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The Readings by SunChariot Newsletter
June 2014 Edition
Volume 6, Edition 6

Welcome back to the Readings by SunChariot newsletter!

Glad to have you here to share with this month, as June is always a good month for me. In large part because my birthday is at the end of June. This month I will be turning 58. And I have to say I'm rather looking forward to. :-)

On that topic, I read something that surprised me a bit a few weeks ago. It was an online survey asking people if they thought that it was rude to wish someone happy birthday after a certain age. The answers were about 50/50. And I was just really surprised to see that that many people found it rude and even that some people did not like to hear it. In my mind wishing someone happiness, for whatever reason is always welcome. If someone wishes me happiness in some part of my life, the wish itself creates happiness. Always nice to see people care. Caring is good. :-)

And to me, why not celebrate the day that brought you into the world. To me that is something well worth celebrating. And that human life and each one of us, are just miracles walking around the world with so much potential to be and do, more potential than I think any of us can begin to know or understand just yet. But it sure is fun to try to find out. :-)

On another related topic, entering a new year of my life had me thinking a lot about my dreams and what I would like and hope to accomplish in this year. And that seems to have become the theme of this newsletter. Just because it has been on my mind. And I thought it would be one that would be useful in general to you as well. As we all have dreams and things that we hope to have, create and be.  So why not find ways to help with that?

This month's Friendship Reading has a lot to do with that and how to create what you want. And in the Asking about Life section I asked about how to not give in to those times when you feel you might want to give up on trying ....as in cheating on your diet.  The cheating on your diet thing is what made me think of the topic. LOL  I think I give up on more diets than I start. :-)

But, the info there helped me,  I hope some of the info here in this month's newsletter helps you to complete yours. We all have dreams that we would like to fulfill and we all deserve to have them realized.



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Quote of the Month

Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around. 

--Leo Buscaglia

This one touched my heart this month, as I do believe it's so true. Sometimes what feels like just a little thing to us, can mean the world to someone else.  We can say the words they most need to hear, be the one to give them that smile to remind them that everything is going to be ok. And that can be huge. Sometimes, we do and add much more to this world than we even begin to imagine.  
June 2014 Contest

Right now, this month, it feels to me like time to do something I have not done for a little while, but has always been popular whenever I have done it.

This month, I am offering another Angel reading. Let's make it a 4 card Angel reading.:-)

To enter the contest, just click here.

In the Comments section, just write "June 2014 contest" along with the country you are in (feel free to just put the first initial of your last name if you want).

The drawing will take place on Friday, June 20, 2014  and will be announced in the July  2014 edition of this newsletter.
Last month's Winner
The winner of last month's contest was Nancy H. from the USA.The contest took place on Monday May 19/14 and the prize was a 20-30 card Lemormand Oracle reading. I just noticed that I forgot to add in the date for the contest and I am so sorry for that and for any confusion it may have caused anyone.  
And congratulations to you Nancy. We will be talking more about it soon. Very happy to be reading for you, looking forward to it.  

Tarot Demystified

The myth that Tarot is connected to any kind of negative spirits or spiritual energy
There are SO many myths related to Tarot that people really do believe that are just plain untrue. It would be easy to make a list of them with hundreds of items in it. I have even seen many such lists.
Really Tarot and divination are some of the more misunderstood things around. 
Which is of course why I write this section every month to try to dispel those myths as much as I can. Some are superstitions that people pass on and some are perpetuated by the media....all those books and horror movies that try to paint Tarot in a scary AND therefore inaccurate light.  And to many people who have never come into contact with Tarot in their life in a real way, that is all they know. Maybe the way they portray it may sell more movies, but that does not of course make it accurate.
And btw, NO the Death card does not mean someone is going to die. And there literally are NO negative Tarot cards. All Tarot cards have a positive side and message. They would not work well as a tool to help people if they didn't. 

Another of those myths is the one I have come here to talk about today. That by using the cards, or even by having someone else read for you that you can somehow open yourself up to some kind of negative energy that is going to somehow haunt you afterwards. That once you let the genie out of the bottle things could get out of control and you won't be able to get him back in. That may make good fiction and sell a few movies but nothing in that has anything to do with reality.   NONE of this is true or has anything to do with what Tarot is about and how it works.
This myth comes in many forms. I think most readers have heard a number of variations of it. I had a friend who BEGGED me when I started out to PLEASE not get involved in Tarot because it was Voodoo don't you know and it could harm me or others. There are all kinds of variations on this theme, All kinds of negative energy that people imagine that can harm you through the cards. NONE of it is true.  

What is true then? I can tell you what I know from 10 years as a reader, and from talking to thousands of other readers in all that time as well.  Some who have been reading as long as 30 or 40 years. In my experience, and in that of many others, Tarot ( and divination in general) are very gentle, loving, supportive things. In all my years as a reader (and believe me I have done tons of readings) I have never had a reading that had an energy that was not caring, loving and kind and gentle. Not once in all that time. And I have never heard a real story about someone accidentally contacting anything negative or accidentally contacting anything at all.
Tarot is a tool to help people. And that is what it does. Whatever we need in the way of help, that can be given as words, Tarot can be and do that. It can offer comfort, understanding, support, wisdom, loving energy, humour at times, direction, answers, strategies....( I could go on for hours there, but do not want to bore you to tears, :-) )
I have never in all my years as a reader accidentally contacted any kind of energy I did not mean to or anything negative. Yes, of course, if there is a worry or problem in the querent's life the cards will talk about it. But they always, in my experience, talk about it in a positive supportive, kind, loving, problem-solving way.   

I have, in all my years as a reader, talked to many many many other readers and compared notes. And I have never heard of any other readers accidentally contacting any negative energy either. And especially not of unleashing anything at all of any kind. And I can tell you I have discussed it with more than 1000 readers (and other topics) at least over the past 10 years. 
So there you go, I don't believe that it is at all, in any way, possible to connect to something negative with your cards. It certainly cannot just happen accidentally just because you pull out a deck of cards. Just cannot happen.  

Does Tarot connect to anything? Do we connect to anything when we read? Those are the questions that no one knows the answer to for sure.  Different readers have different views on this part. As readers, we all know that the answers are coming to us from somewhere. Where that is exactly, we all have different answers to that.
But no, you can't accidentally open some kind of floodgate, or accidentally contact something negative.  

What Tarot is for me, that in my mind, heart and soul I feel sure about...is that it does in fact answer anything we need to know. And that says to me and shows me that we (all of us) live in a life and universe that WANTS to help us to succeed, to be the best we can, and to feel better if we just ask. IT tells me that we are not alone. That when we don't know what the best thing to do is we can ask. When we are afraid to make the wrong move we can ask. When we feel scared we can ask for comfort and for advice on why we need not be. When we don't understand, we can find the answers. When we.... (again I can go on forever, but will try not to) :-)
What I see and experience of Tarot is that to me it feels like proof that we are not alone and can have help (kind, caring help) with anything we need at anytime, to be, do, feel, and become all that we can be. And that, to me, is the truth of it.  

Coming next month: the role of the querent in the reading

Asking about Life

I decided to ask this time for some tips on how to complete those things in life that are so hard to stick to. Whatever that is in your life, be it dieting, sticking to an exercise plan.....or whatever. All the things we know we should do for ourselves and even try to, but that are so hard to stick to.

This month I am going to ask the cards, for all of us who have had this experience (and who hasn't?), for some tips and advice that could make it easier and help us to stick to it and see it through.  I thought of this topic right now because as usual, I am having trouble sticking to my diet lately. LOL

But it can also apply to anything you are having trouble with sticking to.

This deck is the Pearls of Wisdom Tarot, by Roxi Sim and Caeli Fullbrite.  It has always been and always will be a very special deck to me as it was given to me by a dear friend who will always be a part of my heart. Just my taste in a deck too, bright pretty colours and a lot of depth to it.

So I asked the deck for advice that would make it easier to stick to those things we want to do and accomplish but have so much trouble sticking to.

Here is what came up:

Card 1:The Fool (reversed)

This is a nice, bright, encouraging place to start this reading.

And it is a very strong card here. It's a Major Arcana card, saying that we can view each of these times when we are finding it hard to stick to something as learning lessons. If we pay attention they each have some important lessons that they can teach us about ourselves and life. They are meant to teach us these lessons. That is why they come up, because we have not yet learnt them. It might even be a good idea to stop when you see this happening and ask yourself what can you learn from the experience that will help you in your life.

This is also a reversed card, which emphasizes the importance of it all, saying that if we look there are some very important life lessons we can learn at this time. So all this shows a positive side to it.

The Fool is really a beautiful little card. In essence it asks to just let go of all else and have faith in life. The Fool is about the kind of faith that a young child has in life. That belief that if they want to and try they can be and do anything they want to in their lives. That true belief in that happily after ending. Seeing it as the norm, expecting it and believing that that is truly how life works. And that all really does work out for the best in the end.

This card says that if you want to succeed, this is the attitude to go in with and to hold onto  Try to make this way of thinking your goal, your norm. BELIEVE that you can be and do anything at all that you want "when you grow up". And if fact this is just what this is. Each experience will teach us just what you need to know to learn what we need to if we pay attention, just as a child learns that it needs to in school.
When The Fool comes up in a reading it tells you to have that pure faith and trust in life, because it is merited. You do have what it takes to succeed, or this card would not come up. The more strongly you allow yourself to believe it, the easier you will make things for yourself. 
The image shows the person in the boat (representing us) with her eyes closed. Pretty much floating down the river without a paddle. This says that at those times when we want to give up, it is because we have our eyes closed to (and cannot see) the fact that we actually do have all that we need to complete our goal, right there inside us. 
And also maybe because at those times we are focusing on the wrong things and turning our backs on what is most important.  Maybe we tell ourselves that a storm is coming because we sense there may be some  choppy waves beneath us, things start to feel hard. When in reality  the sun is shining brightly behind us and a rainbow is shining, showing that we can succeed.  This pretty well says it is best to try to focus on positive thoughts than on the negative at these times. 
Card 2: Queen of Cups (reversed)

This is a Cups card, about our feelings. And of course so much on this issue can be related to that. When we feel the desire to let go and give up, that is of course a feeling. And that feeling is likely a reaction to other feelings we have been having.
A reversed Queen, for me, generally says that we will be guided and/or it talks about fate. Either way, it is saying here that if you make up your mind to do something, your life will work with you to help you achieve it. You are not all alone in that sense. This card is saying that if you look around you as you are working on something you will see some signs and guidance that will help you on your path.

And feeling that we do have this help and do not have to do it all on our own, can feel....well...helpful. The card image is asking you here if you feel tempted to give up to remember that you live in a universe of love. You are loved and if you want to complete something life wants to help you. All the red roses in the image reflect that thought.
And all the spreading ripples in the water are a reminder that one thought or feeling spreads out to other similar ones which lead to others. And that in reality, it is just as easy to think a positive thought that will lead to feelings that make things easier for you, as it is to think a negative one that makes things feel harder. It is just as easy to think the positive thought and it too will spread and make things easier if you do. Purposely look for something positive at these times and focus on it and see what it leads to. It will lead to the truth. That is the advice of this card.

Card 3: 10 of Swords


This card made me laugh because the image felt so perfect here. The 10 of Swords is really all about that one thought of kind of thought that you just can't get out of your mind. It just keeps coming back like a song you can't get out of your head. As soon as you have a moment to think,  there it is again. That is what this card is talking about. And it can certainly apply to what we are talking about in this question. ....whatever thought it is that tries to make you want to give up on working on that goal. 
Whatever that is for you, it's likely different thoughts for each of us, but this card is about that. The image shows it almost like a tornado.  It may feel powerful or convincing, but in reality, the image is saying here that it prevents you from seeing clearly or seeing things from another viewpoint. This card is saying that when this happens we get so wrapped up in it that it becomes hard to see things in any other way.  In that state of mind we are, in a sense, asleep to any other possibilities or realities than to that one that is going round and round in our minds.

And as we then cannot see things from another angle to make a comparison, then we cannot really be sure that that thought is true or accurate. 
This is basically saying, that if you get that one thought that keeps coming back repeatedly, don't just trust in it blindly. Try to see things in a number of other ways.  And if you can't, then give yourself a rest and don't make any decisions until you can once again. Because in life there is never only one option. Very very few things are all black and white. There are always choices. Try not to choose until you can see a number of them clearly.  Keep asking yourself, "What else could I do (that would be helpful here) instead?" until you can see lots of options.  Don't be afraid to try to break out of the box and see things in different ways.
Card 4: Page of Swords

This is a Swords thought, about our thoughts and the way that we think. And it's also a Page. Pages are about facing something new unlike anything you ever really have before. In this case, the card is advising you to try to think in new and different ways that the way you traditionally do when you feel the urge to give up. Challenge yourself to find new ways. Make a game out of it. See how many different ways you can come up with see the exact same situation. Pull yourself out of it and imagine it was happening to a complete stranger. What advice would you then give to that person.
This card is all about finding new ways to think about the situation at these times. The first card of this reading tells you that you do have all you need to complete your goals inside you. Our thoughts become feelings that make us want to stick to it or not. Logically then, if the thoughts you are thinking are not leading you to where you want to go, try to find new ways to think about it. This card says experimenting with this should really be helpful.
You know the old saying about how if you always do what you have always done, then you will always get what you've always gotten. This message takes it one step further. And it says that if you keep thinking about it in the same way that you always have, then those same thoughts will always take you to the same place.
The image looks to me like one of realizing and recognizing your true inner strength, by pulling that sword from the stone.  And all of life is shining rainbows of promise on you as you do so. And of course the sword again represents your thoughts. The message of this card all goes back to that. It says that your thoughts can make you strong enough even to pull a sword from stone if you choose the right ones. It's about experimenting and finding the right ones that give you that power. And holding onto them, using them as a well-valued tool to create what you want.  

Card 5: flipped 4 of Cups
This card and the next came up as flipped cards (cards that "flipped" out of the deck during shuffling. Flipped cards are important in that they contain a deep kind of message that can be seen more clearly if you take the time to stop and think about it.  
This card is the 4 of Cups. Cups again are about our feelings. And the 4's are about the totality of a thing and about completion. It's about trying to see the big picture. To understand something in all of its aspects. Here about understanding our feelings in depth, all the feelings surrounding the issue of completing our goal.
Right now, the message here is that feelings are just feelings. They do not represent the totality of the situation. The reality of a situation is complex and cannot be represented just by one feeling. This is why in some life situations we feel conflicting emotions. We can feel happy and sad at the same time. The desire to move on at the same time as the desire to avoid change. But the point here is that a feeling does not cannot ever represent the totality of a situation.
That means that if you FEEL you want to give up or cannot succeed, there are only feelings. They are not accurate representations of the totality of the reality of the situation. You can feel inside that you cannot complete what you set up. But just feeling it does not mean that feeling is truth.  You can feel you cannot see it to completion and succeed. But the feeling is only a feeling and does not mean that it is true. (When this reading has already told you that you have inside you all that you ever really need to succeed).
The gist of this message is to not treat feelings as if they were Truth. No feelings can accurately represent the complexity that is any situation. And some feelings reflect something untrue. The images just says to try and give yourself a little vacation from any feelings that are overly negative. Put them aside for the while and trust in the future.  And when you look at the future imagine it positively. See the Cups as full and over-flowing, not half-full.  

 Card 6: flipped Knight of Swords 

Last card of this reading: the Knight of Swords. Swords, again about your thoughts and way of thinking. And Knights, for me, are about empathy. About that feeling of oneness with others, and about taking the time to really imagine what it would be like to be someone else.  
This card tells you to think about your connection to others. Imagine what it would be like to be in their place, living their lives, to be them.
This card asks you to look around you. To think about what it would be like to be the others you see around you. To look and see who is working on similar goals as you are. Who is succeeding at those goals and acing them and who is ready to give up.  

Try to imagine you were them. What does that person who is doing well this his goals have that the other person does not? What attitude, what beliefs, what feelings, what thoughts, what life background? Talk to these people about it too if you can.
Imagine inside you what it would be like to feel as the people who are succeeding feel and have their beliefs. Then how it would be to have the feelings and beliefs that the other group has. Which feels better, you can already see the consequences of each.  
The image says to me to also look inside yourself for signs of things that have made you balk at thinking and feeling what those are succeeding are thinking and feeling. See where they come from. And find a way of thinking that feels more and more comfortable while destroying those seeming boundaries for you.

June 2014 Friendship Reading

The deck I chose for you here, is not really a Tarot or an Oracle deck. It was not actually designed to be used in divination at all. It was originally meant as a pretty little deck of cards for children to help them have sweet dreams and to encourage their dreams to become reality, by sleeping with the chosen card under their pillow.

The deck is called: "sweet dreams 36 BEDTIME WISHES", by Sheryl Abrams and Cooper Edens.   I got the deck though a trade once and I always saw a potential in it to be used as an Oracle deck for divination.

I used it for you here this month of June to ask:

What do you need to know this month to help make your dreams reality?

Here is what came up (I suspect this advice is good for more than just this month):

Cards 1 and 2

These two cards came out of the deck together. The way I read, that makes them a card duo, and that their messages are closely connected.

These cards don't have any specific names or suits or numbers, not being created as a divination deck, but the first  has what I find to be an absolutely beautiful message on the back. It's a quote from Mother Theresa that says: "It is not how much we do but how much love we put into doing."

And the image shows you offering caring and flowers back to life and to those around you whom you share this life with. The answer from this card is the more of the natural beauty, warmth and caring and yes love, that you put out into the world from that store of that inside you, the more easily you will achieve your dreams.

The more lovingly you work towards your dreams the more smoothly things will go,  says this card. It's not just about the end result, but about how you choose to work to create it.

The second card, the image just says to me to not be afraid to reach for the moon. If you go about things in a loving way, you can create almost anything. The words on the back of this card  confirm that message.  They say: " Dream-travelers, there is no path, paths are made by dreaming" (this was a quite from Antonio Machado).

This card is telling you can and should feel free to create whatever dreams you want to create in your life, to feel free to go where your heart calls you, to reach as high as you can, and to forge new and unique methods and ways to get there if you have to.

You are being told you can rise higher than you think, and if you follow the path of love to get there, you'd be surprised at what you could achieve.

Card 3

The words on this card say: "Tomorrow with the golden sun....may my wings do the growing and my roots do the flying." (a quote by Juan Ramon Jimenez).

Just the words themselves have a lot to say. They're a reminder that tomorrow is always a brand new day with no connection at all to what happened before (in our pasts). And that we can count on a new sun rising each day full of golden opportunities, because that is how we know life works. The sun rises every morning and always has.

It also says that we, as people, are continuously growing and able to accomplish more and more. And we can learn how to really fly from the roots that we learn from all our life experiences.

The image just says to me to hold all the positive experiences close to your heart, and focus on the love and good feelings. And that is what can help you rise above the mundane and closer to your dreams.

Card 4

On the back of this card is a quote by Celia Layton Thaxter, which says: "Infant souls, take comfort, nor forget that sunrise never failed us yet."

This, to me, is a reminder that no matter where we are right now in our lives, nothing lasts forever. Any obstacles we might see before us are not permanent. And maybe it helps to remember that and keep it mind: the sun have come up ever day since the world was created and always will. A new day will always dawn and we can count on that.

The image says to me that this is a fact of life. common to us all. And it means we can rest easy and we don't have to take issues, problems or anything we feel is in the way of our dreams too seriously. Whatever they are, they won't last forever and we can know that and expect it to be true. In essence it says that there is no cause to feel discouraged, but that you can feel patient as you work on it  and know it will pass. It has to, that is how life works.

Card 5

The words on this last card say: With each new day I put away the past and discover the new beginnings I have been given", a quote by Angela L. Wozniak.

This feels to me like an important part of the answer. I think how well we "put away the past" has a lot to do with how effectively we can create our dreams in the present and future. If we get stuck in the past and in the ways we learnt to see things and think then, it would make it harder to see in new ways that might work better in the present situation. 
To me this image looks like the child is trying to be a shepherd to a flock of birds. But of course the two situations are very different. If you try to herd a flock of birds in the same ways as sheep they may just up and fly away. They may look similar and are both a flock (group) of white animals, but they are not the same.  

This card is saying to me that each situation is usually unique and it is helpful to not carry the past over into it. But try to see it clearly as it is. To see each new situation as something new and unique, not as just the same thing all over again. No two things or situations in life are completely identical. Nor are any two people. Each person is also an individual, with no connection to anyone else we may have known in our pasts. 
Sometimes, it helps to be able to put away some of our past experiences so that we can see the present more clearly for what it is. 

Well here we are again, coming to the end of this edition. Thank you for dropping by and letting me share with you. :-)

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Wishing you a heart full of the joy and the beauty of nature this month!