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The Readings by SunChariot Newsletter
June 2013 Edition
Volume 5, Edition 6

Welcome back to the Readings by SunChariot newsletter!
Summer is starting this month, with all its warmth, joys and fun. All the sunny days, beaches  BBQs, and vacations will soon be upon us. There's going to be a lot to look forward to this month, I just know it. Plus for me personally, it's also my birthday the end of this month. :-)

Well, this newsletter has once again developed a theme. LOL. I never do it on purpose, but every so often it happens where suddenly almost everything in the newsletter ends up talking about a common theme. I really enjoyed writing this newsletter this month for that reason, because as I saw it developing more and more as I wrote, it just felt like such a good and positive message right now. It was just a very optimistic edition this month.  And it was just coming up everywhere, throughout the newsletter.

So it seems like this one wanted to be about our expectations. When we don't know what is to come, do we expect the best or the worst to come and why?  And overall the overwhelming message of the June 2013 newsletter is to expect the best, to envision good things coming because, well, they are coming for you,.. Good things are coming for you this month and beyond. Why not expect them and focus on that?  It will all work out for the best, so why sweat the small stuff?
Before I go on, I also want to stop and  wish you a wonderful summer this year and one that you will look back at for years and smile over.
All the best this summer and always,
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Quote of the Month

There is no definition of beauty, but when you can see someone's spirit coming through, something unexplainable, that is beautiful to me.

--Liv Taylor

 To me this image represents that, you can see the beauty in the author's spirit shining through his work here.

This image also reminds me of the beauty and magic of life, where your life can bring you unexpected and beautiful things around any corner. I found this building, and this beautiful and touching piece of art while on the bus. I have taken that route many times before and up until now it was just a plain brick building. And then suddenly this time, when we drove around the corner where this building is located someone had painted THIS! I had to lean out of the bus and take the image when the bus stopped for a red light. LOL  It helped make my day. I hope that it brings you a smile too. The pure magic of the child's toys coming to life reminds me of our dreams coming to life for us :-)

It just made me think that you never know when something beautiful and magical is waiting for you just around the corner in your life, just when you least expect it. Which incidentally seemed to have also been the message of the Friendship Reading this month. So this just seems to be the message that the universe wants to get out via this newsletter this month. :-)

June 2013 Contest

I'm thinking this month that it's time for another Angel reading! :-)  So, I am offering a 4 card Angel reading as the prize this month.

To enter the contest, just click here.

In the Comments section, just write "June 2013 contest" along with the country you are in (feel free to just put the first initial of your last name if you want).

The drawing will take place on Saturday, June 22, 2013  and will be announced in the July 2013 edition of this newsletter.


Last month's winner

The winner of last month's contest was Kathy R, from....Kathy won an 8 Rune Rune reading. Congratulations Kathy and I am so looking forward to doing this reading for you. 

We'll be in touch again soon, :-)

All the best till then, and always,



Tarot Demystified

Tarot Myths and Superstitions

This is actually a favourite topic of mine, which I have covered before in my newsletters and am pretty sure that I will again.:-)

I see so many new readers confused by this too. One book says you must do things in this way for things to work., And the next books tells you, that you should do things in the exact opposite way if you want to be a good reader. I see so many new readers out there on the Tarot forums asking what is the correct way to do this, or how must they do this or that for the cards to work for them. Some of these superstitions make no sense to me as a reader. Others can actually be quite funny.

From my personal experience I distrust any book that says you MUST do something in a particular way to be a good reader or for things to work well for you as  a reader. If a reader is sincere about learning and about finding the answers to the questions they need through the cards, they will find them. It's not going to make a difference ultimately if they shuffle 3 times or 10, if they chose the cards by making 3 piles or fanning them out. If they follow what they book says or if they invent their own methods, it will work if they are sincere about what they are doing.
Tarot more than anything else I know is about connecting to what is inside you, listening to your inner voice and wisdom. Connecting to the world using those tools. There is no set way to go inside to access what is deep inside you. I believe you have to feel which way is right for you. It comes from reading a lot about Tarot and experimenting and seeing what works best for you. Which very likely will not be what works best for the next person.  The cards are your tool for experiment with and find the best ways for you.

In my opinion, it's when you try to lump everyone together as if we were all the same inside and say that this is the only way that it will work...., that is where the complications start., As this is just untrue.
While there is nothing wrong with rituals and such, eg if a reader feels more comfortable using a scented candle as they read. If that relaxes the reader, that is fine and good. But it's when you get into the territory of telling others that they must read by a lit scented candle or their readings will  not work as well, that gets into the superstitious side of things.
The first Tarot superstition I personally was exposed to was just as I was starting out. The gist of it was that you MUST not own two decks. You must only have one deck for your entire lifetime and never use another or you would be spreading yourself too thin, and would dilute your "powers" and you would never be any good with any of your decks.  

I actually heard this one from a co-worker whom I respected and who also was a reader. At the time I had ordered two decks that I was wafting for in the mail. As soon as they came I gave away one of the two, because I wanted to be the best reader I can.
While it certainly was best for me to learn on one, less confusing, I now have over 110 decks. And I use them all having that many has definitely been enriching as a reader and as each deck reads differently it lets me choose the exact right one for any reading.
Here are  a few more...
  • Another common one is that you must never buy your own deck. You should only use decks that have come to you as gifts. Of all my decks, only 2 or 3 were gifts. And they all work fine for me.
  • That you should sleep with a new deck under your pillow to best bond with it. I have NEVER done that one. I love my decks,  The thought of them under there getting all bent and curly and damaged would keep me up all  night if I had to do that! LOL
  • that you should never let anyone else touch your deck. OR conversely that the querent must touch the deck for the reading to work well. Well, they can't BOTH be right. And yet you'll find different sources insisting that both are the right way (really there IS no set way that you HAVE to do anything in Tarot).
  • Here is a funny one I just read, About using a second hand Tarot deck, and that if you do whatever you bake in your house won't rise.
  • that you should not read when pregnant (not that I ever have been, but it seems like an ideal time to me to do so).
  • that you must say a prayer, meditate, light a candle or do protective rituals each time before you read. If you enjoy these and it helps you relax, sure go ahead by they are not necessary to a good reading. As for the last....No you are not going to accidentally contact something that you need protection from. I have never done anything to protect myself or my cards or cleansed the cards and all my reading have been helpful. kind, gentle and loving.
  • that you need to smudge the cards every so often to cleanse them
  • that you need to talk to your cards in specific ways or they will get angry and not want to talk to you. They cards are just painted cardboard and no they have no feelings at all. They are just a tool.
  • that the card can make anything at all happen. I found this one to be quite common, surprisingly to me. Not only do the cards not have any power to do any such thing (just painted cardboard), when we do ask about the future, the future they tell us about CAN be changed, it is NOT set in stone.
  • And last but not least. NO the Death card does NOT mean actual death. That is mainly a popular misconception,.

Coming next month: Crossing your palm with silver
Asking about Life

This month I asked the Angel Tarot cards (by Doreen Virtue) "How can you know if you are on the right path spiritually?" This may not seem like a question that is applicable to everyone, but in my mind it is. Eg any choice we make in that area, means choosing one path over another. Choosing not to believe in the spiritual is choosing one path in that area of life over another, just as much as welcoming the spiritual into your life is. They are just different spiritual paths.

I chose this deck for the reading, not particularly because I wanted answers talking about  angels, but just because I felt called to use it. You don't have to believe in angels for this answer to have something to say to you. But., well, it is a beautiful deck with a lot to say and called to me today. :-)

The unexpected thing about this reading for me, which sometimes happens as a reader, is that the cards answered this question in an entirely different way from what I intended when I thought up the question. My thoughts were that the cards would tell me (us) things like you would feel it in the pit of your stomach if you were on the right path, of or intuition would let you know, or you would get signs...

But the cards just had something different in mind for you here. Instead they are talking about where a person would be in their lives in they WERE in the right path for them. So there seem to be some universal truths that apply to everyone here. Not the answer I was expecting here, but it was the one I got. LOL And that is life with Tarot, these surprises do come.

SO here is what the Angel Tarot cards had to say to you today about how you can tell if you are in the right spiritual path (for you):

Card 1: 9 of Air (reversed)

The suit of Air in this deck is about your thoughts and the way you think about things. Given the question about your thoughts about the spiritual and what your path in that area is. What you have here is a card talking about :"Expecting the worst. Self-fulfilling prophecies. Sleepless nights." And you see in the image the unicorns are lying down and resting.

So the beginning of the answer to this question is that if you have any such thoughts....give them a rest. Rest your mind and give it a good rest from those kinds of thoughts. Take a break, do something relaxing and positive, take your mind off any such thoughts, meditate....Rest your mind and heart and then look around you at all the beauty that is nature.

This card says that expecting the worst is not your best path, spiritual or otherwise, because it leads to self-fulfilling prophecies. The way we think has an effect on how things play out in our lives. In short this card says that if you thinking negatively and stressfully, you are not on the right path, spiritually.

This is also a reversed 9, which is all about warmth, feeling good inside, emotional healing. love, connection, and inner joy. These are the feelings you would have if you were in the right spiritual path, If you feel these ways you are on the right path for you. If instead you are feeling negative and expecting the worst, this card is telling you that that is a clear sign for you that you are no longer on the right path. You can tell where you are by these feelings. These will be a clear sign for you.

Card 2:Knight of Air

 And this is another card about your thoughts and the way you think about things, another card from the suit of Air. And it's the knight. Knights for me are about empathy. Knights for me are very much about having a sense of empathy. They are about making the time to stop and imagine things from the other person's viewpoint. They're about stopping to imagine what it would be like for you if YOU were in their position instead of the one you are in.

So the Knight of Swords for me would be about stopping to contemplate what you would be thinking, and how the situation would appear to you, if you were in the other person's situation instead of your own. Things do look different from different perspectives. Someone who does not have all the facts of has been exposed to them differently will likely see things differently. Sometimes even our past life experiences can cause us to see things differently.

So really, the answer from this cards says that if you think to stop and see things through the other person's eyes, and can see things from other people's viewpoints as well as from your own,....this card is saying that would be a sign that you are on a right path for you.

As you can see, the Knight is described in this card as being: intelligent. decisive, idealistic and tireless. This is saying that this is an intelligent way to make decisions of how to proceed as it will lead to less stressful outcomes and more peace with others in your life.

The words at the bottom of the card say: "Events that occur with great speed. Take time to carefully review your options. Creative solutions."  and the image is one of the knight rising on unicorn, a magical creature.  This is all saying that when an event happens quickly and unexpectedly, taking the time to imagine what the others in the situation might be thinking and to think of how it would like from their point of view would will lead to some truly creative solutions that will help you almost magically rise to new heights in these situation. Of course, asking other what they actually are thinking can be helpful too. :-) But it's about seeing the situation from everyone's perspective.

This card is saying that having the habit of doing this would be a right spiritual path.

Card 3: 2 of Earth

This is a card about the goals you want to set to get to where you want to be in your life, and the work that goes into achieving those goals, that is what the suit of Earth is all about for me. And the 2s are about the interactions between two people

The words on this card say: "Too much going on at once. The need to make a decision. Consider a more playful approach." Or, put another way, When there is too much going on at once but you need to make a decision, stop and take a more playful approach.

This to me says that when there is a lot going on at once, we can't focus on it all. When we try to focus on one thing, something else comes at us from a different direction. It is hard to see clearly at those times and we may well not be at our calmest. We may not be in our best frame of mind to make decisions that affect both our lives and the lives of the other people involved in the situation.

This cards is saying that when we need to decide on goals in our lives that involve other people (relationship goals, for example), it may not be the best time to decide on them when there is a lot coming at you from different directions. It might work better to take a time out to let the playful part of yourself out again. Tale a break. laugh, play and then when you come back to make the decision it will be a better one.

In short, setting goals involving yourself and others when there is too much going on at once is something that can take of off the right path. Taking a time out to relax and be playful first (together would be good, or alone) can help you make the best decisions that will keep you on track in your life.

Card 4: Page of Fire

The suit of Fire is about both the art of creating and the sense of passion inside you that inspires you and makes you want to create. Pages are about facing something new, something unlike anything you have ever experienced before.

So the question becomes how to create what you feel called to inside you when you have never attempted anything like it before. The short answer is that it is a better path for you spiritually to create from who YOU are inside, than to try to copy the path of others who have gone before you. As the words on the card say: "Use your originality and ingenuity."

The answers are there inside you.  Just take things one step at a time and feel what to do next. No one can be perfect when they attempt something new for them. Whether they search out their own path within, or whether they follow the path that someone else took. But the best path will be the one that comes from inside you. From YOUR originality, from your heart and soul ...from the core of who you are

Don't be afraid to be creative and invent new ways to do things. Have faith in yourself. You can and will do it. Put yourself out there and you can create something magical over time. And spread your wings and fly.

And this, following your inner guidance and being originally yourself (according to this card), is a sign you are on the right path spiritually. You are you, with an original way of thinking and feeling and being because you are meant to be that person in the world.  If you are not being yourself in situations, even in novel ones, you may be stepping off your intended path.
June 2103 Friendship Reading

This month, I used The A King's Journey Tarot for your Friendship Reading. It's by Chanel Bayless and James Battersby. I don't believe it's currently in print, but it has always been one of my favourite decks. Its definitely my largest Tarots, with 5 suits (a suit of Spirit added in) and a few extra cards to the Majors and one additional card.  have always loved this deck for the way it "thinks", for the suit of Spirit and for the imagery which to me is very conducive to past life readings.

I asked this deck: "What is the best advice for you this month of June 2013 that will help you live your best life this month?"

And in reality all the cards in answer to this question have a common theme and are all pointing in the same direction. The gist of your answer is to not imagine the worst. as in reality things are much much better than you might think. 2 of the 4 cards in this reading are Majors, so this is really quite an important life lesson this month for you/

These are the cards that came up for you:

Card 1: 7 of Swords (reversed)

This is a Swords card talking about your thoughts and the best/most productive way to look at your life this month. It is also a reversed 7, which for me is about having hope and faith in all things. And that your advice from this card this month. It's saying that the best way for you to view things is to have faith that things will work out for the best and to really expect them too,.
And this really is a positive place to start your reading. After all, if things would not going to turn out well you would not be getting this message. :-) So you can and should relax into having faith in life and trusting that things will work out just as they should.
The image shows 3 men and behind them there is another man who is hidden to them and they are not aware of him. This tells you that there is more going on in your life, behind the scenes, than you are currently aware of. Life can be a complex thing with many levels, and this is so often the case. This cards tells you that if you have any thoughts this month or start to think in a way that makes you lose hope, it is just because there is more going on behind the scenes that you are unaware of. And if you knew it all you would feel relaxed with it all. For now, just trust that this is so this month.
In the foreground of this image are 3 swords, the center one with a heart on it. This says that life is one your side, it wants to take care of you and that the crux of the matter is that the basic most fundamental energy of the universe is love. The 4 Swords behind say that since this is so, things will complete themselves for you this month, according to that energy. That energy that is the nature of the universe is always there behind you, backing you up and helping things right themselves and work out as they should.
In short just trust in life that things will ultimately work out just as they should, they will.
Card 2: Temperance:  


Temperance is a card from the Major Arcana. The Majors are about important life lessons that our lives are working to teach us right now, through what we are currently experiencing.
The message of this card is about taking things slow, thinking before acting, not rushing into anything, slowing down to listen inside for your inner truth, and working to keep things in balance--not too much of one thing and not to much of the other
One part of this message is not to rush into things this month,. Stop and think before you act. In the image there is the person (yes representing you) trying to get things in the right balance between the two cups and equal things out between them. But some worry/concerns are getting in their way and well  these are taking the focus from where they should be and things are spilling around needlessly.
But the message has a deeper, to me much more beautiful, message for you in it. This card is telling you there is no need for that. Combined with the previous card, you are being told that there is not need to stress things because faith in your life is very very much warranted this month.

This image, to me, is very powerful in saying that you are not alone. Life IS on your side,. YOUR life is on your side. And if you do happen to believe in angels, add in that you are being very closely watched over right now by your guardian angel(s) who are by you side to comfort you at this time and at all times. If that is not part of your belief system, the rest stands on its own. :-)
Card 3: flipped Knight of Wands (reversed)  

This card is from the suit of Wands, which is about what you create of this month and how to best create it. It's a reversed Knight which in the way I read, refers back to The World card, all about the best life has to offer, the highest vision of an experience imaginable, the height of an experience, the best things could be...
I believe this has is very closely related to the messages of the last two cards. Together they are all saying that the more you believe in life, the more trust you have that things are going just as they should (even when it doesn't always feel that way).  and that your life is working on your side to create the best for you....the better and higher experiences you can create yourself in your life.
This image shows the horse actually rising up. This is saying that you can rise to new heights this month. It says that you can create and experience some truly wonderful things this month if you just believe. First we must truly believe before we can create. If we don't believe something is possible we won't try to create it. So first the faith and then this creating of something new and wonderful. Let the one lead to the other.
Card 4: flipped The World (reversed)

This last card of your reading this month is another Major Arcana card. So yes this too is related to an important life lesson for you here. And in fact it is a very very important lesson for you this month. This is a reversed card and that says right off the bat that it is a very important card. And it was also a flipped card.
A flipped card is one that flips out of the deck during shuffling or otherwise acts in a way that makes it stand out. This card was quite adamant in indicating its importance, it literally flew halfway across the room when it left the deck. LOL

So yes this is a very important card here, in fact the most important card of the reading. A flipped card coming up asks you to really stop and think about its message. It says that there is something a bit deep in what it is trying to say that you may not notice fully at first glance.

This is the World card, which the last card also made reference to.  It is a beautiful card to me with a beautiful message. There is the man (representing you). He is stepping outside of the room onto a balcony to look over his domain, his life. The red carpet he has just stepped off of says that he has (you have) been privileged in your life. Many good and wonderful things have been sent to you in the past, many more than you may actually be aware of.
On the wall of the room are diagrams and photos. The diagrams represent life plans you have made,. The photos represent images of what you think life (and your life) ought to be.
The image asks you to try and step outside of all that right now. Put it aside and go out and take a real unbiased look at life. Turn off all thoughts and expectation and just see Truth as much as you can and try to see life as clearly as you can.
The more you do this, you are being told here, the more you will be struck by the depth and extreme beauty and even yes the perfection of this thing that is life and your life.

Well here we are again, coming to the end of this edition. Thank you for dropping by and letting me share with you. :-)

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Wishing you all the warmth, joy and excitement of the summer season. :-)

All my very best wishes for this month for you,