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The Readings by SunChariot Newsletter
March 2013 Edition
Volume 5, Edition 3
Welcome back to the Readings by SunChariot newsletter!
We're in March now (or at least soon will be) and that means we've already made it though the coldest month of the winter and it just gets better and better from here (and warmer). :-)

I had an interesting experience recently that just concluded today.  Since it is related to Tarot and to getting signs and guidance, I thought I would share it with you here. SO here's what new over here
Last month I mentioned that I got a new daytime job. I had just gotten it at the time. I did not stay. They were asking me to be quite rude to the clients and of course I was not willing to do that. So I left soon after.  I just got a new job now that I am starting tomorrow and I got it in an interesting way.
Over the past couple of weeks I had done some readings and asked the cards questions about how I would recognise the best job for me when it came along. And I kept on getting Card 18--The Moon. The Moon means romance and romantic feelings for me. And the connection was not immediately clear (to say the least, LOL) and at first it left me wondering how romance was connected to knowing which of the jobs I was interviewing for would be best for me
Then late last week, I was given an interview for Feb 18th. I had only one that day. And then I understood. The cards were telling me that the job from the 18th was the best one for me!   That was clear enough, but it did not stop there. Literally an hour after I had set the time for the interview for the 18th, BOTH my Internet and my telephone went down. Our telephone line got crossed with a neighbor's and for the next few days we were getting their calls and they were getting ours. And my modem died at the exact same time.
The end result being I could not get online to look for more jobs and those who i had already e-mailed could not call me. Life blocked me from looking or taking another job in the meantime. I had my interview on the 18th and it did feel like a good job to me. But I had to wait a few days to know if i had gotten it for sure. I stopped looking until I heard back. Which I did today and I start tomorrow.
So just to say, that is how i see life, it works for your best interest and especially when you ask. From what I can see this job has everything I asked for in a job. And hey, I was told it would be the best one for me:-)

I hope this month gives you chances also to see the magic of life at work for you in your life.

Before I go, you may notice that I found out how to add some glitter in my images here ( I did so in the March contest section and in the Quote of the Month sections. I thought I would leave you wtih the web sites I used to do so, for you to have fun with too. Both are free sites. I used:
Wishing you all the best for this month of March 2013!


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Quote of the Month


Even in winter an isolated patch of snow has a special  quality.

--Andy Goldsworthy

Just thought I would add this in as a reminder that even though we've had the cold of winter with us for a while, there is still beauty, depth and awe in every season and in all that is life. :-)

To share with you, here's the view near here, so much beauty in winter too with the snow in the trees...Nature's amazing all year long!

March 2013 Contest

This month feels like time to offer you another angel reading. It makes perfect sense to me as March is the time when things start slowly to warm up again and the angels are all about warmth. :-)

So let's say this time a free 3 card angel reading. Anyone who would like some advice from your angels, this contest is for you

To enter the contest, just click here.

In the Comments section, just write "March 2013 contest" along with the country you are in (feel free to just put the first initial of your last name if you want).

The drawing will take place on Saturday, March 23, 2013  and will be announced in the April 2013 edition of this newsletter.


Last month's winner 

The winner of last month's contest was Jamie W. from the USA  Since the February edition was all about Valentine's Day, the prize was a 3 card relationship Tarot reading using my Lovers' Path Tarot.

To Jamie, I am very much looking forward to doing your reading. The cards chose you this month as the person who could most benefit from this reading, so i am sure there is something they want me to tell you.

Wishing you all the best, and we will be in touch again soon.:-)


Tarot Demystified

The differences between Tarot and the other divination methods I use
Last month one of the subscribers to my newsletter asked me what the difference was between the different types of readings I do through my website. I thought it would be a good time to stop and explain that in a bit more detail here this month. :-)

On my site, I offer Tarot, Oracle and Angel card readings. Besides that I am always happy to do Rune readings of playing card readings if anyone prefers. Since they are not currently listed on my site, anyone who would prefer me to read for them using Runes of playing cards, just use the Contact Me form on my site to let me know and we'll set that up. Any of these methods will answer your questions. It's just of a matter of which you would like to see in action. :-)

So here are the basic differences:

 (card from the Gendron Tarot by Melanie Gordon)

Tarot is a, needless to say, a deck of cards. It has a set structure to it. A standard Tarot is divided into 2 main sections: The Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. The first would have 22 cards and the last 56. The Minor Arcana is divided into 4 suits, in the same way that playing cards are, and has Court cards as well but 4 to each suit instead of three as in a modern deck of playing cards. The can be some variation between decks in all this but a Tarot follows this basic structure.

There are set meanings to the cards, but each reader tends to individualize them. As well., Tarot is more of an art than a science, so there is really no set way that you have to do anything, Each reader finds the way that works best for them. A lot of that comes from inside of them.  I personally tend to be a very intuitive reader. For me the est meanings I have don't make up a big part of what he cards tell me. I take most of the answer from the card images and through my intuition.


 (card from the Gaia Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno)

An Oracle deck is similar to a Tarot, but it has no set structure. It can contain almost any number of cards the deck creator wants to add in, And it is usually just individual cards, not divided into any sections of any kind. I do have a few decks that are divided into sections but these tend to the the exception to the rule.

Honestly, because of the way I read, there is not a huge different between a Tarot reading and an Oracle reading. Since I do tend to read mainly intuitively for Tarot and Oracles, through the images, the way the answer comes out of very similar.

Angel readings

(card from Messages from your Angels by Doreen Virtue)

Here is where things start to change. An Angel reading is quite different. An angel deck is similar in structure to an Oracle, in that it has no set structure. Technically speaking Angel decks are Oracles. But that is where the similarity ends.

An angel reading is for those who believe in angels, so not for everyone, and who would like to know their angels want to tell them right  now. Angel readings contain direct messages from your angels for you. And as such they tend to have a specific tone and energy to them, very love filled and encouraging and full of hope and love.

Playing Card Readings

(The second deck shown here is The Key to the Kingdom, Tony Meeuwissen)

I have two types of playing cards that I can use for readings. Here is an example of the same card in each.

The first, of course, is a regular playing card. And the second is from what is called a transformational deck. The main feature of the deck is that they work the symbol of the suit into the card image, something I personally find a lot of fun to see how each artist does it. As you can see here in the second card, the spades have been turned into fish.:-)

When I read with regular playing cards, I tend use use more cards as they are not as talkative for me without the imagery. So i just pull more cards to compensate.
But the images in the transformational decks make them more like Oracles, so each card can have more to say.



(Rune stones and Rune Staves, Elder Futhark)

And last but not least, I do love my Runes very much too, as the Runes. I have 2 kinds, Rune stones and Rune staves shown above (in that order).

The Runes represent the letters of an ancient alphabet that proceeded our own. Although there are different types of Runes representing different alphabets, by far the most common is the Elder Futhark Runes. These are the ones I have.

The Runes come from a time when each letter represented a concept or word. And in fact depicted it. Berkano, which looks a lot like our modern-day B for example (but more angular and less round) represented birth and the start of something new. You can see in a sense how a B looks like a pregnant woman from the side. Ehwaz, that looks like the letter M, literally means horse, And I can kindof see it, how the M looks like a horse's two ears at the top of his head. :-

Runes are a lot of fun as they give you a bit of insight to people who loved long ago each time you use them.E.g. the Rune for cattle means wealth. So you can see there was a clear correlation between the two at the time.

I tend to use 8 Runes in a Rune reading and I also take into account the pattern they call into,

So I hope this answers any questions anyone has on the methods I currently use to read. And if not feel free to contact me. 

Coming next month: past life readings
Asking About Life

I thought to use the Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert for you this month. It made sense to me as the deck feels to me like it so beautifully depicts life in all its forms and this section is where I ask the questions about life. :-)

This month,  I thought just for the fun and curiosity of it that I would ask the following two questions.
  1. What aspect of life is most commonly misunderstood?
  2. "What is the truth of the matter?"
 Here is what the cards had to say:

Question 1: What aspect of life is most commonly misunderstood?

Card 1: The Wheel (reversed)

Here is an interesting place to start this answer. :-) The Wheel is a card from the Major Arcana and it came up reversed here, and that means there is a very important life lesson associated with the part of the answer given by this card.

The meaning of The Wheel for me is related to the unexpected. The Wheel card is related to those times when something totally unexpected happens. It's about those times when we have our goals set and our plans made and life just unexpectedly sends us something that forces us to change plans and paths. Either the path we choose closes down before us (we were about to take a course that got full before we got there, or the job we were about to apply for got filled before we had the chance...), or circumstances just change, or someone in our lives sways us in a new direction.

So this card is saying that one aspect of life that is commonly misunderstood is related to the nature of unexpected change in our life, the nature of those events that unexpectedly show up in our lives and force us to abandon our plans and change paths.

The image shows the circle of life, a tree passing though the changes it goes through as the seasons change each year. Fall will always follow summer, and spring will always follow winter. Nothing unexpected there. Things follow a set pattern that is in fact predictable when you can see the big picture.

The zodiac signs surrounding the trees passing through time, say that certain things in our lives are destined to happen. And that they are destined to happen at specific times in our lives. They occur when their appointed time arrives.

The butterflies are a sign of inner growth. So really what this card is saying is that most people may tend to believe that when unexpected change happens in their lives that forces them to change path, that it is random and there was no sense of reason behind it.

Yet the answer from this card says that there is a set pattern to these types of things and they happen exactly when they are meant to. Whether we call them to us through the law of attraction or if they were set to happen from birth, this card does not specify, but it does say that there is a rhyme and reason behind it. And it's not random. It helps us grow as we are meant to.

Card 2: The Moon (reversed):

This is a second reversed Major Card so it also has a very important message. It's not too surprising that the majority of the cards for this question are Majors, as Majors are about important life lessons and the question was about the things people misunderstand about life most of often..

This is another interesting card here. The Moon, for me in the way I read, is related to romance, romantic feelings and romantic relationships. Which is a popular topic in Tarot too, as readers get so many questions about it. And this card coming up here is saying that there is something that is often misunderstood in this area.

What is interesting in this card is that is shows multiple moons. A series of them coming towards the person. The woman is a representation of anyone, male or female. There she is  in the image, hoping for romantic love,holding out her hands so that life may send it to her,  Waiting for life to send her her true soul mate. But it's like she almost does not see the succession of moons passing by her.

All these moons are saying that there are many people we could love. We may love different people differently, but  this card says we can in fact have more than one soul mate in our lives. The misconception seems to be in waiting for "the one" while there are many who pass by us with whom we could have that type of relationship with

The decoration worn over her third eye, is saying that the spiritual idea that we all have only one soul mate and our souls were joined before birth can prevent people from recognizing someone with whom they could be blissfully happy and cause them to pass that person by. Maybe things did not go well at the first meeting. Some relationships may not be that from the start, but they may have the potential to grow into that. If you are on a quest  for the "perfect" relationship, you may let many of them pass you by that have that potential but were never given the chance to grow into that. And as the woman shown here lets all this potential pass her by, there she is--empty-handed.

Not all relationships can grow into that for course. But this card is saying that many of us let many relationships that could grow into that pass us by in a quest for perfection. And then we never know what we missed

Card 3: 4 of Air

This card is from the suit of Air, about our thoughts and the way we think about and view things. The 4's, for me, are about the completion and seeing the totality of something.
The image here is about something new about to come to life, with the growing leaves and the eggs about to hatch. So really the message here is about how we think about and see new situations in our lives. As well the eggs are blue, which is the colour of the throat chakra and of communication and they are very well protected by the soft nest.

The message I see here is that when new situations arise in people's lives, they often tend to compare them to other things they know or have experienced. They might remember another situation with some similar element in it and think that this is the same think again. Or when someone speaks to them in a certain way, they may remember another time they were spoken to in a similar way, and make the connection and decide that the thoughts and motives of this new person are the same as those of others in their past.

Since the question here was about things people commonly misunderstand, this is one of them. The blue of the eggs say that people often jump to these kinds of conclusions instead of talking to the other people involved and that leads to misunderstandings.  Maybe it can feel safer not to open up that discussion, but it does lead misunderstandings which don't help the situation in the end. This card says it might be more helpful to treat each new situation as a new and unique situation with no real connection to previous ones and to talk things out.

Question 2: What is the truth of the matter?

Card 1: 9 of Water

This is the 9 of Water, The suit of Water is about your feelings. And the 9's for me are about taking some alone time to work things out inside of yourself.

This card says that to see the truth clearly you need some time alone to sense and feel what truth is. No one can tell you what your truth is. No one can teach you. It comes from inside you and you need alone time to feel and sense it. It will come from that place of love and light inside you. If you go to that place and reach out for it, you can't help but find it.

 It takes time, and some downtime, some alone time, but you can find it and when you do you'll see the light. And the beauty of all that is will open up before you

Card 2: 5 of Air

And the last card here of this reading is the 5 of Air. It's again about your thoughts and the way you see and  think about things and life. The 5's are about the way you were taught to see and think about things. Not the ways that you learnt by observing the world around you, but what you were taught. This can include ways of thinking that were passed down though generations of your family, things you learnt in school, of from friends, peer pressure, what society considers acceptable....all that you were told and taught all your life about what truth is.

A lot of this we take for granted and have never stopped to think about. Maybe everyone around us believes it is true, about that in and of itself does not make something true. Once it was commonly believed that the world was flat. There was no one who did not believe it as truth, and yet it turned out not to be truth.
This card is saying that to know what the truth is, requires an examination of what you know. Sometimes we take things for granted and never question them and yet in reality they are not true or truth. While again this is work you can only do for yourself, the eagles here say that if you want to know what it true, what truth is, then you can only do so by freeing yourself from preconceived notions and seeing the world with new eyes, as if every experience is completely new and fresh, and you know nothing for sure about it yet. then your mind and heart can soar in new directions.

March 2013 Friendship Reading

Here is your reading for this month of March, to help make your life easier. I will be using the Margarete Petersen Tarot for you here, created of course by Margarete Petersen. It's a deck I have always loved for the artwork that leaves so much room for the intuition. Being an intuitive reader, I really appreciate that. It's just a deck with a lot to say. :-)

This month I asked the cards what advice they have for you to help you live the best month of March 2013 possible?

And here is what they said:

Card 1: Father of Flames (reversed)
 This is an interesting place to start, the way I see it :-)

The suit of Flames is about what we want to create in our lives, and what we are working to create. The Father here is the equivalent of what would be a King in most decks. And a reversed King/Father is about destiny for me, about something that is meant to and destined to happen for you this month. 

It is my belief that in most things in our lives we are completely free to choose which path we want to take, but also that there are times when destiny is at play. This card indicates one of those times. Destiny always works in our favor. It comes up when there is something we really need to do or see or experience, that will make our lives so much better for it, and then we are prevented from taking any other path. It's just something we truly need to do and experience for our own greater interest, and so we will.

I think you can see in the card that we are talking about something of great warmth, and something that will bring great warmth into your life. There is a flow to this image. So there is really no need for you to do anything, It is destined to come to you and so it will. This warmth is meant to flow into your life this month.  It will change the way you see things in some way, almost adding a new dimension to how you see things in certain areas of your life. It will be eye-opening in some sense for you. And help you see things inside yourself and who you are inside in a new way over time.
Card 2: 3 of Cups


Well this March is starting to look like a pretty wonderful month, with this card added in. LOL

Here is the 3 of Cups. About warm, caring feelings. These are the kinds of feelings that make you want to take good care of the people you care about, to be good to them, look after them and ensure their happiness and well being. This could mean either that you will have those feelings for the people you care about, or that they will have them for you. Most likely both at the same time. :-)
Both this card and the last show a lot of warmth for you this March. So just as the temperature starts to warm up in March (February being the coldest month), things in your personal life are going to start to feel warmer too. Nice. :-)

This image looks like a cave painting to me. And that is saying to me that we are most likely talking about a long term relationship in your life, people who have been in your life for a long time. And/or maybe you'll learn some  lessons this month about caring for loved ones that will change some long-standing views you have about all this

The images of the people in the image are overlapping, saying there will be an overlap in what you want to create with these other people in your life this month....strongly reciprocated feelings, a unity of purpose,  and a feeling of oneness. For the most part you will all be on the same page.
Cards 3 and 4: 6 of Coins (reversed) and 7 of Feathers (reversed) 

These two cards came out of the deck together. This means they form what I call a card duo. It means that their meanings are closely connected and aligned.

The first, the 6 of Coins says that certain goals that you have set will suddenly change. Coins for me about about the goals we set and the work needed to carry them out. Reversed 6's, for me, are about sudden unexpected change. A fairly permanent change that will change things forever. So really this just says that in March something in your life will cause you to suddenly change some goals you had. You will either decide they are no longer important to you, or just decide that other goals suit you better.

As for the image here, it says that your new goals will help you leave your mark on the world in a clearer stronger way. They will help the others in your life who love you feel your touch more strongly. You will be guided down this path. And again there are a lot of warm colours in this image, mainly warm colours, so your this change in you will come from and lead to a place of warmth, There is also some blue at the top near your hands, saying that the change will help you communicate better with others, and to reach out to them. it will fill in something that has felt like it was missing,.  And ultimately lead you to a more relaxed place.

The second card in this  card duo is the 7 of Feathers (reversed). This card is basically saying that this sudden change in your goals and/or plans is going to come from  a change in the way you view life. You'll start to see more humour in life, to not take it as seriously. You will sense certain nuances in life that you did not see as clearly before. The card is showing a renewal or an increase in the amount of faith and trust you have in life and in certain or the situations and relationships of your life. Things will evolve inside you and this card combined with the last says that you will suddenly find you may have outgrown some of your previous goals and that achieving them is not that important as you once thought. 

Well here we are again, coming to the end of this edition. Thank you for dropping by and letting me share with you. :-)

Please feel free to come visit me on my web site:

for an in-depth, personalized reading delivered right to your Inbox, whenever you'd like my help with any issues in your life. I'm always here for you and I'd be more than happy to work with you to help you find your answers or just to feel better about things.

May this month be the start of something new and truly beautiful in your life.