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The Readings by SunChariot Newsletter
January 2014 Edition
Volume 6, Edition 1

Welcome back to the Readings by SunChariot newsletter!

A new year's starting.   I just love starting out on a new year so bright and full of potential. It always feels to me like the start of a new year is so pure and perfect.  It's  not yet started and unwritten as of yet, with so much chance to create what we want of the year and to create what we ourselves want to be in our lives and in the world this year. No mistakes have been made, nothing to regret.. The past is the past and part of another year and time. Over and gone. The slate was been wiped clean and we get to start again anew.
When I was a little girl my mother would draw a leaf on a sheet of paper and colour it prettily and then put it on the wall. As the new year started she would turn it over and say we were going to turn over a new leaf (maybe an old fashioned expression, not much in use anymore, for creating change in our lives).But I always did enjoy that. And of course New Years resolutions run along the same lines.
Whatever you choose to do, be and become in this new year...I wish you joy, fulfilment and success with it.
Winter is also starting now, and for those of us who live in areas where it's getting colder and the days are short now,  I am taking the advice of a friend this year. Taking time in winter to read and explore and learn new things just brightens up the season from the inside out. The joy of learning makes up for the short days and makes the time go faster till the warmer days come back.
This winter I mean to learn about ancient wisdom, ancient healing wisdom, and maybe shamanism too, which I know next to nothing about now. LOL 
I am also currently working on a Kindle book called "Simply Serene: How to calm down, reduce stress, deal with stress  and be instantly alert and at peace" by William Wittman. It's not just a book that you can read and then  instantly change into a different person of course. It takes a dedication to really work on it, but I do want to do that and get to be the best I can be in that life area. I have only started a few days ago, but I do find it leads to a happier attitude, even so far. I really do like the book quite a bit so far. I am quite enjoying the book and the positive change is has brought to my life already. 

And speaking of books, I will still be busy working on writing my Tarot book this winter, so ....sounds like a good and enjoyable winter ahead. I very much wish you the same.
To change the subject, LOL.....In honour of the coming year, I added in a reading on the year 2014 in this edition of the newsletter. I had fun with it, I hope you find it useful. Logically enough it's in the Reading on 2014 section. :-)

Oh, and if you're looking for the January Friendship Reading and the ending of this newsletter, I wrote so much this time that it continues onto the next page. LOL

 So just click on the "Older Posts" button at the bottom of the page here, or of the link to the right of the page to see the Friendship Reading.
As this year of 2014 starts, I very much wish you success in creating the best version of this year and of yourself that you can. Joy, warmth, love and inner satisfaction to you this year.
Quote of the Month

A Note from the Universe

Here's a trick, for dealing with someone who's disappointed you.

Imagine how they looked as a very young child -- timid, a little scared, really cute, and truly not knowing any better -- and realize this is who you're dealing with now.


        The Universe


This came to me in my e-mail via

I joined (and it is free to join) a while back to get daily inspirational sayings. I am a fan of that site and I can't tell you how many times those sayings helped me find the answer I was looking for to what I was facing in my life.

They take the form of Notes from the Universe, such as this one and come daily Mondays to Fridays, The notes are personalized, but I removed my name from the note when I added it in here.

I added this quote for you this month, because  I just loved it when I saw it. It really touched and warmed my heart when I saw it. It just felt like truth to me. And I hope that it means something to you and touches you as well.

January 2014 Contest

Staring 2014 with a contest for an angel reading, felt like a very good place to start the year to me. So I am offering you one here. The winner of this contest will win a 3 card angel reading.
To enter the contest, just click here.
In the Comments section, just write "January 2014 contest" along with the country you are in (feel free to just put the first initial of your last name if you want).
In the Comments section, just write "January 2014 contest" along with the country you are in (feel free to just put the first initial of your last name if you want).

 Last month's winner
The winner of last month's contest is Laurel E. from the USA.
Congratulations Laurel. And I wish you a wonderful holiday this year over there. And the best year yet.

We'll be in touch. :-)
Reading on 2014

Here's something I thought would be fun to try. :-)

I am using my Kitchen Tarot for you here, by Dennis Fairchild and Susan Shie. It's a Majors only deck but one I love, as if you know me you'll know I LOVE to eat. LOL

For fun, and since this IS the Kitchen Tarot, I thought I would use this deck to ask for us all:

What does the year 2014 have cooked up for us?

It felt like a good question, as the year starts. It should tell you important things coming up this year to pay attention to. And here is what this deck had to say:

Card 1: The Lazy Susan

For this reading, I used reversed cards (cards that came out upside down) to talk about influences from outside yourself and the upright cards to show your inner workings.

And this card says to you that this year you will see some things show up in your life that you had not planned on or expected. Of course, I am sure you can say that about any year, but that is what this card is talking about. It talks about those times when you plan for things to go one way, and instead they go another. Or things that come up out of the blue when you least expect them.

You'll run into a few of these this year. But the important thing to remember is that they will actually improve your life in the end. Yes, they will change the path you are on to some extent. But somewhere down that new path, you will find something you need that you could not get to in any other way. Sometimes this is about life events, sometimes it's about someone new you meet for the first time, who becomes important to you.

In case you aren't sure what a lazy susan is (the last time I saw one myself was in the late 1960's) it does tend to used in a kitchen, either in a cupboard or on a table. It's round, shaped like a plate and it turns. By turning it allows everything on it to be more easily reachable by everyone at the table, or makes it easier to reach what is at the back of the cupboard.

So this is what the card is talking about here, It says that this year your life will send you some things that you don't expect, when you least expect them. And that ultimately they will be sent to make your life easier.

The image says you may see some form of this in most  of the months of 2014.. And these experiences will teach you lessons that will help clear up any confusion, clear out things that are no longer needed or working in your life, help keep you and your life balanced, bring things to your life worth celebrating, spice up your life, and bring more warmth to your life.

Card 2:  Mom and Apple Pie (reversed)

This card is about love and light. And warmth, and beauty, and clarity, and that feel good feeling that comes from deep inside.

As a reversed card it says that you will see a lot of all of these coming towards you this year. They are all coming your way, and if you look you will see them there for you. And this card marks a lot of positive things coming your way this year. The words on the pies show what is coming your way this year: love, good health, balanced earth, enough moola, family and friends, joy, and peace.

The start is to know they are coming and to expect them to. As you start this year, remember all the good things, all the best things, from your past and expect more of them to come this year. And let that feeling fill you with warmth inside.

This card asks you to think about what you learnt growing up as well as on the attitudes of those around you on life. Do they tell you to expect good things to come your way or not? And why?  But overall, this year expect good positive things to come to you and you will see lots of warmth, healing, and joy coming your way. Expect life to treat you this way and you will see it do just that. Open you heart to life this year as much as you can, and  watch and try to really see how life works. What you learn may surprise you, in a good way of course.  Just open your heart to love and joy and to 2014, as much as you can. And see where this can and will lead you.

Card 3: The Stove (reversed) 
This card continues the thoughts of the last one. The stove is about warmth of course. It's about empathy, caring and sharing, and even protectiveness. As a reversed card, it says these things will be coming towards you this year. it shows love, warmth, empathy coming towards you form others in your life,  And it shows that your life will protect you this year, in the sense of keeping harmful things away form you.
This is an important card here as the warmth and good feelings it shows echo to some extent the message of the last card. And also since the question was about what this year is cooking up for you and, well, a stove Is what we cook with. :-)
So this card is talking about an important theme in your life this year. That flow of warmth, caring, empathy, and understanding, that you will see this year coming towards you.  Of course there will be ups and downs,as in all years, but if you look you will see A LOT of this coming to you this year. Focus on that and see what you can learn from it.
As for the image, what is shown cooling in the over is "creation", So the question here is what does seeing all this coming towards you this year allow you to create of or in your life?  How does seeing all this coming your way allow you to recreate who you are inside?  And in what ways?  How can it change you? How can you recreate yourself in better and better ways, by knowing this? The suggestion here is to see what you can learn on these things during the course of 2014.
Card 4:  flipped The Colander (reversed)

This card and the next were flipped cards, cards that "flipped" out of the deck during shuffling or otherwise set themselves apart. A flipped card asks you to stop and thing about its message, saying that there is something a bit complex in it that you may see more fully if you stop and think it over.
Card 0, is always on one of my favourites of the deck. it's such a joy card for me. it's about the innocence of childhood and mostly that innocent and complete faith and trust in life of a young child. That belief in the fairy tale ending, that faith that you can grow up and be whomever and whatever you choose to be. ....all those kinds of feelings and that belief system.
This is a reversed card. So it says that, in the year 2014, your life will give you many opportunities that will make you think on this. And that is always a good thing, 
When you think of a colander, and as you see it in the card image, ....well it's full of holes. This card is asking you to think this year about how strong IS your faith in life. About how sure you feel inside that it is working in your favour, that you have what it takes inside to be and become what you most wish to, and that fairy takes can come true. This image asks you to think on if some of your faith in all this has "seeped out" over the years, Has it been rinsed/washed away and diluted by certain life experiences or inner fears? ARE you seeing life clearly or is your belief system on this topic ....well....:full of holes"?
And the little mask in the background asks us to think about how we perceive things and the intentions of those around us, when their motives are hidden from us. Do we imagine positive or negative motives? Seeing thins will be important to you in 2014.
In the card image, on the rim of the colander itself, it says: "This colander lets everything wash over it, and--remains the same. This is the Innocent one, who helps us all to purify."
And this is the gist of this card here. It's about purifying our view of the world. So that it is not coming from inner worries and fears, but so that we are seeing clearly and from a pure place. it's about letting anything from the past that altered our life view just wash away leaving the purity of who we once were behind. . Letting it wash over us and leaving us as we once were, with that trust in life  in tact.  

Card 5: (8) flipped The Skillet
And here is the last card in this reading for you. It's called The Skillet and as an upright card it's about what is going on inside that skillet (and inside you). 
It's about your inner strength. the kind of inner strength you have inside you that comes from who you are deep inside. Of course what a skillet does is to warm things up. So yes this is about your inner warmth. And that inner generosity of spirit that makes you you.
In the image, you see the words: "Loving use of passion" and "Sense of connection" and "The calm of trusting". These are shown as you inner strengths that you can draw on that will help you most this year of 2014 (and beyond).
This card shows 2014 as a great year for you to hone and strengthen this inner strengths (the grater). And the more you do, the stronger they will become and the better they will work for you in the future. All the stars in the sky ask you once again to keep your faith and hope high. Stars tell you that this faith in life and in your life is warranted.
And yes, in the top right hand corner of this image, you see the colander once again. This card is interrelated to the last, interestingly as the two were the flipped cards of your reading. This says that the more of that childlike openness and faith in life you can have, the stronger you will feel and BE in your life.
And conversely, the stronger you feel in life, the safer you will feel to open up more and more fully to your life, the experiences it sends you, and to everyone in it.
This reading is trying to show you the interrelation between the two and telling you that this year will teach you a lot about all this. 
Tarot Demystified

(image from the beautiful artwork of Ciro Marchetti,and taken from his web site:
of which I very much do have my eye on this deck, that I am sure I will get soon, LOL)

Creating connection through the cards

I chose this topic because it felt interesting to me, and not something you hear about every day.  It felt like a good topic to me. But when I started to really look at it, there are so many different ways to connect and types of connections it's just hard to know where to start. :-)

I guess a good place to start is to say that of course the reader themselves develops a special kind of connection with their cards/decks. It takes place on many levels. Pretty much on all levels. The reader is using the cards to connect to wherever they believe the answers come from. The connection is made through the cards. And it strengthens and deepens the longer they use the cards. Being a Tarot reader also creates a deeper and deeper connection to your intuition, which is an amazing thing when it starts to really open up.
Although opinions differ on where the answers in readings actually do come from, and no one knows for sure, the fact that they do come at all is pretty miraculous in and of itself. And to be able to connect to that at will, is even more so.
This connection take place on many levels. There is a physical connection, the touch of the cards and then the way we receive the info and answers. Some see the answers before them, some hear them, some even smell them...There is an emotional part of this connection as we need to use of feelings and intuition to sense what the cards are saying, There is a mental  connection at times, as we know certain things about how Tarot and the deck we are using work for us personally. And even for some Tarot can be a connection to the spiritual.
Although readers can connect though the cards to something powerful and knowledgeable in life, and that in itself IS amazing, there are other ways of connecting through the cards as well.
There is of course, the connection between the reader and the querent (person asking the question). The act of having a reading done by a qualified reader creates that connection between these two people through the cards.
Ideally this becomes a connection of trust, empathy, caring, honestly, helpfulness, unselfishness and everything else that a good reading can and should be. A sense of working together towards a common goal
But besides all this there are many other ways of creating connection through the cards by the kind of questions we choose to ask.
Tarot IS, after all, a system that can answer any question at all that we ask of it. I have never seen a question of any type that the cards could not answer. I have,  very rarely though, seen the cards tell me that they do not want to answer as it is not in the best interest of the querent to know the answer to the question they asked. But I have never seen them be unable to answer any type of question at all.
And that means all we need to do is to think of what we need to know to build that connection we want to create (in any area or aspect of our lives) and the cards can tell us.
The cards can be very good at helping to analyse dreams, for example. There are a number of ways to do that. I tend to take all the symbols of the dream one by one and ask what they symbolize and what they are trying to tell us. And then a few cards for the overall message of the dream. Using the cards to analyse dreams can connect you more to who you are inside. And help you see and understand things you did not know where there.
The cards can be used as a tool to connect to life itself more. That is actually one of my favourite kinds of questions. I love to ask the questions about how life works, what it means, what it means to be human being living in the times we are in, about destiny...They create a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us. I think we all have our questions about life at times. Often I even ask what IS our connection to life, to the others around us....and/or how to deepen it. :-)
Then we come to the relationship questions that are so popular in Tarot. They seem to be one of the most common questions asked of Tarot readers. Of course the relationships in our lives are right up there with the most important parts of life. And Tarot does well at helping understand the others in our lives better, at telling us how to eliminate blocks between two people, at telling you HOW to get closer to someone.

The answers to these kinds of questions can make huge changes in the relationships of our lives and the cards can really tell us how to strengthen or build what we already have.
Coming next month: More Tarot superstitions
Asking about Life

I had the idea this month to ask how our thoughts and the way we think about something we are trying to accomplish affects how it turns out for us. I had the feeling that they play a fairly big role, but was curious to see what the cards would say that role is and how it works.

This is the Vision Tarot,  by Dirk Gillabel. It's  a very unique deck which is something I love. For me, If I am going to have many decks, which it seems that I am LOL, I don't want them to all be copies of the same theme. I like it best when each of my decks encourages me to think and to see the world in different ways. That, to me,  is empowering. To me this is quite a beautifully thought out deck, that has a lot to say. I asked of this deck here:

In what ways do our thoughts about something affect how successful we are at it?
and here is what it said (in all good and positive cards as that is how Tarot always talks to me):
Card 1: 6 of Fire: Solitude (reversed) 

As a card from the suit of Fire, this card is talking about our ability to create, and our passion to create what we choose to in our lives.  So right at the start, this is saying that the way we choose to think about something naturally affects whether we choose to create it or not. If we don't care enough about something to put that work into creating it, of course we just won't. And whether that passion that fires us to work on it is there or not (and now deeply it is there) depends on what we tell ourselves about the topic.
And this card is a reversed 6, which for me is about very sudden and quick change. It's the kind of change that happens almost in the blink of an eye, in a split-second, but that tends to changes things in a real permanent way. This is something that I find interesting here. The question was about how our thoughts about something affect how successful we are at accomplishing that thing. And this card says that our thoughts have an immediate and powerful effect.
Since this card is called Solitude, it's talking about the thoughts we have when we're alone, not the ones influenced by the thoughts of other people, Someone may come along and put a new idea in our heads. But that is not what we're talking about here. It's the thoughts that we have on our own, that we make part of us and of how we see the world: these have an immediate and long-lasting effect as soon as we think and embrace them.
The image shows a woman who just looks to me as though she were sitting on Mars. So it's hinting that there is something that is not commonly completely known or understood in how this is all connected. The way this works is something that's been "carved out" long ago, but all the stars in the sky here show that it is something that can bring us a lot of hope.
Card 2:  Queen of Earth (reversed)


And here is a card from the suit of Earth about our goals and the work we need to put in to make those goals reality. Which of course has a lot to do with the question asked as our goals come from our thoughts. We have to think about what we want our goals to be and to decide on which goals to follow and work on.
And here is where things get interesting. A reversed Queen for me, says that life is on your side, A reversed Queen says that you are not alone and that life is working with you behind the scenes to ensure things work out in your best interests on the issues you asked about in the question that was asked.
So what you have in this answer is that your thoughts are an essential part of the decision-making process, they let you decide what goals you believe you need to work on to succeed. AND that once you do use your thoughts to decide, the universe/life/fate (whatever you choose to call it, you can even call it Spirit if that is part of your life view) gets behind you and helps things work out in the way you have chosen.
The image says that this is an "old" process that has been at work since forever. That life will reach down and work to help you if you really  commit to something.  And the stars around this woman's head (where her thoughts come from) says this is a process that is meant to give  you hope.
Card 3: flipped 3 of Air--Expectancy

This card and the remaining 3 are flipped cards, cards that flipped out of the deck during shuffling. A flipped card asks you to stop and think about its message, saying that by doing so you will come to see something deeper in it.
This card is the 3 of Air. And naturally enough, given the question, it's about your thoughts and way of thinking.  And it's called "Expectancy". It's talking about what you expect to happen, about if you EXPECT to succeed when you start out on a new adventure, or not.
The 3's, for me, are about  all the caring, empathetic, kind kinds of thoughts and feelings. They're about that the kinds of thoughts that give birth to those kind, caring, sharing feelings.
The card image show a person (who represents you) looking towards the future. She is standing pretty high up here so she has a pretty good view. She's in the flow of life (as shown in the flow of her clothing in the wind)
What all this is saying is that your thoughts about what you expect the outcome to be, your expectations, affect how you view the future. They also affect how in tune and in the flow you are with the future.  And that having kind, caring, optimistic thoughts about the future and your capabilities are more likely to keep you in the proper flow to succeed.
Sounds maybe a bit obvious, but that is the message of this card. And seeing that can allow us to try to purposely choose the kinds of thoughts more likely to help us succeed.

Card 4: flipped  9 of Fire  -- Anxiety (reversed)



I want start here by saying, please do not take the image too seriously.:-)
It's a bit exaggerated, and maybe a bit tongue in cheek, and no it's not a premonition of anything to come in any way.  But yes, clearly our thoughts do affect our moods and if we choose to expect something unpleasant we can cause ourselves needless stress. The card image says this is not an uncommon thing and it's something that a lot of people do (but that it's not necessary to do it).
This is the 9 of Fire, reversed and that is a good thing.:-)
The suit of Fire is again about what you want to create in your life and about your inner ability to create. A reversed 9, the way I read, is about warmth, caring, what makes you feel good inside, healing. joy, and that feeling that all is just as it should be in the world. 
Clearly there is a huge difference between this and the image and words on the card. But this IS the message of the card, that you always always have two choices. You can choose thoughts that lead you to feel all these things: warmth, caring, what makes you feel good inside, healing. joy, and that feeling that all is just as it should be in the world. Or you can choose thoughts that cause you stress and that worry you. We do choose our thoughts and can learn to choose the ones that help take us where we want to go.
The card says that it is not at all uncommon to think stressful thoughts about if we will succeed or not, but is it helpful and what affect does it have on our success? This card is saying that the thoughts that make us feel good inside are more likely to lead to our success than the thoughts that worry us. And that we can come to see that and learn to change to the ones that benefit us most.
Card 5: flipped 2 of Air -- Soaring



And here is the last card in this reading. It's the 2 of Air and it's about the way you think of the relationships around you. About how you see your relationship to others who are involved in your success and your relationship to the tools you have to work with. And how you communicate your expectations to them.
It really is a beautiful card  here. Both artistically and meaning-wise. The image tells me it's about rising above any thoughts that are pulling you down, making you feel down. Just soaring above them and letting your spirits soar. It is telling you that is the best way to succeed.
The card shows someone (who represents you) soaring about the world,. And The World card in Tarot is one of the best and most positive cards in the deck for me. The World is about the best things can get, the best version of a situation possible, the best outcome imaginable. And hear the card shows you rising (soaring) above all this so you can really see the big picture.
This to me is a reminder that IF you could in fact be in a position to see the big picture, you would see that everything in your world is already perfect. That things are always just as they should be. And if you could somehow soar high enough to see this, then you would only have positive thoughts and then you would always succeed. And while we may not, as human beings, be able to soar above it all or high enough to see the all at work, it's still something to stop and think about.
January 2014 Friendship Reading

I thought that for a change I'd use an Oracle for you here this month, instead of a Tarot. The one I chose is the Earth Magic Oracle Cards, by  Steven D Farmer. Very pretty nature based deck. And to me our connection to nature is always an important part of who we are and of what we are meant to be in this world.
The question that I asked for you this month is: How can you make the most of what is coming your way in this first month of the new year?
And in answer to that, the Earth Magic Oracle Cards said:
 Card 1: Green Man (reversed)

In this particular reading I used reversals (upside down cards) to show something that will take some time and patience to work itself out. Not an overnight kind of thing.
So your first card here was in fact a reversed card. It's the Green man card and it's related to synergy, which is really all about the combined effort between yourself and others that can lead to great things. It's about your relationships with others, whether on the job front or your personal relationships.
As the images shows this card is talking about how you can best work together with others so that what you share and what you create together really grows in healthy and strong ways that really benefit all concerned. This card says there is a lot of opportunity for this type of growth this month. The reversals advises you not to try to rush it, but to be patient and work from love (green is the colour of the heart chakra and of love and love-based feelings) and to let things evolve naturally and at a natural pace as they are meant to.
This card is telling you that there IS a great amount of synergy working in your life this month,. Things are naturally going to tend to work out well in what you try to accomplish with others this January. You may even feel guided if you try to stray off the best path of you related to this area of your life.
It is also a month that can bring a balance and harmony between the different parts of your life. A balance between work and play, your body and mind...this card is advising you to try to keep these balances this month too.
Card 2: Waterfall (reversed)


Here is another reversed card. And a nice card to come up here at that. :-)
As soon as I saw the word "effortless" it made me happy. I always prefer a month where things go easily to one of struggle. LOL Even though, I believe there are benefits to each and nothing comes to us that is not meant to for our highest good.
So this card is called Waterfall,  And it's talking about how to  make things effortless for yourself this month. And I see the answer from this card as just going with the flow. If you just let things be, accept what comes and have that faith that life has your back and what comes is meant to, and be happy in knowing it, then what you want and need will flow to you.
This again is about the patience, as it's a reversed card. The message here is that if you just let things be, and be patient and calm inside, what you want will flow to you. But if you try to "fight": what comes it will work about as well as trying to sail paddle a boat up a waterfall. A lot easier and more productive this month to just go with the flow.
This card advises you that if at any point in this month  you feel at the edge of your comfort zone or not content with how far things have progressed part of your just try to let it go and trust in where life is taking you and how long it naturally takes. Fighting it will just stress you and make things take longer. All is fine this month just as it is. Let go of any thoughts that tell you things are not just as they should be this month.
Card 3: Shaman (reversed)

This card says this is a good month for you to stop and read something about ancient wisdom.  To read about it, to discuss it with others, to learn in whatever way you can, even by talking with people much older than you and learning from them.  But the topic is ancient wisdom is coming up here as an important them for you. It would benefit you to look into this.  (I know this is true in my life, as two days ago I was invited to take a course on the topic this January, and NOW this card has come up).
This card is telling you that if you look into this topic you will learn something healing to you. Of if you feel shamanism if your thing, it could also be suggesting that you look more into shamanistic healing practices. Whichever path feels right to you, there is something to be gained for you this January if you look into this. Something that will feel leaning to you. Of course you can't learn it ALL in one month, but now is an excellent time for you to start. There is something to be gained for you by looking into this  topic now, this month.
Card 4: Fog

And this last card says that there will be something (or some things this month) that you will not see perfectly clearly. I suppose that is true of all months, of course, But this did come up here as something to focus on that will help you make the most of this month.
But just accept even that and know that the sun will come out from behind the clouds when the time is right and then you will see more clearly again. No fog ever last forever. It's really just a phase or a cycle you're passing through.  While all this is so, and part of the message, the second part is (naturally enough) to try not to make important decisions from that place where things don't seem quite clear.
This card suggests that you just allow yourself to feel confused, to accept it fully as the present moment of the situation. It is what it is, and really it's just fine. If you don't have all the info, decide to be confused for now. That will be a better path than trying to deny it. If you try to act without enough facts, you'll just confuse the situation and yourself more.
Just be patient, accept it for the current reality, and it will pass much more quickly.

Well here we are again, coming to the end of this edition. Thank you for dropping by and letting me share with you. :-)

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