

I think this is always an important topic as it can help non-readers to differentiate between the different types of readers and hopefully to see when something is not working as it should in a reading and to know that that is not now things should normally be. These are my beliefs on what a reader should and shouldn't be or do

What you should expect
  • If you come to a reader for a reading, it's all about you. It's not about some hidden agenda, it's always about meeting your needs in the best way.
  • A good reading should always leave you in a better place than before the reading took place. It should offer hope, insight, healing, answers, solutions,  be empowering, and/or give you needed information to make the best decision in the situation.
  • A good reader should have a code of ethics that they adhere to and don't deviate from. There may be certain types of questions they are not comfortable with and won't read on, and they will be able to give you a valid reason why.
  • The questions asked in a reading should be answered within the scope of that reading. It does happen on occasion though that we ask a question and the cards avoid the question in favor of telling us something we need to know more. But it is never appropriate for a reader to tell you you need additional readings to find the answers or even of ask you if you want them.
  • True caring and empathy are important parts of it.
  • A good reading should be complete unto itself and a good reader will be open to answering any questions you have about the reading afterwards.
  • A good reading should contain information specific to your situation and not just information that would apply to anyone. Eg telling someone, they will meet someone new in their lives this month, or they will feel a bit confused over something this month could apply to anyone. (You may at times see some of this in my newsletter readings as those readings need to apply to literally hundreds of people at once, but a personal reading is a very different thing). But telling someone that their boyfriend who has been afraid of commitment will suddenly change his mind and decide he is ready, just for example, is specific as it presupposes a boyfriend who had a fear of commitment and that does not apply to everyone.

What you should not expect
  • A good reading should never make you feel scared or negative in any way. This can be a well known scam. Unscrupulous reader sometimes charge minimal amounts for the reading and then tell the querent that something is very wrong in their lives and for a large fee they will fix it or sell them the cure. If you ever run into this, it's a pretty well known scam... Never trust a reader who does this. They are  generally making it all up and just plain being dishonest for their own personal gain.
  • A reader who asks you not to discuss what came up in your reading is one not to be trusted  Normally once you have a reading it belongs to you and you can do anything you want with it. Also a good reader would be happy for you to share,  as word of mouth and positive feedback are always helpful. If a reader asks you not to share what came up with others, something is wrong. I once heard of a whole classroom who all went to see a Tarot reader as a school assignment. The reader took them one by one and told each of them not to discuss what she had told them. After the experience, they all did discuss it together and they realized she had told them all the exact same thing, pretty well word for word. Someone who does not want you to discuss things has something to hide.
  • It is not appropriate for a reader to ever tell you you need another reading, or to even suggest it. Worst of all to ask when you would like to schedule another reading. None of those are appropriate.
  • It is also not appropriate for a reader to malign other professions and tell people they should come to them instead of visiting a professional in another field. I once had a rather persistent and annoying would be reader for me who kept sending me unscrupulous e-mails about how how people with emotional problems should never see a psychologist but should consult her instead. While Tarot, in the right hands, can be a wonderful enlightening is NOT ever a substitute for needed medical help. Or real therapy  Or legal aid. A good reader will tell you this outright and even refuse a reading to someone whose needs are best served by a professional in another field.

Coming next month: Not all Tarots decks are are created equal.

New Toys

I just got this recently and I thought it was just the most amazing thing! So naturally, I just had to share. It's the AirWick colour changing candle. Mine is Apple Cinnamon, which just smells amazing.

The candle literally changes colour every 1-2 seconds or so,  Yes these are ALL photos of the exact same candle.. If you turn oft the lights its just mesmerizingly beautiful and in my opinion a great meditation tool. I just adore this! There are a few more colours in there, There is yellow and violet in it too.

If you can get your hands on one, just turn off the lights and enjoy! :-)

New Toys 2

Here's an update on the New Toys section from last month, about crystal balls. Besides the blue one, I now have these two as well, that are also being a total joy in my life (the first is selenite, which I've always loved)

Learning how to use them has been an amazing experience for me. And I have been seeing more and more. It started mainly with symbols, like a heart or a footprint, but lately I tend to see faces more *which i believe are one of my angels and one of my spirit guides)...and sometimes I even hear messages. Things are evolving and growing with practice. Fascinating thing is a crystal ball. I wouldn't have missed this experience for the world. (of course anything spiritual fascinates me, LOL)

 I have been getting more and more  real and useful  messages from it. The most notable for me are about oneness and connection, and the reading that told me to never ever be afraid of love. And some very good relationship advice too on how to open my heart in a situation that was scaring me and making me pull back from it.

Just in case you are at all curious, the book I have been using to learn (that was recommended to me by a dear, dear friend is called "Crystal Ball Gazing: the complete guide to choosing and reading your crystal ball", by Uma Silbey. It's pretty comprehensive and it's been teaching me a lot.
Also, in case you are interested: here is the site where I bought my three crystal balls.

They do ship worldwide and for myself I was quite impressed with them. They have beautiful gazing balls and stands for them, and I've found them a great company to work with.

So there you go, that's my newest hobby. It's been an amazing journey so far for me, so I wanted to share that with you here.
Reading About 2013

Since we are at the start of a new year here, which is always such an exciting time, I decided to pull some cards for you to find out what you can expect from 2013. The deck I used for you is a Tarot and a very unique one. And if you know me I love a good and unique deck.:-)  it's one of those where the Majors have been rethought out and renamed. And I adore those decks. I like a deck that makes me see the world in new ways.

This deck is called The Vision Tarot, and is by Dirk Gillabel. I find it reads very well and has some beautiful imagery. I asked two questions for you:

Question 1: What will your life teach you in 2013?

Card 1: 3 of Earth (R)
How to take the building blocks your life gives you and build (construct) things in a different way. This card says you will find a better way to build what you want in your life.

This is the 3 of Earth reversed and the suit of Earth here is about goal setting, and how to carry out your goals in the best ways. A reversed 3 is about change and transformation. It says that you will find a better way to accomplish what you want to ( a better way to set and carry out your goals to arrive at where you want to) and that you will abandon your old ways of doing so in favor of the new ways that you learn this year.

These new ways will take you to new heights. And help you "climb the ladder" to even greater success in your life.
Card 2: 7 of Air (R)

While this card may not initially look like a good thing, ultimately it is. The card is not saying that you are going to learn to be confused this year.  That would not make sense as that is not something we learn. Instead it is saying that you will learn NOT to feel confused about something that has felt confusing to you in the past. You will learn something, find the missing piece of the puzzle, that will release any sense of confusion and help things make perfect sense again. When we are confused, there is something we are missing (not seeing or not understanding). That piece of the puzzle will fill itself in for you in 2013.

This is the 7 of Air, reversed. Air is about our thoughts and way of thinking, naturally enough as that is the source of any confusion. And a reversed 7. for me, is all about hope and faith. So really this card is saying that in 2013, something that is confusing you will be cleared up. And when it is, you will be left in a positive place, with a lot of hopeful thoughts about the future of the situation and faith in life and in any others involved.  All the conflicting thoughts will be pulled together and make sense. You will be able to see the situation clearly.

Question 2: What new and exciting things will be available to you this year?

Card 1: 4 of Air (R)
This is the 4 of Air, reversed. Air is about your thoughts and way of thinking. A reversed 4, for me, is about taking things slowly and carefully. Thinking that you have to take  things slowly and carefully as the situation is delicate or risky. Obviously there is nothing exciting or fun about that. And that in itself is not the message here.

What this card is really talking about is a situation in your life where  you have felt you need to do that, to proceed with caution. A situation where you felt you had to be careful, move slowly, and/or not make a move until you felt sure of the consequences of it. Where you could not feel free to openly be yourself.  This card is telling you that in 2013 that situation will change and you will feel secure enough with it it open up fully and let the rest go.
As this image shows, you will enter a place of beautiful, light-filled openness in this situation. Things will finally feel natural and as they were meant to be. You will reach the place where you feel fully free to be the person you were meant to be in this situation. There will be a real sense of relief and enlightenment.
Card 2: Lovers (R)

Love. Deep and real love. Very very probably this refers to romantic love. The energy of love with be available to you in very real ways in 2013. This is a card from the Major Arcana, so this tells you that you you will be learning some important life lessons about love in 2013. And given the question, what you learn will feel new and exciting. It will be a happy time. it's all good.

It's all about closeness and embracing your loved one close to you and to your heart. it's about the loving energy you two can create together, the energy of love. it's that floating on air feeling, where you don't feel your feet touch the ground. Oneness, embracing the similarities and energy and connection between you fully and marvelling in them.

The feeling that the world is new and wonderful. What can I say this is a wonderful card to get here. I was glad to see it myself. as these readings apply to me too. :-)

Card 3: of Water (R)

 I just find this image SO beautiful and serene!  Your life will give you the chance this year, and encourage you, to  look inwards and explore some parts of yourself you may have been ignoring or even unaware of. Finding these parts of yourself will help you see your inner beauty, your true self, and your connection to others around you and to the world more clearly. it will help you see who you were born to be and to become that person in more and more real ways.

This is the 3 of Water, reversed. It is a card from the suit of Water,not of Air. Which is interesting as you'd think introspection was more a function of our thoughts than of our feelings. This says that what we are talking about is  a time of a deep examination of your feelings, what they say,where they come from, if what you are feeling is working for you and leading you to where you want to go in your life. And if not why not and how to change that.

This is also a reversed 3 this says that in 2013, you'll come to a place (after some introspection and inner examination) where your feelings about certain thing will change completely. You will abandon something in your old way of feeling about certain situations, in favor of a new way so feeling about them that will make you feel happier inside and lead to better outcomes in the long run for you. And this will be an exciting thing in your life. it will feel new and exciting and so will your life and you/ 

Asking About Life

I was thinking lately about the role of play in our lives, and playfulness. In childhood it seems to be something that is so second nature and we do it spontaneously without any thought to it. We just act from our true inner selves and that's what comes up. Then somewhere along the line (maybe at a number of different places), we are told that this is appropriate, that we have to grow up and act mature and take life seriously...

Not that we don't want to take our responsibilities seriously or face them in a mature way of course. But sometimes along the way people lose touch to greater or lesser degrees with that spontaneous playful side of themselves. Some seem to lose touch with it almost completely. And in my mind it is a good and positive thing. And part of the joy that is life. And so i decided to ask about that for you this month.
The deck I used here is called the Inner Child Cards, by Isha and Mark Lerner and Christopher Guilfoil. If is a Tarot and the one I felt could best answer the question for you here. The Inner Child Cards is just a huge deck. LOL It is by far the largest I have. I love it for that. Just using it makes me feel like a child again, as the large cards in my hands remind me of what a regular deck felt like to me as a child. Love it for that. Puts me right back in childhood. Also it is a very playful deck, and one that features childhood stories, fairy tales and activities.

The questions I asked for you this month where (and I have to say that I just loved these answers)  :-):
Question 1: What can we learn from the way children play that can enrich our lives as adults?
Card 1: flipped Guide of Swords (R)

All  3 cards in Question 1 were flipped cards. A flipped card is a card that flips out of the deck during shuffling. Flipped cards are important as they indicate messages that we are being asked to really stop and think over. A flipped card says that there is something in the answer that you will understand on a deeper level after you mull it over a bit.
The Guides in this deck are what would normally be the Queens. And this is the Guide of Swords, about our thoughts. This was also a reversed card, and a reversed Guide/Queen for me is related to Divine guidance, or saying that if you pay attention your life will show you the right path.
The first part of this answer is that a child at play is not over-thinking or over-analysing things. He is just following his feelings and instincts. He is open to his intuition and his imagination can run freely. There does not have to be set rules and he can make them up or change them at the spur of the moment. And that encourages creativity and it allows and encourages him to see things in new ways. Things do not have to be set or to take a specific form. It's just make believe after all. One minute they can be a movie star, and the next a teacher. And it can all change in a moment.
This is a card from the suit of Swords. So it is a card about the way we think, as adults. And as a reversed Guide it says that our lives do give us signs and hints on how to proceed in the best ways. But these often come to us as intuition.  The more open and free we feel inside the more easily we can sense them. And the more regimented we are inside, if we sense the best path for us is outside of the norm we may dismiss it as something we just cannot do.
The image shows a man, with this path laid out before him. And yet there is an obstacle blocking his path. And there he is immobilized, looking backwards and thinking out what he did in the past in similar situations, what worked then and what didn't,  what he was told in the past he can and cannot do and be (and has bought into)...And he's stuck there.  When if he let go of the past baggage and just really imagined ALL the possibilities, really lived them out in his imagination (even the ones that sound ludicrous) somehow that spark might go off and he might recognise the perfect solution.

Cards 2 and 3: flipped Yellow Brick Road (R) and Wishing Upon A Star (R)
These two cards form a card duo. They came out of the deck together and that means that their messages are very closely connected. They are meant to be take together here.They are also both cards from the Major Arcana. And that says that there are some very important life lessons that can be learnt from their messages.

Card 2 is Card 19 of the Majors, traditionally The Sun... but here it is called The Yellow Brick Road.  And here 4 friends set out arm in arm to reach a common destination. And that is also connected to the way children play at times. They sometimes all play together and work together using common rules that can be set out at the start. Eg when playing house..."You be the Mommy and I'll be the Daddy"...even as they are all free to be who they really are,  and are not hiding that in the context of the game.  And to just act from what comes spontaneously to them.

Or when two or more young girls play dolls together and they decide together before they start the situation that they/their dolls will be in, then pool their imaginations together.

This card is related to The Sun card, so there is that aspect to it of deep warmth, openness, healing, total acceptance. This is also shown in the friends here walking down their paths arm in arm, focusing on what they are sharing and on the similarities, not on their differences. In a situation where people are working together and each feels free to show and be their real selves, more warmth and beauty can come out. They are all heading down the path to a deeper sense of warmth and connection, closeness and feeling more and more at home together. Each being openly them and helping each other down their life and spiritual paths.

Card 3 is a card I just love. I have always loved to wish on a star, from as far back as I remember. And to tell you the truth, I still do it quite often. And in a sense, this is also a type of childhood game. Making a wish and watching to see what will happen can also be a lot of fun when you have faith that we live in a world where anything can happen.  There would be no point to it, or no fun to it, without that belief.
And that is also part of what it means to be a child, having that kind of faith in life, that anything can happen and  in happily ever afters, and that all that we want can happen if we wish it so. I had to stop and think for a moment on how this connects to the message of the last card, but it does in fact.
That faith in life that you can wish for something and it will come true, that life is on your side no matter what, and that you have that faith in happy endings,....all this frees you to focus on the warmth and connection with others. It allows you to focus on your similarities not on your differences. The differences become irrelevant if you believe wishes come true. And if you believe that. nothing anyone can say or do can really harm your future. In that case why not focus on what you all have in common and on what brings you closer together. With that deep faith behind you, your spirit can rise up and do some great things,. And you can become bigger than you ever thought you could be.
Question 2: What does spontaneous playfulness add to life?
Card 1: 2 of Wands (R)

This is card from the suit of Wands, which is about what we create of and from and with our lives. And it is a reversed 2. A reversed 2, they way i read is about accepting things fully, and/or seeing things in new ways.

The first part of the answer from this card is that being in that playful state of mind means you are open to new things, To be in that state of mind means not being bogged down by thoughts of what we should or shouldn't do. Or what the world or we should be or shouldn't be. We just are.  We are open and free to imagine anything. And we cannot create what we cannot first imagine in our minds. So that is huge.

Also, we are fully in the present moment, when acting spontaneously.That total acceptance of things as they are and knowing that all is right and well with the world has to be there first. When we are concerned about something we don't tend to be spontaneously open and playful. So that is what is at the base of it that trust in life that is and will continue to be just as it should be and that brings its own rewards.

And yes it does allow us to see things, ourselves and the world in different ways. As for the image itself, the girl in it represents us, in relation to the question.  She is looking into the water and seeing her reflection., And the butterfly wand she holds is about creating something deeper and better of her life. Butterflies are about inner evolution and growth for me. And this says to me that not only does play and playfulness lead to inner growth in children, but that is can and does in adults as well.

The reflected version of herself that she sees wears more flowers (is even more beautiful). In this free state of mind she is more fully able to see all that she can be, to see and visualize herself as the best version of herself she can be. That that too is an important step to creating and becoming all that you can be.  In a spontaneously playful state of mind, there is no negative thoughts in the way or holding you back. And nothing in your way.
Card 2: flipped Guardian of Swords (R)

This was a flipped card, a card that flipped out of the deck during shuffling. And that means its asking you to stop and think over the message here and saying there is something to be gained by doing so.

And this is the Guardian of Swords, reversed. Swords are about our thoughts and our way of thinking, the ways in which we usually think of and view the world. The Guardians in this deck are what would normally be the Kings of the deck. A reversed Guardian, for me, is about destiny and fate, things that are intended or meant to be.

This part of the answer simply says that being open to life and spontaneously playful is the way we are meant to think. We are meant to see life and the world as a place where we can feel free to do that and to be our true selves openly. And to feel safe to so so. That is the message of this card.
The image itself says a few different things. The Sword and the rose at the bottom say that we are meant to think of life and the world in love-based ways. Our thoughts on that are meant to grow in that way (the ivy twined around the Sword = growth). We are meant to think of/see see life in love-based ways, through the eyes of trust and joy and optimism. 

And at the top of the image, is an angel wearing a suit of armor. Whether or not you believe in angels, the message is the same. That we are in fact safe to open up and be spontaneously be open and playful. We are safe to do that and it does lead to more happiness and will raise our spiritual levels.  We have what we need inside to handle whatever comes in style and grace. And yes, this card says that you are safe and your life will support you and work with you if you let go and act in those spontaneously playful ways. You are safe, if you're not used to it, try in small ways at first and see. If you are let go and try something a bit bigger, but you are safe to be your open, best, spontaneous and playful self. This card says that that is who you are meant to and intended to be. How you are meant to and intended to think. 

January 2013 Friendship Reading

I've finally decided to use the famous (some say infamous) Thoth Tarot for you here in my newsletter. it was created by Aleister Crowley, artwork by Frieda Harris. It's a deck that works well for me, and brings a lot of wisdom with it, and of course is considered of of the true Tarot classics.

The question I asked for you this month was:

What do you most need to know to make the most of what you have and what you will be given this month of January 2013?

And here is your useful and positive answer:

Card 1: Fortune

The first card for you here is called Fortune. It's a card from the Major Arcana and the Majors are about important life lessons that our lives are working to tell us related to the question asked. So there is an important life lesson that you are meant to learn by learning to make the most of what you are given to work with this month. These lessons are always in our best interests and enrich us in many ways.

The Fortune card says that something will happen in your life this month that is quite unexpected. It's the kind of card which says that you may have been expecting or planning for one thing, and then something totally different comes instead. It will come as a bit of a surprise. This is not at all to say it will be anything negative, but it will be unexpected and throw your plans up in the air somewhat.

The card image says to me that ultimately it is something that will benefit you and be healing to some ares of your life. Purple is the colour of healing for me. The 6 lightening bolts say that it will come into your life from a place of loving energy. It will ultimately be en-"lightening".  It will cause some wheels to turn and lead to certain events in your future.

Examples of this type of situation are when you are expecting to get a certain job or to buy a house you want and then it is no longer available and you have to get a new one instead. THEN at the new place you meet someone you were destined to meet, your soul mate or someone who becomes a dear friend.  Since you obviously cannot plan on meeting someone you do not know exists,  and you have no idea this person who you don't know could be important to you, ....AND the best place for you to meet them is there, then Fortune takes a hand and changes your plans to get in the right place at the right time.

But all the stars at the top of the image, and the Swords held by the beings at the top and bottom of the image tell you that the best thing you can do is to think hopeful thoughts, expect the very best and have faith, and those will truly be rewarded, more than you expect.

Change, especially when it comes unexpected, can throw us a bit at first. We have to stop and rethink.  But this card is telling you this change is truly meant to come to you to heal something in your life and it will be in your best interest. It just involves a little adjustment and hope and faith. All is working out in the best way, trust in that.

Card 2: Flipped 9 of Swords, reversed (Cruelty)

No this card is not saying anything negative is coming. Trust me on that. :-)
This card, and the next two, were flipped cards. And that means that the cards are asking you to stop and think about their message as there is something deep in it that you will understand on a deeper level after having thought it over a bit.

This is the 9 of Swords, reversed. And that is a good thing. Swords are about your thoughts, and they way you are viewing things. Your thoughts and beliefs on the topic

It is saying that your first reaction, when your plans are suddenly or unexpectedly changed might be to think that life is not on your side, that suddenly it is against you or treating you cruelly. Your first reaction might be to think that someone in your life is treating you cruelly.   But this card is telling you to look beyond that. And that if you look beyond that you will see the underlying truth.

This is a revered 9. Reversed 9s for me are about warmth, joy, happiness, healing, contentment, fulfillment, that feeling that all is right with the world, feeling full of positive energy. This IS the underlying truth that you can see if you look deeper. There is a pattern to what will happen, it is not random. It is meant to wash away anything that is harming you and leave only the best of what you need in your life to be at your positive loving joyful best.

This is meant as a cleansing experience in your life and it is meant to and will truly improve your life. Just trust that it is for the best, it is.  If it's a person in your life who starts acting different and in a way that feels cruel,this card says that  you're misunderstanding. Look deeper and you will find the truth. The true base of the situation is loving, positive energy.

Card 3: flipped The Chariot, reversed
This is both a flipped card AND a card from the Major Arcana. It is telling you about an important life lesson that your life is working to teach you this month, and saying that if you stop and think this over, there is something to be gained by so doing.

The Chariot says that yes you will be facing something unexpected., and that will make you stop and question and rethink certain things. it may feel a bit hard as you had things all planned in your mind and now you have to stop and re-plan.  But that is not really the gist of the card.

The real meaning of The Chariot is not so much facing some type of challenge. Instead, the real meaning says that IF you face it, face it with integrity, and do not give up, then you are guaranteed a huge success. There is a promise to this card that is at the very heart of it.

It tells you, promises you, that if you face what you have to and do not give up,  you are going to go on to succeed in ways that are deeper and stronger than you expected to. And that is WHY this change in plans came to you now, For that very reason, to give you the chance for this increased success in your life. Keep your hopes and faith up and don't give up and it is practically guaranteed.

 As for the image here, the suit of armour in reality says that you are safe. You are protected and nothing "bad:" is going to happen to you from this change. It also says that having a sense of humour about it will help a lot. :-) Looking for and seeing the humour in the situation will bring our your inner child in a  good way and be healthy for you here.

The image says don't get too mesmerized by the thought that things changed. Just think the kind of thoughts that are authentically you and come from the heart of that unique person you are and you can't go wrong.

Card 4: flipped 8 of Disks, reversed (Prudence)

This is the 8 of Disks reversed. Disks (also known as Coins or Pentacles) are about our goals, the goals we want to set to get to where we want to be, and the work needed to turn those goals into reality.  A reversed 8 for me is about romance. So we are talking about your goals now related to your romantic life. what you want to happen in that area of your life, why you want that, and once you are clear on all to best achieve it.

This card is called Prudence, so it is telling you that this month is not the month to rush into anything on that front, in your romantic life.   It says that before you take any steps to set your plans in action, stop first and think things over. Stop and be sure if the goals you are setting are really what you want, might they have any unwanted side effects, are they really best for all concerned, think of other alternatives....And then once you are really sure those goals are what you want, then by all means go ahead, but still tale things slowly and carefully this month on that front, when creating changes.

The image is one of growth, it is in fact a tree with springtime flowers on it. And that is saying that in each area of our lives there is a time when ti is best to push forward and a time when it is best to slow down. This month is has the latter kind of energy to it in this area of your life.  its just part of the natural cycle of all things. All things sometimes need a resting period, a breather. And sometimes the kindest, most nurturing thing we can do it is give things the time they need.

When I first say the Fortune card, saying that you would be facing something unexpected this month, I pulled one more card for you to ask how to make the best of this unexpected thing. And I got the card below:


This is also a card from the Major Arcana, so once again there is an important life lesson for you here  Art to me is about making a work of Art of your life, of what you are facing in your life. A work of art represents who you are to the world, shows your inner self, touches other people with it.

For one thing, this says to be authentically you. Show your true inner self to the world and act and react from that place.

Art is also a creative act, and this tells you that when you are faced with this unexpected thing, be creative. Expand your horizons, try to think in new ways, brainstorm, talk to others who think differently from you and learn from their ways of thinking. Turn of your thoughts and meditate or even draw or sketch or paint your ideas to get your creative juices flowing. or write a short story about it.

Finding new ways to find the answers can lead to new kinds of solutions.  Try to think outside the box.  the image shows that there are two sides to you, opposites like fire and water. One side is your rational problem solving side, and the other is your intuitive creative side. You are being told by this card that you will come to the best solution here this month by working with your creative side.  That is the side which will let you best sense the web of connectivity between what is best for you and why things changed. And that is an important part of the puzzle.

Well here we are again, coming to the end of this edition. Thank you for dropping by and letting me share with you. :-)

Please feel free to come visit me on my web site: 

for an in-depth, personalized reading delivered right to your Inbox, whenever you'd like my help with any issues in your life.

I'm always here for you and I'd be more than happy to work with you to help you find your answers or just to feel better about things.

May you build something truly beautiful and fulfilling from the tools your life gives you this year and learn lessons that will enrich your life forever. :-)



Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Readings by SunChariot Newsletter
December 2012 Edition
Volume 4, Edition 12

Welcome back to the Readings by SunChariot newsletter!

Well as so often happens here in my newsletters, this one too seems to have developed a theme as I was writing it. As this year draws to a close, this newsletter seemed to want to be about looking inside ourselves. about self-knowledge and self-examination

2012 will soon be ending, and a new year beginning, so in reality what better time to look inside and see where we are and who we want to be in the new year. If we find we are  just where we want to be then we get to start the new year knowing that. And that is a great feeling.

If there are still some things we'd like to tweak, that's good too. A new year is always a great time for change and starting anew. It's a fresh new start, where we can leave whatever is old and not serving our purposes anymore behind. Just leave it there in 2012, and when the year ends its over.  A new year can be both a time to let go of things and a time to get excited about all the new and exciting things that are coming. :-)

Since each year does bring a lot be be excited about, that seems like a good place to focus attention on now. And even more good news, hey: the shortest day of the year takes place this month so the days will start to get longer again afterwards. :-)

This month, I wish you wonderful warm holidays with loved ones, relaxation, and the joy of being you in this world.

Before I forget, here is the photo of me in my Halloween costume that I promised to show you last month, That was me somewhat "gypsied up".  Yes, I really did go on the bus and two subways and even to the gym after work dressed that way. I did eventually put some shoes on, before I left the house though. LOL

Oh and btw, I had so much I wanted to share with you this month that it did not all fit on one page here. So you may have to look to the older posts section to catch the end of this edition. :-)

Happy Holidays! And Happy New Year!



(This Blog version of my newsletter is available to be viewed by anyone at anytime at this site. It will come out once a month, near the last Saturday of every month. But, if you'd like an e-mail reminder each month to let you know when the new edition has come up, just click here and I'll get that out to you)

 Wishing you a deliciously happy holiday season this year. And may 2013 be one of the best ever for you!

Quote of the Month

In the hopes of reaching the moon men fail to see the flowers that blossom at their feet.
--Albert Schweitzer
The message for you here is about the magic and beauty of life we can so often take for granted. When we are preoccupied with working on what we hope to create and achieve, we can forget to stop and really look around us. I know I do this at times...  So this month the message is about making time to stop and see (and smell) the flowers  And really see and experience the beauty that is life all around you.

 Wishing your "flowers" along your path this month, and the time and peace of mind to revel in their beauty.

December 2012 Contest

This month I'm offering another Angel reading. It just made sense to me this time of year.:-) This will be a 4 card Angel reading to offer you advice for the upcoming year.
To enter the contest, click here.
In the Comments section, just write "December 2012 contest" along with the country you are in (feel free to just put the first initial of your last name if you want).
The drawing will take place on Sunday, December 23, 2012  and will be announced in the January 2013 edition of this newsletter.


Last month's winner

The winner of last month's contest was Linda C. from the USA.

The prize was a 4 card Angel reading.

Will be contacting you soon, Linda, to see what you want me to ask so we can get started soon after. I'm here for you!

And all the best for the upcoming holiday season!

We'll be talking soon, :-)


New Toys


Well here is another edition of the New Toys section. :-)

As you know, a toy for me is just anything you can play with and have fun with. And you know that I do LOVE playing with the Tarot, Oracle and Angel cards and my Runes.  

Well this month I am learning something totally new. Since I have a vacation the end of December i will have lots of time to play then., :-)

I ordered my very first crystal ball of all time, ever, a few weeks ago and it just arrived at my home on Nov 23/12.(images above) I knew nothing about them before, but I just LOVE learning new things and have been reading about them for weeks now and am just getting ready to try. I am so in love with mine. Can't wait to see what fascinating new things come from the learning. :-)

And something I found exceptionally interesting...I had ordered my ball weeks ago but I knew it was coming any day now. The day before it came I went out to lunch, which I actually do not do all that often, and as I walked into the shopping center where the restaurant was....

....guess what I saw? (images below)...

Just when I knew my royal blue crystal ball was coming any day now, ...THIS. And I mean,, YES we are coming up on Christmas, and you can expect to see decorations....But I mean what were the chances of them ALL being the same colour and ALL the identical color  to my ball just when it was about to arrive? And even the same shade....there are many shades of blue too.

I felt immediately it was  a sign. I do not believe much personally in coincidence. To me things that happen in life have meaning. As soon as I saw it, I knew I just had to take the a photo to show you. :-)

After I went back home that day, I looked at the tracking records for my package. They said that it has crossed the border into my country just an hour or two before I saw this. And then it arrived in my doorstep the very next day.

For me as soon as I saw it I felt sure it was a sign. Like a welcome sign, as if the universe wanted to tell me that it was so looking forward to communicating with me through my ball that it started the communication even before the ball arrived. :-) That and SO many balls gathered together in that shopping center reminded me of abundance. And that felt like a message that working with crystal balls would help to bring more abundance into my life. That felt like the message to me.

But I am opening up the floor here to you here. If  you see something else in the message, let me know what you see. I'm very open to hearing what you have to say about it. :-)
Have fun with what your life is teaching you too this month:-)

Tarot Demystified

The morality of asking certain types of questions

Any Tarot reader needs to know inside them what kind of reader they want to be, who they want to be as a reader and who they want to be as a human being in their interactions with others. What we want to put out into the world and how we want to affect the world around us. The answers to these questions are personal, but they affect so much of what we do as readers and how we do it. And of course, even our view of Tarot, how it works, and it's basic purpose affects how we read.

As we are all different inside, and the answers to these questions vary from person to person, there are many different kinds of readers out there. Good readers come in all different types, with different styles, Which is a good thing as the people who come to us for readings also are individuals with different tastes and that helps ensure that they (the querent) can find someone with a style that matches their tastes.

And then we come to the question of moral values and what part they plays in readings. What we are willing to do or not do as readers has a connection to that at times. One part of the answer is that, as readers, people come to us with all kinds of questions, but we have to decide inside ourselves what is appropriate or not. Which kinds of questions we are willing to answer and which we will not answer.  if something does not feel appropriate to us, we really shouldn't be doing it. This can, and usually is, a subjective thing. And since I have no intention here of telling others what their moral values should be and I would not do so, for the rest of this discussion all I can do is tell you my views on this.
Some types of questions where our beliefs/moral values come up are:

  • Medical or legal questions, or any questions normally handled by someone in another profession. Those don't feel ethical me and if I get a question like that I would refer the person to the appropriate professional
  • Questions asking what the querent should do in a situation.  I personally see Tarot as a tool to help us decide but not a tool to make decisions for us. That would rob us of important life lessons we need to learn. While the cards can tell us the potential outcomes of different decisions we might make, the choose still has to be ours.
  • Any question asking how to harm another person, I wouldn't touch that will a 10 foot pole.  Eg "How can I best take revenge on X?"
  • Any question on how to make someone feel or do anything feels immoral to me. And I have gotten these questions in the past. People ask tings like "How can I make X love me?"  X has free will and has the right to do and feel what he is inclined to. As my number one life rule is to treat others as i would like to be treated,  this question just makes me think how I would feel if someone tried to make me/force me to feel something and that just makes me cringe inside. I might ask for someone "What can I do that will increase the chances that X will naturally feel love for me?" But that is as far as i would go with that.
  • And then comes the famous question about 3rd party readings and if it is moral or not for one person to ask a question about another. Opinions vary greatly on that, But my view is a firm "It depends"  To me some of those questions feel moral and some don't. It really depends for me on the nature of the question and why it is being asked. If there is anything catty or gossipy or if there is other reason for asking than curiosity, no I would not read on that question. But if the person is asking for an unselfish reason and really trying to benefit the other person, yes that is fine for me and even a good thing. If the question is something like "How can I help X to feel less angry?" or even "What is X feeling right now?", if that knowing will deepen the connection between the two people and help what they have grow.or "What can I do to help X not feel depressed anymore" me, personally these are all good and very valid questions.
  • I personally will not answer questions with a negative bend. Like "What is wrong with X?"  The very question shows that the person does not really want to understand. They have already made up their mind and don't want to change it. If their true desire was to understand if would be better to ask what is right with X as if you remove the anger behind the issue, there is a valid/understandable reason for everything people do. And understanding comes from connection not separation. Asking what is motivating X is act as he does is fine, but I would never read on a negatively phrased question.

The above are all questions we might get as good readers that we personally have to decide if we are willing to take on,. depending on our personal moral values.

In the end, to me, Tarot is a spiritual tool and is best used as such. The motives of a good reader should be sweet and giving and sharing. A reading,for me, is a celebration of life.It should be a positive pleasant experience for all concerned. Tarot should ideally be a tool used only in positive ways to lead to positive results.

Coming next month: What you should expect from a good reader (and what not to)

Asking About Life

The deck used here this month is the Wizard's Tarot by Corinne Kenner, a totally fascinating deck to me that appeals to the same side of me that just loves the Harry Potter books. Reading with this deck is a visit to Wizard's school where the Majors are your teachers and the Minors are the other students you'll interact with. The school itself is called Mandrake Academy, a old-fashioned school hidden away in a wooded area. The concept of this deck always appealed to me, as to me Tarot itself is very much a tool that can teach us so much about this magical thing that is life.

Something happened in my life that gave me the idea for this month's topic.  A short while back, I said something rather mundane to someone and got an answer that felt extraordinary to me. It was just someone on the phone whom I did not know. And at the end of the conversation I told them "Have a good day!" as I often do, and yes  I do mean it when I say it.

And this person said to me: "Oh yes, I am sure to enjoy it!:" And the certainty with which he said it really made me stop and think. Usually people just say "You too" when I wish them a good day. "Or sometimes they say ":I'll try" or I'll do my best" But the certainly of this person's answer, the certainty that they would enjoy the day no matter what it brought really made me stop and think.

To me, I really admired that. Just that certainty that whatever comes can and will be enjoyed for sure, before he could even know what was coming. While in theory I get it that in large part we choose our thoughts and our way of thinking that leads to our feelings, yeah sometimes I can feel somewhat unsure at what might come. When I know I could choose to embrace whatever does comes and be grateful for the learning experience it is.

And so in honour of him, this month I am asking....

What way of being inside leads to this attitude?

Card 1: flipped 4 of Pentacles

A flipped card is a card that flipped out of the deck during shuffling. It has an important message and is asking you to stop and think over what it is saying. When you get a flipped card, there is a depth to the answer and the more you think it over the more you may see in it. All 3 cards in answer to this question are flipped cards, which makes sense as it is a kind of philosophical question.

This card is from the suit of Pentacles, about the life goals you want to set. And I suppose that does require some thought. You have to know where you want to go before you can set the general direction of your life. You have to know the destination you want to arrive at before you can set goals on how to get there.

This is the 4 of Pentacles. And the 4's are about completion for me. The life student here has a circle on his head (the Pentacle itself), and that says that the path to arrive at this attitude (if that if where you choose to go) requires you to first complete your thoughts on what will make you feel most whole and complete inside yourself.

And the image shows the ground starting to freeze up and some snow is in the air, But that is behind the student here. He has put any "cold" memories behind him here as he looks towards the future, looks forward to the future.

Card 2: flipped 5 of Cups



 Here's the 5 of Cups. Cups are about of feelings. And for me the 5's are about our upbringing, how we were taught to think and feel about things and life, what is expected of us. what is socially acceptable and all that type of thing.

This card is says to find the answer to this question, whatever it is for you personally, you would have to stop and think on these things. This student is shown examining her feelings here, feelings that came from her past. And she is looking a bit unhappy, so let's say (given the question) that she is examining any feelings that she has that  the future may bring something she may not enjoy and where these feelings came from. She is looking inside and seeing where any concerns or expectations of this happening are actually coming from.
Sometimes in life we pick up our way of thinking from the others around us. From our family growing up, from our friends and teachers, and even from the world around us. This can happen without our thinking about it consciously or even really noticing.  If an attitude is prevalent around us we may pick it up and the feelings around it, whether or not it is true or accurately reflects our world or who we want to be in it. Or whether it is actually helpful or harmful to us to think this way.
The spilt cups in this image say that yes every life has a few spills in it. But our attitude towards them when they do happen is a lot more important than the events themselves when it comes to how we will view our future.
This card is asking you to stop and think a bit on what your feelings are about anything that has hurt you in the past. And then on where they came from in you, and how they are affecting your view of the future. Are they just attitudes you learnt to have growing up, that you just took for granted because everyone around you feels the same? IS it serving your best interest to be where you are now on this issue? And when you look back the harder times in the past,when you look can you see some good things that came from them? And can you expect more of them in the future and make that the focus?

Card 3: flipped Ace of Wands (reversed)

This is a Wands card, about what you want to create of your life and of yourself. A reversed Ace, for me, is about justice and fairness. It's about thinking over and figuring out which attitude that you could choose would bring out what is more fair to you and the others around you in your life. Because yes, we do affect the others around us by our attitudes and what we do with them.

This image feels perfect to me here. The image is one of summer and yet the Wand looks as though it were covered in autumn leaves. And that is just where we are now: leaving the summer behind and halfway between autumn and winter. And the electricity around those leaves represents the different energies you could choose to embrace on this issue.

This card feels like it is saying to me that now is a perfect time to practice/work on your feelings about the future if that calls to you right now. Here we are halfway between summer and winter. We can choose to think all that cold weather is coming that we will not enjoy and all the extra clothing. Or we can think of snow angels and skating outdoors. hot chocolate.and the like. We can think of the days getting dark early or all the beautiful lights that will light up the darkened sky. If we put our focus on what is enjoyable and look for it, it seems likely we will find more to enjoy/

Of course nothing is all black and white, and no thing is all pleasant or unpleasant. Everything has more than one side to it. We get to choose if we expect to enjoy what is coming or not. And I suspect that what we expect to feel will have  a big effect on what we do feel. Just as the Wand is twisting her from the energy of what is being created by the attitudes we choose