Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mini interview with Dirk Gillabel on his Vision Tarot 
(reprinted from the May 2011 edition of my newsletter) 

Thought I would share with you one of my formerly lost, and now saved interviews. I was not able to save the photos of the deck creators as they were saved on a computer I no longer have, but here is another photo from the deck for you. I did get to save the interviews and that meant a lot to me.

So here is a reprint of the interview I did with Dirk Gillabel the creator of the deck I used above, about this deck. Reprinted from the May 2011 edition of my newsletter. 


"Since I was so impressed with my newest deck, I decided to ask Dirk a few questions about it. Here is what he said:

Me: Where did the name of your deck come from (what is your vision of Tarot as expressed by your unique and beautiful deck)?

Dirk: I wanted the deck to immediately speak to the mind of the viewer, in a language that bypasses the intellectual mind. Visions are a universal method to convey information directly. Thus each card is a vision that can be felt and understood by anyone.

Me: Why did you choose to name your suits after their elements, instead of by their more traditional names?

Dirk: The four suits have already been associated with the four elements for a long time. Earth, with Pentacles; Water for Cups; Air for Swords; and Fire for Wands. However we don't live in a time anymore where people use swords or wands. There is a growing interest in nature, health, and also the four elements. It is easier to connect to what energy Water, for example, is embodying, than with a cup. Thus I mediated on important issues in one's life and arranged them according to the element they relate to. For example, anger is clearly a fire element.

Me: What do you hope readers will see in your deck when using it?

Dirk: Visions! A reading is a reflection of the issues in question. The cards of the Vision Tarot are an excellent way to visualize the issue. and then let intuition guide you in the correct response. 

Me: What happened that felt unexpected during the process of creating this deck? 

Dirk: I had to do several cards over and over again until I got the unmistakable feeling that it 'felt right'. No matter how long it took."

Here is the web site for the deck, for more info and to see more of the cards.  Very unique and eloquent deck.:-)

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