Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tarot Demystified

Tarot and your Dreams

Tarot is a tool that really has unlimited uses. It's a tool that can pretty much answer any question we can ask of it. In that sense, whatever we need to know to focus, define, clarify, and to work effectively on our dreams....the cards can tell us.

One very common misconception about Tarot is that all it does is predict the future. And that this future is predictable in a set non-changing way. Most readings people seem to ask for, in my experience, are asking about the future. And most of the fears I have run across in Tarot stem from the belief that the cards might tell the person something awful they do not want to hear and that cannot be changed.  Pretty well none of this is true, and none of it is what Tarot is really about. Also while we are in the topic, Tarot cards do not cause anything at all to happen in any way, shape or form. They do not have the capacity to do anything like that.

 There are a number of fallacies in the beliefs mentioned in the paragraph above. First it is not the nature of the future to be set and unchangeable. No divination tool can show the future in that light, as that is not how the future actually works.

While yes sometimes something is destined to  happen, these times are rare. Most times we can change things pretty well up until the last moment. They can certainly still be changed after the Tarot reading is done. And on those rare times when something is destined to happen, then it is for our own higher good, so nothing bad will ever come of it.
When a reading asks about the future, that future as given in the cards can still be changed about 99% of the time. All that the cards can ever show us about the future is the precise future that we are heading towards at the exact moment in time the reading is done. But yes that future can change, it sometimes does on it's own and the person receiving the reading can usually decide to change it themselves if they choose to.
I believe that a reader should always explain all this before reading on the future so that the person receiving the reading can know that and take the reading in the best light.  People may think that the future cannot be changed because they do not know how to change things. But that is what Tarot DOES excel at, at showing us how to do just that. We can change our futures and Tarot is an excellent too to show us how to do that in the best ways.
If what we want to see comes up, fine. If the answer is not the future we hope to have then the reading is just a tool to let them see what needs changing (and often how to change it) to arrive a the future they want.

If what we want to see comes up, fine. If the answer is not the future we hope to have then the reading is just a tool to let them see what needs changing (and often how to change it) to arrive at the future they want.
  • A reading can help get to the heart of things and help clarify what we really want, by helping us see what is really important to us vs what we thought we wanted but which may not really make us happy.
  • It can help us understand who we really are deep inside and which dreams we can work on that best reflect that.
  • A reading can help us see and understand anything we are doing that could be sabotaging our efforts to achieve our goals.
  • It can help is eliminate anything in the way of us dreaming the biggest dreams we can and of putting our wholehearted effort into creating them.
  • It can help us understand ourselves and life better.
  • It can help us understand the past and all that has happened to us previously, how that affects us today, and how to overcome feelings that started in the past.
  • It  can help us get in flow of the universe, and understand how life works more clearly, so the things we want flow more easily towards us.
  • Readings can literally help us to create the future we want. Instead of asking what the future is, we can ask what steps we can take that will create the dreams we want for ourselves in your future.
  • ....the uses of Tarot are unlimited. Whatever we need to know we can ask. And that means Tarot, as a tool, is pretty much unlimited in any way we choose to use it
  • And, last but not least and in a separate but not unrelated topic, Tarot can be used in dream analysis. There are many different ways to do this, but the tool that is Tarot can be quite effective at looking at the symbolism in dreams you have while asleep (as Tarot itself is very based in symbolism) and at deciphering the messages those dreams are trying to tell you.

Coming next month: The myth that Tarot is connected to any kind of negative spirits or spiritual energy

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