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The Readings by SunChariot Newsletter
May 2014 Edition
Volume 6, Edition 5

Welcome back to the Readings by SunChariot newsletter!
Glad to have you here right now. I have been having the most amazing month over there, and it's always wonderful to have someone to share life's joys with. :-)
Things have felt pretty magical and exciting the past few days over here. And it all started with a new book I started a few days ago. I have not gotten that far into it, but already things have started  to shift and happen. And I am now a huge fan of this book and will be from now on.
It's called: "E-Squared: 9 Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality" by Pam Grout.  
Fascinating book, funny and irreverent in parts. But for me it's been so life changing and life improving I had to mention it here. So yes, it's literally scientific type experiments that you can do for yourself to try to prove to yourself the spiritual, how we are connected and how we create with our thoughts... 
I have only just completed Exercise 1 of the 9 and I'm already feeling blown away and amazed.  And as scientific exercises, the idea is that they should work for anyone. As we all have a spiritual side and if it is in our nature to be able to create with our thoughts as humans, then we all have the ability and can learn to use it.
The first one was a 48 hour exercise, in which you basically were asked to suspend any and all disbelief for just 48 hours and ask the FP (field of potentiality/possibilities, energy field that your thoughts interact with, also can be viewed as Spirit) to make itself known. Signs, gifts...but just be open, expect to see proof and watch for what comes.

I started Experiment 1: April 19/14  at 9:00 am and finished April 21/14 at 9:00 am. I personally asked for a BIG sign near the end. I wanted to end the experiment with a bang! :-)
Here is how it all manifested for me.

It started with a gift from life, about one hour after I had started the exercise.
I went to open the website I typed into the address bar and clicked and things started to move. But instead I totally  unexpectedly ended up on the site where I used to make my newsletters 2 years ago, right before I started to do them here instead. That was the last time I used their site. 

It was a paid service and since I closed my account there 2 years ago and have not used it since, logically there should literally be no trace at all of my old newsletters there now. But when I clicked on indeed,com, the other site just opened instead. Not just their page. BUT it opened on MY old archive page, with all my old newsletters intact and still there intact!
That should not at all be possible.  But I was able to open them all and reread each. One thing I had always regretted when I had closed the account was that I did not save the interviews I had done with deck creators in the old newsletter. I had never taken the time to save them. And I had regretted that.
So suddenly just one hour after I had started this experiment I unexpectedly found myself back in my old newsletter files and could copy and paste whatever I wanted to. Once I was done, I closed the page and have not been able to open it again. I can open the home page of that company where I used to make my newsletters. But my pages are gone again (just as they should logically be).
I consider that a gift. And it was certainly out of the ordinary.

In that two day period I also have seen tons of white feathers. White feathers to me are always a sign/message from my angels/Spirit. I tend to see one every 2 weeks or so, in unusual places and for me that is a sign. But now, during this experiment I saw 22 white feathers in 48 hours.  (I counted! LOL)
And I seemed to be able to control it a few times.
I would think I would like to see another now, and one would float by.  Once I said I would like to see another in twos minute from now. And instead I saw 6 float by before me, one at a time, and ended exactly at the two minute mark. It did feel like life was working with my thoughts. 
Other little signs as well, like a TV commercial for a paint line called "Divine colours" ....Little things but lots of them. During the whole 48 hour period I got about one sign per hour, sometimes more.

And the last, that BIG sign I asked for at the end, in the morning of April 21st....still has me blown away. You know how I receive the Notes from the Universe e-mails each morning (Monday through Friday/I've mentioned it before here) ?
Here was the one I got April 21st that was the big proof that I had asked to prove to me that my experiment had worked. I had asked for one big one at the end so I could end things with a bang...
That day, the 21st, just a few hours before I finished Experiment 1, this is what my Notes from the Universe said (literally word for word):

"The experiment has been a success, Barbara.

You can now tell everyone you're a SUPERCOOLHAPPYLOVETHING to whom no limits apply.

    The Universe"
That blew me away just when I was doing the experiment (Experiment 1) asking the universe to show me proof, it ups and tells me literally in words that my experiment has worked!  That was another one of those mouth hanging open moments for me. LOL Getting that just then an hour or so before the experiment ended
 I was in awe! Can't get more clear than that! The Universe literally told me in words!
Just gave me an even deeper awe at what it means to be human. I am sure that all of us are so much more and capable or so much more than we usually even begin to realize. Being human is a magical kind of thing.

I truly believe that we are all of us "SUPERCOOLHAPPYLOVETHINGS to whom no limits apply". At least we all have the potential to be. It's all in  learning how to use it.
While I was doing it, and was noticing that I was getting what I asked for, it got my wondering if I was creating some (or all) of what was happening, with my thoughts.
I asked the Vision Tarot, by Dirk Gillabel and these cards are the answer I got (in brief)

Which in brief says that the universe is empathetic and sympathetic to my/our thoughts. And I/we have more power than I/ we think to create what we want. The power to create is very much shown in the image.


Which, if brief, says that I/we have all the power I/we ever need inside us to complete any goals we set. And that we are protected as we work on them
 (look at all that energy we have behind us in the universe to create with). This says that again I/we have all the energy of life behind us when we set out to create what we want to. We can take risks again because we are safe and protected.  And just keep it fun.:-)

(I used I/we because although I asked those questions in the reading about what was happening to me recently, I am sure that it applies to anyone and everyone. If it is part of the human experience that our thoughts affect life around us, then it is common to us all)
After this, I am even more convinced than ever that for each of us,  what we think we are and are capable of  is likely just the tip of the iceberg of all that we could become.


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Mini interview with Dirk Gillabel on his Vision Tarot 
(reprinted from the May 2011 edition of my newsletter) 

Thought I would share with you one of my formerly lost, and now saved interviews. I was not able to save the photos of the deck creators as they were saved on a computer I no longer have, but here is another photo from the deck for you. I did get to save the interviews and that meant a lot to me.

So here is a reprint of the interview I did with Dirk Gillabel the creator of the deck I used above, about this deck. Reprinted from the May 2011 edition of my newsletter. 


"Since I was so impressed with my newest deck, I decided to ask Dirk a few questions about it. Here is what he said:

Me: Where did the name of your deck come from (what is your vision of Tarot as expressed by your unique and beautiful deck)?

Dirk: I wanted the deck to immediately speak to the mind of the viewer, in a language that bypasses the intellectual mind. Visions are a universal method to convey information directly. Thus each card is a vision that can be felt and understood by anyone.

Me: Why did you choose to name your suits after their elements, instead of by their more traditional names?

Dirk: The four suits have already been associated with the four elements for a long time. Earth, with Pentacles; Water for Cups; Air for Swords; and Fire for Wands. However we don't live in a time anymore where people use swords or wands. There is a growing interest in nature, health, and also the four elements. It is easier to connect to what energy Water, for example, is embodying, than with a cup. Thus I mediated on important issues in one's life and arranged them according to the element they relate to. For example, anger is clearly a fire element.

Me: What do you hope readers will see in your deck when using it?

Dirk: Visions! A reading is a reflection of the issues in question. The cards of the Vision Tarot are an excellent way to visualize the issue. and then let intuition guide you in the correct response. 

Me: What happened that felt unexpected during the process of creating this deck? 

Dirk: I had to do several cards over and over again until I got the unmistakable feeling that it 'felt right'. No matter how long it took."

Here is the web site for the deck, for more info and to see more of the cards.  Very unique and eloquent deck.:-)

Quote of the Month

It may be hard for an egg to turn into a bird: it would be a jolly sight  harder for it to learn to fly while remaining an egg. We are like eggs at  present. And you cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary, decent egg.  We must be hatched or go bad.

--C. S. Lewis

I really liked this one when I saw it. I think we all try to avoid change sometimes, but you can't do it forever. Life changes around us and then we have no choice. But I do believe that any change we have to face in life IS ultimately positive and for the best.

As an egg we may not miss flying because we have never known it. But once we come out of our shells and fly, it's a wonderful thing. And one we would not want to go back to where we once were and live without it.

May 2104 Contest

(image from Ciro Marchetti's stunningly beautiful Gilded Reverie Lenormand, taken from this page,, where you can see all his beautiful things)

For the May 2014 contest,  I think I'll  offer the same reading as I did last month, another Oracle reading using my newest, my Lenormand deck. (The version I have is the one mentioned above).  It will be a fairly big reading again with lots of cards for you. At least 20 or so cards. It went so well last month, I thought I would repeat it.

To enter the contest, just click here.

In the Comments section, just write "May 2014 contest" along with the country you are in (feel free to just put the first initial of your last name if you want).

In the Comments section, just write "May 2014 contest" along with the country you are in (feel free to just put the first initial of your last name if you want).


Last month's winner

Last month's winner was once again Linda C. from the USA. The contest was for a large Oracle reading, of over 20 cards.

Congratulations Linda,

We'll be in contact again soon,



Tarot Demystified

Tarot and your Dreams

Tarot is a tool that really has unlimited uses. It's a tool that can pretty much answer any question we can ask of it. In that sense, whatever we need to know to focus, define, clarify, and to work effectively on our dreams....the cards can tell us.

One very common misconception about Tarot is that all it does is predict the future. And that this future is predictable in a set non-changing way. Most readings people seem to ask for, in my experience, are asking about the future. And most of the fears I have run across in Tarot stem from the belief that the cards might tell the person something awful they do not want to hear and that cannot be changed.  Pretty well none of this is true, and none of it is what Tarot is really about. Also while we are in the topic, Tarot cards do not cause anything at all to happen in any way, shape or form. They do not have the capacity to do anything like that.

 There are a number of fallacies in the beliefs mentioned in the paragraph above. First it is not the nature of the future to be set and unchangeable. No divination tool can show the future in that light, as that is not how the future actually works.

While yes sometimes something is destined to  happen, these times are rare. Most times we can change things pretty well up until the last moment. They can certainly still be changed after the Tarot reading is done. And on those rare times when something is destined to happen, then it is for our own higher good, so nothing bad will ever come of it.
When a reading asks about the future, that future as given in the cards can still be changed about 99% of the time. All that the cards can ever show us about the future is the precise future that we are heading towards at the exact moment in time the reading is done. But yes that future can change, it sometimes does on it's own and the person receiving the reading can usually decide to change it themselves if they choose to.
I believe that a reader should always explain all this before reading on the future so that the person receiving the reading can know that and take the reading in the best light.  People may think that the future cannot be changed because they do not know how to change things. But that is what Tarot DOES excel at, at showing us how to do just that. We can change our futures and Tarot is an excellent too to show us how to do that in the best ways.
If what we want to see comes up, fine. If the answer is not the future we hope to have then the reading is just a tool to let them see what needs changing (and often how to change it) to arrive a the future they want.

If what we want to see comes up, fine. If the answer is not the future we hope to have then the reading is just a tool to let them see what needs changing (and often how to change it) to arrive at the future they want.
  • A reading can help get to the heart of things and help clarify what we really want, by helping us see what is really important to us vs what we thought we wanted but which may not really make us happy.
  • It can help us understand who we really are deep inside and which dreams we can work on that best reflect that.
  • A reading can help us see and understand anything we are doing that could be sabotaging our efforts to achieve our goals.
  • It can help is eliminate anything in the way of us dreaming the biggest dreams we can and of putting our wholehearted effort into creating them.
  • It can help us understand ourselves and life better.
  • It can help us understand the past and all that has happened to us previously, how that affects us today, and how to overcome feelings that started in the past.
  • It  can help us get in flow of the universe, and understand how life works more clearly, so the things we want flow more easily towards us.
  • Readings can literally help us to create the future we want. Instead of asking what the future is, we can ask what steps we can take that will create the dreams we want for ourselves in your future.
  • ....the uses of Tarot are unlimited. Whatever we need to know we can ask. And that means Tarot, as a tool, is pretty much unlimited in any way we choose to use it
  • And, last but not least and in a separate but not unrelated topic, Tarot can be used in dream analysis. There are many different ways to do this, but the tool that is Tarot can be quite effective at looking at the symbolism in dreams you have while asleep (as Tarot itself is very based in symbolism) and at deciphering the messages those dreams are trying to tell you.

Coming next month: The myth that Tarot is connected to any kind of negative spirits or spiritual energy
Asking about Life

Recently I was surprised (when I suddenly  realized) that I had never stopped to think about or define what the concept of success actually means to me.    What it actually means to me personally in my life--is it more about spiritual work, kindness, a job, ...?

When I really did stop to think,  I realized that I had adopted (without thinking) some concepts learnt in childhood that did not seem to all that accurately reflect who I actually am and/or want to be.  I was simply told what "success" meant growing up and I had never stopped to question it. In my mind, that was just what it meant. Period.

And yet when I did stop to think about what I had been told and taught it meant, those ideas of success embraced were things that were not all that important to me personally. And I could think of many things that felt much more important to me, given who I personally am. That was somewhat of a revelation to me.

So I thought I would ask about that this month. And that I would use one of my most beautiful decks to do it--my Tarot of the Hidden Realm, by Barbara Moore and  Julia Jeffrey

Here is what happened:

Question 1:  How does it affect our lives to have unexamined beliefs?

(3 out of the 4 cards that came up here were from the Major Arcana. And that says that this IS a huge issue. Majors are all about very important life lessons we can and are meant to learn from the life experiences asked about in the question.)

King of Cups (reversed)

This is a card about our feelings, a Cups card. Here, it's about our inner feelings, our intuition, what feels right to us. This card here says that we are meant to listen to and follow these.

This is in fact a reversed King, and in the way I read a reversed King is about fate, destiny and what is meant to be. Often about karmic lessons that we are meant to learn, as well. So that again adds in that we are meant to listen to and follow our inner feelings when setting our beliefs and values. And that there are lessons we are meant to learn by doing so.

As for the card image, the king is facing left here....towards the past. Which is very much what the question is about after all. Ideas and thoughts that we may have picked up in the past and just accepted and adopted....without stopping to think if they accurately reflect who we are or want to be.

And the image says that it is never too late to stop and have a look around inside and inner dialogue to see where things are and if where they are represents who and what you want to be. Never too late to find and follow what is natural to you. And to simplify things, if the path you are on is complicating your life 
flipped Life Renewed (reversed)


The next three cards are very important cards. They are all Major Arcana cards and they are all 3 flipped cards. A flipped card (card that comes out of the deck during shuffling) tends to indicate a message that is somewhat deep and that may require some thought to fully see it in all its depth. To think about your life and how all this applies.
As for this card, Life Renewed, it also came up reversed. And that emphasizes it's meaning and tells you there is something very important here.

This card is called "Life Renewed". It's a very beautiful card as you can see, with a very beautiful message behind it. It's a beautiful springtime card, showing just where we are right now in the cycle of nature. And all the joy of springtime when all starts to spring back to life again.
This card is about being given the chance to erase the past and to start again from scratch. With a renewed sense of purpose. The acorn the young faery holds says that  you hold in the palm of your hand the opportunity to embrace and be the best you in the world that you could ever be. And the ability to plant that vision in the world and let it grow in healthy beautiful ways.

In short, the message here is that it is never too late to hold the dreams of exactly who and what you most want to be in the palm of your hand, to have faith in them and feel the joy they would bring, and then to plant them put in the world around you. And to watch them grow in the warm and sunlight of life.
flipped The Magician (reversed)

This is another VERY important card here. It is a Majors card, and a flipped card and a reversed card. And its message has all the power of the last card for exactly the same reasons.
The Magician is a very interesting card and I believe a very interesting part of the answer here.  The Magician card means that YOU have all the power to be and create anything you want in your life. It says that you have all the power that you ever need to do that inside you right now. Here is it says that you have it right now and you always will.
The card shows the Magician (who of course represents you) baring his chest and showing the parts of himself that few people ever see. All the deep and hidden parts--the real him. And the tattoo that represents the true patterns and movement of who he really is inside.
Naturally this says that when we follow the patterns other people set out for us without seeing if they are really our best path, we are not showing the world who we really are inside. We are hiding who we really are inside from the world (and often enough even from our own selves).
When to openly show others who we really are, to openly follow the patterns inside us, to follow what feels right deep inside, what is our personal truth of who we are, to follow our true heart and soul .....this card is saying that that is where our true Magician power comes from. Following the ideas and patterns laid out by others if they are not our intended path is not strengthening.

This card says that ultimately our true strength comes from openly sharing and being our true selves. It may take some courage at times. The image shows that the Magician is ultimately making himself vulnerable here. It's never about imposing your ideas on others, but about being true to your real self in your thoughts, words, feelings and actions. And this card says that that is very much where your true strength can come from.
flipped The Hierophant


This is again a flipped card and a Major Arcana card. But it did not come up reversed here. Still quite an important card here. And one that could not be more pertinent to the question asked.
The Hierophant, for me, is all about the lessons that we learn growing up. About how we are taught through our parents, schools, friends, peer pressure, books we've read, society in general...Basically about what we pick up and learn from outside ourselves as opposed to what we learn from our own hearts and souls.
This is really what the question I asked here is all about. Naturally there are a lot of things we all learn externally as well their should be. We need to learn as children that a red light means do not cross the street.  Those kinds of things need to be learnt from outside ourselves.
But this question is more about our beliefs, values and judgments (including if we make them at all). The Hierophant is the cards that gently asks us to stop and think about what we have learnt from outside of ourselves and to see if it really is serving our best interests and accurately representing who we are and want to be.
It often is. And that is good to know. But this card asks you to see if you can see any areas where things you have been taught are not serving your best interest. Where they are not leading you in the direction you want to do in the future. And if you see any of those, see what you can do to replace them with something better for you. This card says that reaching out to the future gently, lovingly and seeing the awe that is life is a good place to start. And to remember you are a powerful being underneath it all. That is who you are. You ARE the Magician.

Question 2: What can be gained by stopping to think about if our beliefs do accurately reflect who we are and want to be?
10 of Swords

The gist of this card is really nothing worrisome.  It just says that by stopping to think about all this beforehand we can save ourselves a lot of pain. 

This is the 10 of Swords.10's for me are about the most of the element of the suit it is possible to have. Swords are about our thoughts. Together, they are talking about something that is always on your mind, that you can't stop thinking about. pretty much about thinking obsessively about something.
The answer this card is giving is that if we try to follow beliefs or values that are not true to who we really are inside, we are not in a state of inner peace inside, to say the least. It (as you can see in the image) sets us at war with ourselves. Who we truly are inside does not go away  and it will try to reassert itself. The more we try to be what we are not, the more it will do so. As well it should , it it is our true source of strength.
If we try to ignore it and tell ourselves we are or should be something we are not, it does not stop us from being who we are.  No matter how many times or how hard a dog thinks it should become a cat it won't become one, and trying to meow is not going to go well for him. Although he could send out into the universe a completely awesome bark. Maybe better to just accept and embrace and love that wonderful thing that is being a dog.
So the first part of what can be gained by taking the time to see if our beliefs match who we are inside is more inner peace. 

Page of Wands (reversed)
This is the Page of Wands, and Wands are about what we wants to create in our lives and what we can create or our lives. And the Pages, for me, are about having faith in life, expecting to be lucky and for things to go our way, believing in happily ever after. And all those kinds of things that we usually have in childhood but that sometimes get lost in the shuffle of growing up.
The short answer here is that the more we believe in life and that life is on our side (and that things will work out for the best in the end), the better life we can create for ourselves.
The question I asked was about what can be gained by (stopping and) making sure that our beliefs and values that we follow are a true reflection of who we actually are. And the answer from this card is that the more closely aligned the two are the happier we will feel inside and the more likely we are to see what we try to create work out for us.
And if and when we see most of what we try to create repeatedly working well for us, that increases our faith in life and that it is on our side. This card is saying that it all works together in one big circle. And that the whole process is meant to be a joyful  and natural one.  
flipped Faery Stallion


This last card in the reading is a Major Arcana card, talking about an important life lesson. And a reversed card (the reversal strengthens that and says that this is a VERY important life lesson.
The meaning of this card is about independence, being a free thinker, originality. being able to think outside the box and what all these can lead to in your life. It's about your inner power and confidence which this card says are elevated by embracing and being at one with who you really are as you move into the future in each moment of your life.  Life glides by more effortlessly in this way. Needless to say trying to meet someone else's expectations over your own or embracing ideas that are not true to you takes a lot more effort.
So what can be gained is an easier life, where things are looking up for you. Where you feel more yourself and accepting of exactly all that that means. And where you feel more optimistic and connected to life and the world.  What you are is what you were created in this world to be. There is harmony and purpose in that. It was not accidental.  To take another path can make things harder than they need be.  

May 2014 Friendship Reading

I decided to do something unusual for you this month. At least for me. :-)  I decided to do a Rune reading instead of a card reading. I haven't ever done one in my newsletter before, so maybe now is a good time.

I used my Rune staves made of Oak here. I also have Rune stones which are make of bloodstone (greenish with gold letters) Runes are the letters of an ancient alphabet that preceded our own. I love them for that, as anything about language fascinates me .

There are more than one type of Runes, but the one I use is the most common and is called the Elder Futhark Runes., which here in use from about 150–800 AD. The letters look like this (below).  As you can see, some of the letters are similar to our alphabet. But each originally had set meanings. 

 This month I asked for you, "What do you most need to know about this month of May 2014?"

And this is what came up:

 The first thing that I tend to do in a Rune reading is to look at the shape the Runes landed in and see what that tells me. Above is the image of how they looked when the fell. I numbered them to simplify things.
What I am sensing here (in Runes 4 though 8) is an oldish wooden building, a barn or a hut. But I would call it something that offers shelter and keeps out the rain and cold. Keeps you safe from that.
And in Runes 1 through 3,  I see a cleansing rain. Rain that filters away what is unnecessary and unhealthy for us, just cleansing.

Part 1: Runes 1, 2 and 3
(These 3 are individual messages, each is separate unto itself and unconnected to anything else. But they are all about cleansing things in your life, cleansing yourself of things that are no longer needed).
Rune 1=Fehu: The general meaning for Fehu is cattle. But it also means wealth and abundance. That is something I love about the Runes as it gives you just a little  insight into the people who lived at the time this alphabet was common. To have cattle meant to be wealthy in those days.
It can also mean earned income and work paying off. What this says in relation to the question asked is that this month your life will be trying to wash away anything in the way of your belief in abundance.  Whatever makes you feel sad or pessimistic, your life will be working to try to cleanse you of that, to wash it away. Watching and looking for the ways your life is doing this and trying to help it happen will be beneficial to you this month. If you work on this, it WILL pay off for you.
The position the Rune landed in here tells you that there is nothing you need to do or concern yourself with. You can just relax into it and let things happen.
Rune 2=Isa: The main meaning for Isa is....well "ice". Although I wouldn't swear to it, very likely the origin or our modern day English word "ice". Isa tends to talk about things that are frozen, that are moving so slowly that we can barely see any movement at all. Things being on hold, waiting...That type of thing.
What this is saying here is that if you can think of an area in your life where things are not moving as quickly as you like, this month of May is going to be helpful with that. It will help melt the ice, as the ice naturally melts away in springtime. Things will be happening behind the scenes to help things to get back into motion for you. Some of them you may not be able to perceive (as is the nature of things that happen behind the scenes. And some you will be able to notice.
But this Rune is saying here that this May, what is holding things back in your life in some way, will be cleansed and washed away so that you can get back in the flow and things can move more as you want them to. A thawing of the ice, as rain melts ice away over time.
This Rune also landed in a position here that says that there is nothing you need to do here, just relax and let life do its thing. :-)
Rune 3=Ansuz: The original meaning of this Rune was ...the ancestral god, Odin. It is telling you that this month would be a good time to really listen to your gut feelings, to trust your feelings and gut reactions.
It also says that if you pay attention you may come across some real life wisdom that will be very helpful to you. You may also see some signs this month, and hear advice from others that will be very good advice for you. But some kind of wisdom is coming your way. If you pay attention you will catch it.
As this is a part of the first 3 Runes, related to a cleansing rain, this Rune here also says that whatever has been in the way of your seeing this wisdom or sensing it inside you will be washed away. It will be like the clouds have parted and you will be able to see more clearly what is below the surface of things.
Part 2: The last 5 Runes (Runes 4 through 8)
These represent the little shelter. And what will be there to shelter you this month and to keep you warm and dry and comfortable.
Rune 4: Kenaz:  The original meaning of this Rune is a beacon or a torch. I just find this a beautiful place to start.
This Rune is saying here that your life will very much be trying to light the way for you this month.  Shining light on things you need to see and clearly showing you the best path for you.  It will be trying to enlighten you, clarify and help you see things more clearly.

This month, your life will really be trying hard to help you see things in a new light and to just shine the light on things so you will see things you never noticed before so clearly that you'll wonder how you didn't see them before.
This energy is there and will be trying to get to you and to work with you. But this Rune with the letter itself upside down and that shows a blockage or a delay. The basic message for you here is that your life will very much be sending you this energy to help you this month. Your job is to look and see if you are doing, thinking or feeling anything that could block that energy from getting to you. And if so to try not to, so that all this clarifying healing energy can get to you as it should.

If this shape represents a little hut or barn, then this Rune would represent its roof. This says that life has you covered this month. You can trust in that. But also that you can't stay closed up indoors you have to open up inside and sense the new energy coming (just as you can feel the sun and breeze on your face)and meet it halfway.
Rune 5=Hagalaz: Hagalaz literally means "hail".
This Rune itself landed upside down (with the letter itself touching the cloth). When this happens it is talking about unconscious thoughts or concerns. The kind of thing that can affect us and how we act, but that we are not fully aware of.
It is also lying a bit on top of Rune 4, saying that Rune 4 is an underlying cause for Rune 5. What this all says is simply that if something prevents you from seeing the light, from seeing your best path clearly, that it can wake up some unconscious worries or concerns that things may start to get harder for you. 
This reading is advising you to just try not to go there. The answer you need IS out there and trying to get to you. If you are not seeing it, just try to stay optimistic and keep watching and paying attention until you do see it. Simple as that. When you see it and get it, things will be clear.
Try not to give into worries that you may not see the light or see it fast enough. Or into negative thoughts.  What you need to see, to let you see clearly and make things right,  IS out there right now, It is trying to get to you. You just have to open up and let it in. That's all there is to it really.
Rune 6=Jera: Jera means a year, the cycle of one year. This Rune also landed slightly under Rune 5, and that shows it as an underlying cause for what is talked about in Rune 5.
This Rune here is talking all things happening in their proper time.  And saying that this is a natural part of life and how it works.
It says that life has cycles to it that can't be rushed. You can't have snow in summer just because you want to ski. Sometimes things take time to happen. You are being told here NOT to worry. Everything you deserve and more will come at just the right time. You are being told here that you can just relax into this, relax into knowing it and not give into any unconscious worries that something unpleasant may be coming.
Nothing is wrong and all is as it should be.  

Rune 7: Teiwaz: This Rune is touching Rune 6, and that says they are related issues. Teiwaz, as another god, the sky god (as you can see, the symbol for Teiwaz is an upward facing arrow). :-)
The message here is really about the fairness of life, and how things always work out as they are supposed to.  It's about having faith and trust in life. It's also about knowing where your true strengths lie. Which beliefs make you stronger inside on this topic and which make you feel weaker inside and choosing to embrace what makes you stronger.
This Rune also landed on it's side saying that all is right with the world on this topic and there is no cause for any concern at all. As it connects to the last Rune, this one says that you can afford to be patient and let things take whatever time they need to without concerning yourself with that, because life (the sky god, if you choose to see it that way) has everything under control.

Rune 8=Mannaz: The general meaning of Mannaz is "humanity" or "mankind". This Rune landed with the letter upside down again (in the sense of the letter side touching the cloth). So again we are talking about some unconscious issues.  And yet, the letter also is on its side saying that there that you need to concern yourself with here. You can just let go and relax.
Maybe this could be about any unconscious concerns about what others may think of you or how they may react to you, that could be colouring how you think or act. Whatever this is about, the gist  of this here is that there is really no cause for concern at all and all is fine and will continue to be all this month and probably far beyond that. They are just some unconscious thoughts, not worthy of being taken too seriously.

Well here we are again, coming to the end of this edition. Thank you for dropping by and letting me share with you. :-)

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