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May 2014 Friendship Reading

I decided to do something unusual for you this month. At least for me. :-)  I decided to do a Rune reading instead of a card reading. I haven't ever done one in my newsletter before, so maybe now is a good time.

I used my Rune staves made of Oak here. I also have Rune stones which are make of bloodstone (greenish with gold letters) Runes are the letters of an ancient alphabet that preceded our own. I love them for that, as anything about language fascinates me .

There are more than one type of Runes, but the one I use is the most common and is called the Elder Futhark Runes., which here in use from about 150–800 AD. The letters look like this (below).  As you can see, some of the letters are similar to our alphabet. But each originally had set meanings. 

 This month I asked for you, "What do you most need to know about this month of May 2014?"

And this is what came up:

 The first thing that I tend to do in a Rune reading is to look at the shape the Runes landed in and see what that tells me. Above is the image of how they looked when the fell. I numbered them to simplify things.
What I am sensing here (in Runes 4 though 8) is an oldish wooden building, a barn or a hut. But I would call it something that offers shelter and keeps out the rain and cold. Keeps you safe from that.
And in Runes 1 through 3,  I see a cleansing rain. Rain that filters away what is unnecessary and unhealthy for us, just cleansing.

Part 1: Runes 1, 2 and 3
(These 3 are individual messages, each is separate unto itself and unconnected to anything else. But they are all about cleansing things in your life, cleansing yourself of things that are no longer needed).
Rune 1=Fehu: The general meaning for Fehu is cattle. But it also means wealth and abundance. That is something I love about the Runes as it gives you just a little  insight into the people who lived at the time this alphabet was common. To have cattle meant to be wealthy in those days.
It can also mean earned income and work paying off. What this says in relation to the question asked is that this month your life will be trying to wash away anything in the way of your belief in abundance.  Whatever makes you feel sad or pessimistic, your life will be working to try to cleanse you of that, to wash it away. Watching and looking for the ways your life is doing this and trying to help it happen will be beneficial to you this month. If you work on this, it WILL pay off for you.
The position the Rune landed in here tells you that there is nothing you need to do or concern yourself with. You can just relax into it and let things happen.
Rune 2=Isa: The main meaning for Isa is....well "ice". Although I wouldn't swear to it, very likely the origin or our modern day English word "ice". Isa tends to talk about things that are frozen, that are moving so slowly that we can barely see any movement at all. Things being on hold, waiting...That type of thing.
What this is saying here is that if you can think of an area in your life where things are not moving as quickly as you like, this month of May is going to be helpful with that. It will help melt the ice, as the ice naturally melts away in springtime. Things will be happening behind the scenes to help things to get back into motion for you. Some of them you may not be able to perceive (as is the nature of things that happen behind the scenes. And some you will be able to notice.
But this Rune is saying here that this May, what is holding things back in your life in some way, will be cleansed and washed away so that you can get back in the flow and things can move more as you want them to. A thawing of the ice, as rain melts ice away over time.
This Rune also landed in a position here that says that there is nothing you need to do here, just relax and let life do its thing. :-)
Rune 3=Ansuz: The original meaning of this Rune was ...the ancestral god, Odin. It is telling you that this month would be a good time to really listen to your gut feelings, to trust your feelings and gut reactions.
It also says that if you pay attention you may come across some real life wisdom that will be very helpful to you. You may also see some signs this month, and hear advice from others that will be very good advice for you. But some kind of wisdom is coming your way. If you pay attention you will catch it.
As this is a part of the first 3 Runes, related to a cleansing rain, this Rune here also says that whatever has been in the way of your seeing this wisdom or sensing it inside you will be washed away. It will be like the clouds have parted and you will be able to see more clearly what is below the surface of things.
Part 2: The last 5 Runes (Runes 4 through 8)
These represent the little shelter. And what will be there to shelter you this month and to keep you warm and dry and comfortable.
Rune 4: Kenaz:  The original meaning of this Rune is a beacon or a torch. I just find this a beautiful place to start.
This Rune is saying here that your life will very much be trying to light the way for you this month.  Shining light on things you need to see and clearly showing you the best path for you.  It will be trying to enlighten you, clarify and help you see things more clearly.

This month, your life will really be trying hard to help you see things in a new light and to just shine the light on things so you will see things you never noticed before so clearly that you'll wonder how you didn't see them before.
This energy is there and will be trying to get to you and to work with you. But this Rune with the letter itself upside down and that shows a blockage or a delay. The basic message for you here is that your life will very much be sending you this energy to help you this month. Your job is to look and see if you are doing, thinking or feeling anything that could block that energy from getting to you. And if so to try not to, so that all this clarifying healing energy can get to you as it should.

If this shape represents a little hut or barn, then this Rune would represent its roof. This says that life has you covered this month. You can trust in that. But also that you can't stay closed up indoors you have to open up inside and sense the new energy coming (just as you can feel the sun and breeze on your face)and meet it halfway.
Rune 5=Hagalaz: Hagalaz literally means "hail".
This Rune itself landed upside down (with the letter itself touching the cloth). When this happens it is talking about unconscious thoughts or concerns. The kind of thing that can affect us and how we act, but that we are not fully aware of.
It is also lying a bit on top of Rune 4, saying that Rune 4 is an underlying cause for Rune 5. What this all says is simply that if something prevents you from seeing the light, from seeing your best path clearly, that it can wake up some unconscious worries or concerns that things may start to get harder for you. 
This reading is advising you to just try not to go there. The answer you need IS out there and trying to get to you. If you are not seeing it, just try to stay optimistic and keep watching and paying attention until you do see it. Simple as that. When you see it and get it, things will be clear.
Try not to give into worries that you may not see the light or see it fast enough. Or into negative thoughts.  What you need to see, to let you see clearly and make things right,  IS out there right now, It is trying to get to you. You just have to open up and let it in. That's all there is to it really.
Rune 6=Jera: Jera means a year, the cycle of one year. This Rune also landed slightly under Rune 5, and that shows it as an underlying cause for what is talked about in Rune 5.
This Rune here is talking all things happening in their proper time.  And saying that this is a natural part of life and how it works.
It says that life has cycles to it that can't be rushed. You can't have snow in summer just because you want to ski. Sometimes things take time to happen. You are being told here NOT to worry. Everything you deserve and more will come at just the right time. You are being told here that you can just relax into this, relax into knowing it and not give into any unconscious worries that something unpleasant may be coming.
Nothing is wrong and all is as it should be.  

Rune 7: Teiwaz: This Rune is touching Rune 6, and that says they are related issues. Teiwaz, as another god, the sky god (as you can see, the symbol for Teiwaz is an upward facing arrow). :-)
The message here is really about the fairness of life, and how things always work out as they are supposed to.  It's about having faith and trust in life. It's also about knowing where your true strengths lie. Which beliefs make you stronger inside on this topic and which make you feel weaker inside and choosing to embrace what makes you stronger.
This Rune also landed on it's side saying that all is right with the world on this topic and there is no cause for any concern at all. As it connects to the last Rune, this one says that you can afford to be patient and let things take whatever time they need to without concerning yourself with that, because life (the sky god, if you choose to see it that way) has everything under control.

Rune 8=Mannaz: The general meaning of Mannaz is "humanity" or "mankind". This Rune landed with the letter upside down again (in the sense of the letter side touching the cloth). So again we are talking about some unconscious issues.  And yet, the letter also is on its side saying that there that you need to concern yourself with here. You can just let go and relax.
Maybe this could be about any unconscious concerns about what others may think of you or how they may react to you, that could be colouring how you think or act. Whatever this is about, the gist  of this here is that there is really no cause for concern at all and all is fine and will continue to be all this month and probably far beyond that. They are just some unconscious thoughts, not worthy of being taken too seriously.

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