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The Readings by SunChariot Newsletter
September 2012 Edition
Volume 4, Edition 9

The newsletter is early this month as I will be away on vacation during the week it usually comes out. I will be off in the country communing with and connecting to nature.:-) But I did get this out for you before I left.

The only section that will probably not be completed when this goes out to you is the section letting you know who won last month's contest, as I will not be near a computer when it is time to do the drawing. I will fill that part in for you when I get back though.

September feels like a good time of year to me. Not as hot as the summer and not yet cold and just a sprinkling of the bright colours that make the season so beautiful. It just reminds me this year of how much we have to look forward to. And I just know lots of good things are coming our way this year.

If you happen to also be on vacation this month, I wish you a good one that will make you lots of warm memories. If not, I wish you the same warmth and time to bond with those around you.

All the best this month of September to you,



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Quote of the Month

[T]he invisible intelligence that flows through everything in a purposeful fashion is also flowing through you. ~Wayne Dyer

I just had to add this one in for you, as I think sometimes we get so involved with the everyday mundane aspects of life that we forget life's deeper meanings and what a totally amazing magical thing it is to be human. :-)
September 2012 Contest

This month I'm offering another Rune reading as the prize for this contest as I have been having so much fun reading with my Runes lately. Runes are the letters of an ancient alphabet, that can also be used for divination. A Rune reading from me includes 8 Runes.

To enter the contest, click here.

In the Comments section, just write "September 2012 contest" along with the country you are in (feel free to just put the first initial of your last name if you want).

The drawing will take place on Saturday Sept 22. 2012 and will be announced in the October 2012 edition of this newsletter


Last month’s winner

The winner of the August 2012 Contest is Nancy H. from the USA. The prize was a 3 card Tarot reading.
Leaving on vacation tomorrow, but will get that done for you as soon as I can Nancy.  Truly looking forward to doing it. Will write you again when I get back.
All the best,

Tarot Demystified

Why some readers dress as gypsies to read

I chose this topic this month because it is something I have always been curious about. Some readers just dress as they normally do to do readings, and some seem to dress differently: from more elaborate and huge jewellery, to cloaks, to turbans. Someone I spoke to referred to it as "gysying it up" I even heard once of a reader who read in a wizard hat.

Although I don't read in person, if i did I know I am not the type who would do this. In my mind, not to sound judgmental or anything or to say one way is better than another, but in my mind to me I have always felt that that doing that separates. To me, it says to the person you are reading for "I am different from you, unlike you"

To me, the point of a reading is to connect with that person, not to separate. Also, in my eyes, Tarot is a skill anyone can learn, just because I have taken the time to learn it, practise and study, and devote myself to it, does not make me different. The other person could do the same thing if they chose to. And last but not least, I don't like to see Tarot "mystified" and to create a lot of mystery around it, when to me it is a perfectly normal skill that anyone can learn. Which of course is why I write the Tarot Demystified section, to undo some of that.

That was my thinking on that, but I have often wondered why other readers do dress the part. So what I did this month is I asked a number of others readers if they did dress up to read and why. The "why" was really the part that interested me.

I had the chance to talk to between 10 and 20 people. The answers fell into all the categories. Some always did dress that way to read, some never did, some did on occasion if they were reading in a place where they felt it was expected and some said they did dress that way to read but that they usually dressed that way in their everyday life as well.

I had the chance to read lots of answers, all of them interesting. So as to why some readers choose to "dress the part", here are some of the things that came up:

  • Some readers just did it because they felt it was expected of them. It's just a matter of giving the public what they want. And I know that expectation can be there at times. Once, when I first met the boyfriend of a new friend, he had been surprised when he met me that I just dressed like everyone else. So. I know there can be that expectation
  • One person said that dressing differently helped them to read better. It sets a mood within them. The act of doing something different, dressing differently, puts then into a different state of mind.
  • One reader told me that when she dressed that way it inspired more confidence on the part of the querent (person having the reading done for them). Their belief was that in the same was as a patient may have more confidence in a doctor dressed in his white jacket than in one wearing sandals and a tie dye shirt, that when a professional dresses in the way the public expects them to, then that inspires more confidence.
  • A number just found it fun to dress up. And there certainly can be fun in that.ll the accouterments,
  • Another said that "dressing the part" furthers the stereotype and that that felt unprofessional to them. Not that there is any right or wrong here, these are all just different opinions and ways of viewing the issue, but my beliefs come close to this. I am not for the stereotypes of readers.
  • A number just found it fun to dress up. And there certainly can be fun in that.
  • That and that those who read at Halloween parties, will also read dressed in any costume that calls to them. :-)

So, those are the basic answers I got. There's not right or wrong to it, of course, just personal opinion. But I was curious and that was what I found out. :-)

Coming next month: The kinds of relationship questions that will work and the ones that won't
Asking about Life

This deck is called the Wildwood Tarot and it's by Mark Ryan and John Matthews. It came to me from a dear friend. I have always loved it for that reason and for its artistic beauty and the beauty of the way it "thinks". So to that person, thank you again for the deck and for all that you are in this world and in my life.

Since I have been very interested lately in how the way we think creates our life experiences and/or how we perceive our life experiences, this month I asked: What role does optimism play in life?

The answer I got was:

Card 1: 7 of Arrows

Well, this answer makes sense here. :-) First it's a card from the suit of Arrows about our thoughts and the way we think. And that is what optimism is really, a way of thinking and viewing the world.

This is the 7 of Arrows. And 7's for me, in the way I read, are about difficulties but more that that. It is more about the attitude towards the difficulty than about the difficulty itself. The 7's say that yes there is an issue that needs resolving. But much more than that they tell you that IF you keep your faith up and keep working on it, if you don't give up, and if you make use of you inner strengths.... then not only will you succeed, but you will go on to have a huge victory. That is the promise of the 7's. That if you keep working on the issue and don't give up, then you literally will go on to have a huge victory

This particular card is saying that optimism plays a big role in our problem solving abilities. The last paragraph is saying that if you have and embrace an optimistic mind frame and way of thinking, that is what is going to give you that inner power to keep working on your issues, to not give up when things take time ....and to see them through and come out the other side. If we did not believe success was possible (even if we were wrong) why would we keep trying? If we did feel sure it was and we knew what we wanted, why would we give up?

The image is one of a woman who has let herself get stressed over the issue. And the card is called "Insecurity", which is pretty much at the opposite end of the scale from optimism. And this shows you what happens if you don't choose optimistic thoughts. So there is this image of someone who didn't and who chose the opposite side of things. What you see if there is something in her mouth--she cannot speak freely. Ropes are forming around her legs, she is not free to move freely as she might want to.

If insecurities inhibit the way we act and speak in the situation, and inhibit us from being our true inner selves completely in the world, then that will effect the final result that we get. Not only can thinking "non-optimistic" thoughts make us give up sooner and more easily, when success may have been a lot closer than we believed in reality, but it can also inhibit us from being our true selves. And the strongest power we have to succeed comes from being our true selves.

Card 2: 5 of Stones

This is a card from the suit of Stones, which for me is about the goals we set and also the work that goes into turning those goals into reality. The 5's are about tradition, what is considered socially acceptable, what you feel is expected of you, your upbringing and your moral values.

Sometimes 5's can be about embracing and following the norms and traditions surrounding you. And sometimes, about questioning them and seeing if what you were taught is really what is best for that special individual that you are.

This is really a very interesting answer here from this card. And it's called "Endurance". It asks the question "How enduring is your quest to find out who you really are inside as an individual, which of the rules you were taught growing up actually reflect who you really want to be in the world, is what others expect of you really what is best for you?, etc.

What you have in this image is a young child. He/she is experimenting with life to see if what she has been taught is accurate in her world and pertinent to her life. He/she has been told that fire will burn that branch she holds and she is testing to see if this is true, if it is real and pertinent to her world.

The questions here are: "How safe do we feel inside to question what we were taught (or do we even think to?)", "How free do we feel to not do what is expected of us, if it really is not in our best interests?". "How comfortable do we feel showing we are different?". and questions of that nature

And yes, the answer to all this has a lot to do with optimism too. How open and accepting and kind and understanding and respectful we expect others to be of our differences, has a lot to do with how optimistic as well. When we think of exploring these questions inside us, the outcomes we anticipate have a lot to do with if we have the courage and desire to try. For example., someone who anticipates rejection (pessimistic thoughts and expectations) for showing they are different could well be less likely to try to show their true uniqueness to others around them than someone who believes their uniqueness is a gift and expects others to embrace it as they do.

Card 3: 10 of Vessels

Vessels are about our feelings. And the 10 here means the most positive feelings it is possible to have. The card itself is called "Happiness". So the main theme of this card is about very happy feelings, the happiest feelings it is possible to have; Such a beautiful card image too!

Naturally the more optimistic we feel the happier we will be.

The water is flowing very quickly in the image. There is a true abundance of it and it can never run out. That points to something interesting. Even in life's happiest moments, if we chose something other than optimism, we can in fact make ourselves miserable.

I think we all know people who when in their most intensely happy life moments start thinking "Oh no, this is too good to last" or " I know my life will take this away from me soon" or "Nothing good ever lasts"... and make themselves miserable such unoptimistic thoughts. And the next thing you know they took something that should have been a deeply joyous time for them and took the joy right out of it.

This card says this is not necessary and it causes unnecessary pain. As you can see, it is an image of great abundance. This card says the waters of life will always flow for you, but you feel them more in an optimistic state of mind.

Card 4: flipped Queen of Arrows

And this last card is a flipped card (a card that flipped out of the deck during shuffling). Flipped cards contain meanings that you are being asked to think about. They have something important to say.

This is a card from the suit of Arrows, again about the ways we think and our thoughts themselves. The Queens, for me, are about working things out together, working out your thoughts with the help of another, talking about your life views and opinions with others.

In short, how well and deeply we open up to others is often a function of how we believe our thoughts will be perceived and accepted. If we think thoughts like "They don't really want to hear what I think" or "Why try to work things out with this person, they never listen" or any other unoptimistic thought, we are probably going to be less likely to open up and share our thoughts with the other than if we had thoughts about how enriching and healing sharing your thoughts with another and theirs as well always is. And if we are closed around others it makes it harder for them to open up to us.

To work things out we do need to understand each other. To grow closer we need that, so being able to open up about our thoughts will be more conducive to creating something natural and beautiful, as well as to solving anything that needs solving. In that sense, optimism helps you swim towards the other person, rather than swimming away from them.

September 2012 Friendship Reading

Here is your Friendship Reading for the month of September 2012, to tell you what you need to know to make the most of this month in your life. :-)

I used my ChronaTarot for you here, by Robin Tisch Hollister. Which, as you can see, is a very beautiful Tarot and also happens to be a Majors only deck

These are the cards that came up for you this month:

Card 1: World

Here is where we start your reading this month, with pretty well one of the best cards you could get! :-) World, for me, is about the best that life has to offer, the best possible version of what you are experiencing that you could possibly have. For me, this card represents the height of the experience, the apex of it, the best version of it possible

This card coming up here is saying that you are going to have that experience this month, in some area of your life. You have a lot to look forward to. The image is one of celebration, there will be something really worth celebrating this month for you.

Whichever area of your life this falls into, it is going to bring with it some beautiful, bright, clear thoughts and feelings. And movement and joy. You'll be in the flow and moving to the rhythm of life.

Card 2: Strength

This is also a month where you will be learning some lessons about yourself in regards to your inner strength. You will have to face something that will bring this issue to your attention. And you will take things in hand and rise above it all. And when you do, you'll feel the rewards that come from that. You will have earned those rewards, much like in a fairy tale where the hero must face certain challenges to reach the final reward and his deepest happiness.

This card is saying that there will be an issue or two that will require you to use from strength, but what you learn from it will earn you that additional peace and happiness that you seek. Just do your best, tame any inner dragons, and then you will rise above it all and you'll get to that deep inner peace on the other side. And reach a more love-based place in your life.

And this card asks you to do your best to have hope and faith in life and in yourself as you work on this. With those you can just close your eyes, breathe in deeply and know just what to do.

Card 3: Moon (reversed)

This is an important card here. It is the only reversed card of the reading. This is an all Majors deck, and a reversal on a Major Arcana card, for me, does not change its meaning but it does strengthen it. The reversal tells you that this will be a very important issue for you this month. With some very important life lessons that your life is working to teach you,

And the meaning of the Moon card is, romance. The way I personally read, that is the only meaning this card has. So you are being told that romance and your romantic life are going to be particularly important for you this month. You will be learning some very important lessons about romance and romantic relationships, and about yours in particular this month.

What you learn will benefit you now and later on as well. And it will be clear when you see it. It will be like the lesson is "staring you right in the face". You'll see it, there will be no mistaking it. It will help you feel more connected to life, the universe and the others around you. And it will send little flickers of light and hope and joy spiraling out from you into the universe, more and more.

When I saw that Moon had come up talking about romance, I asked for you what it was about romance that this card wanted you to know, wanted you to learn. I got:

Card 4: Star

This just made me smile. Star is about hope and faith. This card tells you to have hope and faith in love and romance. To have hope and faith in your romance in your life. Wherever you are in your life now, this card asks you to have that hope and faith in life and love. And you will see it rewarded in time.

The woman in the card is a mermaid, and this tells you to have faith in the fairy tale, that things can work out happily no matter when they are now. Have that faith that life CAN bring you what you want romantically and that it wants to.

When you lean back and daydream about this area of your life, chose positive daydreams, visualize happy outcomes. The jewels in your hair here (the main figure in the card generally represents the person the question is about) say that you have within you the strength and ability to choose the beautiful thoughts that will in fact improve the romances in your life.

The image shows two things most of all. The mermaid is sitting on a hard rock and in the background is a ship coming closer. The lesson is in how we choose to view things in our situation. She can choose to focus of how hard things feel right now, sitting there on that hard rock. Or she can choose to have that faith that her ship will come in and to feel the happiness that comes from that.

Star is the card of hope, so in whatever areas of your romantic life that you feel things could be improved on, choose the second viewpoint and not the first. Choose to have faith in all the good and not focus on anything that feels hard right now.

That is the message of this card. And be open and talk in a kind way about your feelings.

Well here we are again, coming to the end of this edition. Thank you for dropping by and letting me share with you. :-)

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I'm always here for you and I'd be more than happy to work with you to help you find your answers or just to feel better about things.

And may this be a month that helps you fall in love with nature and its magic all over again,