Saturday, December 22, 2012

Reading About 2013

Since we are at the start of a new year here, which is always such an exciting time, I decided to pull some cards for you to find out what you can expect from 2013. The deck I used for you is a Tarot and a very unique one. And if you know me I love a good and unique deck.:-)  it's one of those where the Majors have been rethought out and renamed. And I adore those decks. I like a deck that makes me see the world in new ways.

This deck is called The Vision Tarot, and is by Dirk Gillabel. I find it reads very well and has some beautiful imagery. I asked two questions for you:

Question 1: What will your life teach you in 2013?

Card 1: 3 of Earth (R)
How to take the building blocks your life gives you and build (construct) things in a different way. This card says you will find a better way to build what you want in your life.

This is the 3 of Earth reversed and the suit of Earth here is about goal setting, and how to carry out your goals in the best ways. A reversed 3 is about change and transformation. It says that you will find a better way to accomplish what you want to ( a better way to set and carry out your goals to arrive at where you want to) and that you will abandon your old ways of doing so in favor of the new ways that you learn this year.

These new ways will take you to new heights. And help you "climb the ladder" to even greater success in your life.
Card 2: 7 of Air (R)

While this card may not initially look like a good thing, ultimately it is. The card is not saying that you are going to learn to be confused this year.  That would not make sense as that is not something we learn. Instead it is saying that you will learn NOT to feel confused about something that has felt confusing to you in the past. You will learn something, find the missing piece of the puzzle, that will release any sense of confusion and help things make perfect sense again. When we are confused, there is something we are missing (not seeing or not understanding). That piece of the puzzle will fill itself in for you in 2013.

This is the 7 of Air, reversed. Air is about our thoughts and way of thinking, naturally enough as that is the source of any confusion. And a reversed 7. for me, is all about hope and faith. So really this card is saying that in 2013, something that is confusing you will be cleared up. And when it is, you will be left in a positive place, with a lot of hopeful thoughts about the future of the situation and faith in life and in any others involved.  All the conflicting thoughts will be pulled together and make sense. You will be able to see the situation clearly.

Question 2: What new and exciting things will be available to you this year?

Card 1: 4 of Air (R)
This is the 4 of Air, reversed. Air is about your thoughts and way of thinking. A reversed 4, for me, is about taking things slowly and carefully. Thinking that you have to take  things slowly and carefully as the situation is delicate or risky. Obviously there is nothing exciting or fun about that. And that in itself is not the message here.

What this card is really talking about is a situation in your life where  you have felt you need to do that, to proceed with caution. A situation where you felt you had to be careful, move slowly, and/or not make a move until you felt sure of the consequences of it. Where you could not feel free to openly be yourself.  This card is telling you that in 2013 that situation will change and you will feel secure enough with it it open up fully and let the rest go.
As this image shows, you will enter a place of beautiful, light-filled openness in this situation. Things will finally feel natural and as they were meant to be. You will reach the place where you feel fully free to be the person you were meant to be in this situation. There will be a real sense of relief and enlightenment.
Card 2: Lovers (R)

Love. Deep and real love. Very very probably this refers to romantic love. The energy of love with be available to you in very real ways in 2013. This is a card from the Major Arcana, so this tells you that you you will be learning some important life lessons about love in 2013. And given the question, what you learn will feel new and exciting. It will be a happy time. it's all good.

It's all about closeness and embracing your loved one close to you and to your heart. it's about the loving energy you two can create together, the energy of love. it's that floating on air feeling, where you don't feel your feet touch the ground. Oneness, embracing the similarities and energy and connection between you fully and marvelling in them.

The feeling that the world is new and wonderful. What can I say this is a wonderful card to get here. I was glad to see it myself. as these readings apply to me too. :-)

Card 3: of Water (R)

 I just find this image SO beautiful and serene!  Your life will give you the chance this year, and encourage you, to  look inwards and explore some parts of yourself you may have been ignoring or even unaware of. Finding these parts of yourself will help you see your inner beauty, your true self, and your connection to others around you and to the world more clearly. it will help you see who you were born to be and to become that person in more and more real ways.

This is the 3 of Water, reversed. It is a card from the suit of Water,not of Air. Which is interesting as you'd think introspection was more a function of our thoughts than of our feelings. This says that what we are talking about is  a time of a deep examination of your feelings, what they say,where they come from, if what you are feeling is working for you and leading you to where you want to go in your life. And if not why not and how to change that.

This is also a reversed 3 this says that in 2013, you'll come to a place (after some introspection and inner examination) where your feelings about certain thing will change completely. You will abandon something in your old way of feeling about certain situations, in favor of a new way so feeling about them that will make you feel happier inside and lead to better outcomes in the long run for you. And this will be an exciting thing in your life. it will feel new and exciting and so will your life and you/ 

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