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The Readings by SunChariot Newsletter
May 2014 Edition
Volume 6, Edition 5

Welcome back to the Readings by SunChariot newsletter!
Glad to have you here right now. I have been having the most amazing month over there, and it's always wonderful to have someone to share life's joys with. :-)
Things have felt pretty magical and exciting the past few days over here. And it all started with a new book I started a few days ago. I have not gotten that far into it, but already things have started  to shift and happen. And I am now a huge fan of this book and will be from now on.
It's called: "E-Squared: 9 Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality" by Pam Grout.  
Fascinating book, funny and irreverent in parts. But for me it's been so life changing and life improving I had to mention it here. So yes, it's literally scientific type experiments that you can do for yourself to try to prove to yourself the spiritual, how we are connected and how we create with our thoughts... 
I have only just completed Exercise 1 of the 9 and I'm already feeling blown away and amazed.  And as scientific exercises, the idea is that they should work for anyone. As we all have a spiritual side and if it is in our nature to be able to create with our thoughts as humans, then we all have the ability and can learn to use it.
The first one was a 48 hour exercise, in which you basically were asked to suspend any and all disbelief for just 48 hours and ask the FP (field of potentiality/possibilities, energy field that your thoughts interact with, also can be viewed as Spirit) to make itself known. Signs, gifts...but just be open, expect to see proof and watch for what comes.

I started Experiment 1: April 19/14  at 9:00 am and finished April 21/14 at 9:00 am. I personally asked for a BIG sign near the end. I wanted to end the experiment with a bang! :-)
Here is how it all manifested for me.

It started with a gift from life, about one hour after I had started the exercise.
I went to open the website I typed into the address bar and clicked and things started to move. But instead I totally  unexpectedly ended up on the site where I used to make my newsletters 2 years ago, right before I started to do them here instead. That was the last time I used their site. 

It was a paid service and since I closed my account there 2 years ago and have not used it since, logically there should literally be no trace at all of my old newsletters there now. But when I clicked on indeed,com, the other site just opened instead. Not just their page. BUT it opened on MY old archive page, with all my old newsletters intact and still there intact!
That should not at all be possible.  But I was able to open them all and reread each. One thing I had always regretted when I had closed the account was that I did not save the interviews I had done with deck creators in the old newsletter. I had never taken the time to save them. And I had regretted that.
So suddenly just one hour after I had started this experiment I unexpectedly found myself back in my old newsletter files and could copy and paste whatever I wanted to. Once I was done, I closed the page and have not been able to open it again. I can open the home page of that company where I used to make my newsletters. But my pages are gone again (just as they should logically be).
I consider that a gift. And it was certainly out of the ordinary.

In that two day period I also have seen tons of white feathers. White feathers to me are always a sign/message from my angels/Spirit. I tend to see one every 2 weeks or so, in unusual places and for me that is a sign. But now, during this experiment I saw 22 white feathers in 48 hours.  (I counted! LOL)
And I seemed to be able to control it a few times.
I would think I would like to see another now, and one would float by.  Once I said I would like to see another in twos minute from now. And instead I saw 6 float by before me, one at a time, and ended exactly at the two minute mark. It did feel like life was working with my thoughts. 
Other little signs as well, like a TV commercial for a paint line called "Divine colours" ....Little things but lots of them. During the whole 48 hour period I got about one sign per hour, sometimes more.

And the last, that BIG sign I asked for at the end, in the morning of April 21st....still has me blown away. You know how I receive the Notes from the Universe e-mails each morning (Monday through Friday/I've mentioned it before here) ?
Here was the one I got April 21st that was the big proof that I had asked to prove to me that my experiment had worked. I had asked for one big one at the end so I could end things with a bang...
That day, the 21st, just a few hours before I finished Experiment 1, this is what my Notes from the Universe said (literally word for word):

"The experiment has been a success, Barbara.

You can now tell everyone you're a SUPERCOOLHAPPYLOVETHING to whom no limits apply.

    The Universe"
That blew me away just when I was doing the experiment (Experiment 1) asking the universe to show me proof, it ups and tells me literally in words that my experiment has worked!  That was another one of those mouth hanging open moments for me. LOL Getting that just then an hour or so before the experiment ended
 I was in awe! Can't get more clear than that! The Universe literally told me in words!
Just gave me an even deeper awe at what it means to be human. I am sure that all of us are so much more and capable or so much more than we usually even begin to realize. Being human is a magical kind of thing.

I truly believe that we are all of us "SUPERCOOLHAPPYLOVETHINGS to whom no limits apply". At least we all have the potential to be. It's all in  learning how to use it.
While I was doing it, and was noticing that I was getting what I asked for, it got my wondering if I was creating some (or all) of what was happening, with my thoughts.
I asked the Vision Tarot, by Dirk Gillabel and these cards are the answer I got (in brief)

Which in brief says that the universe is empathetic and sympathetic to my/our thoughts. And I/we have more power than I/ we think to create what we want. The power to create is very much shown in the image.


Which, if brief, says that I/we have all the power I/we ever need inside us to complete any goals we set. And that we are protected as we work on them
 (look at all that energy we have behind us in the universe to create with). This says that again I/we have all the energy of life behind us when we set out to create what we want to. We can take risks again because we are safe and protected.  And just keep it fun.:-)

(I used I/we because although I asked those questions in the reading about what was happening to me recently, I am sure that it applies to anyone and everyone. If it is part of the human experience that our thoughts affect life around us, then it is common to us all)
After this, I am even more convinced than ever that for each of us,  what we think we are and are capable of  is likely just the tip of the iceberg of all that we could become.


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