Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Readings by SunChariot Newsletter
January 2013 Edition
Volume 5, Edition 1
Welcome back to the Readings by SunChariot newsletter! And welcome 2013!

I have to say that I find January's a wonderful time of year. The start of a new year for me represents a fresh new start, where we can leave what was not working for out well for us in the past and start anew. A time of new years resolutions when we can create what we want  of our lives and of our selves in the new year. Wen I was a little girl, at the end of each year by mother would draw us a calendar shaped like a leaf and at he end of each year, we'd turn it over and symbolically turn over a new leaf. :-)

Oh, here's something I wanted to tell you about. I just recently discovered where you can find groups in your city that meet and discuss common interests. I joined a few spiritually based ones, and am now taking a 9 week course on spiritual insight starting in early January, that I am very excited about. I find it never hurts to find something that you feel excited about to work on during the winter, Keeps your mind off of whatever the weather's doing. LOL

Also this January holds even more of that newness for me. My old day job wound down in December, and I will be starting off in a totally new one this January. Now interestingly, we're entering 2013,  And 13 in Tarot is about something ending to make room for something that is meant to come and that will be much better for you and make you happier. So I am full of hope and faith on this, and I know this change is for the best.  No doubt, I just know that is how life works for me, and especially this year. Not to mention that 2013 if you add up the numbers....2+0+1+3=6, and 6 is the number about love. So I think this is just going to be a great year for us.

Since this is a year about knowing that what is ending is for the best, and anything that ends will only do so because something much better is meant to come from it, I believe this will be a good year, a year of really having open trust and faith in life. And when we have that and can let go of what is not faith and trust in life, that frees us up to really enjoy our lives and to be more spontaneous and playful. And to be in the present moment and take all the joy there is to have from it,

So that is where I am this month of January. And those things mentioned above are what i want from this shining new year. And I suppose you could call them my new years resolutions.


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