Saturday, November 24, 2012

New Toys


Well here is another edition of the New Toys section. :-)

As you know, a toy for me is just anything you can play with and have fun with. And you know that I do LOVE playing with the Tarot, Oracle and Angel cards and my Runes.  

Well this month I am learning something totally new. Since I have a vacation the end of December i will have lots of time to play then., :-)

I ordered my very first crystal ball of all time, ever, a few weeks ago and it just arrived at my home on Nov 23/12.(images above) I knew nothing about them before, but I just LOVE learning new things and have been reading about them for weeks now and am just getting ready to try. I am so in love with mine. Can't wait to see what fascinating new things come from the learning. :-)

And something I found exceptionally interesting...I had ordered my ball weeks ago but I knew it was coming any day now. The day before it came I went out to lunch, which I actually do not do all that often, and as I walked into the shopping center where the restaurant was....

....guess what I saw? (images below)...

Just when I knew my royal blue crystal ball was coming any day now, ...THIS. And I mean,, YES we are coming up on Christmas, and you can expect to see decorations....But I mean what were the chances of them ALL being the same colour and ALL the identical color  to my ball just when it was about to arrive? And even the same shade....there are many shades of blue too.

I felt immediately it was  a sign. I do not believe much personally in coincidence. To me things that happen in life have meaning. As soon as I saw it, I knew I just had to take the a photo to show you. :-)

After I went back home that day, I looked at the tracking records for my package. They said that it has crossed the border into my country just an hour or two before I saw this. And then it arrived in my doorstep the very next day.

For me as soon as I saw it I felt sure it was a sign. Like a welcome sign, as if the universe wanted to tell me that it was so looking forward to communicating with me through my ball that it started the communication even before the ball arrived. :-) That and SO many balls gathered together in that shopping center reminded me of abundance. And that felt like a message that working with crystal balls would help to bring more abundance into my life. That felt like the message to me.

But I am opening up the floor here to you here. If  you see something else in the message, let me know what you see. I'm very open to hearing what you have to say about it. :-)
Have fun with what your life is teaching you too this month:-)

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