Friday, January 24, 2014

Tarot Demystified

More Tarot superstitions

I've written about this topic before, and I am sure I will again.  Mostly because the topic amuses me. LOL

There are so many Tarot myths and superstitions that totally confuse so many new readers. Many of them are quite funny once you understand the premise that THERE ARE no rules in Tarot. There is no set way that you HAVE to do anything for it to work. And before and above all that, we are all different inside and Tarot works with what and who you are inside. No one else can tell you the best way. Each reader has to find that out for themselves.

Given all that, if I see a book or other learning source saying that this is the "right" way to do things and that you have to do something this or that way to succeed, I start to mistrust that source. Tarot is not a science, but an art. As readers we get to see the answers inside  in our own ways and paint the image for the querent in our own terms. 10 artists could look at the same tree and paint it. And each would do so differently. Yet none would be a wrong way to do it, they are just the way each naturally expresses their true selves. Tarot is like that.

That being said,  here is another list of Tarot myths and superstitions, just because I find them fun and funny. :-)

  1. that you must only have one deck as a reader and never get a second. Or your skills will become diluted (This was the first one I heard as a reader. I heard it before I had yet started, but I had already ordered two decks online. When the second came, I then gave it away....sigh...While I am sure that it is easiest to start with just one to learn on, there is no limit to how many you can have or own and it does not dilute anything)
  2. that your decks will get angry or upset if you don't use them enough. Or that they will get jealous if you use other decks more. (my belief in that is that the cards are not capable of thoughts or feelings. But the reader is. If you feel worried this could happen, those feelings of worry can likely affect the reading. But the come from the reader, not the cards)
  3. I have to add this one in again, as I found it so funny when I heard it: that you can't read well if you cross your legs (or arms)....not sure what happens if you read with your eyes crossed--probably a headache. LOL
  4. that you can or should only read with a deck that was given to you as a gift. (definitely not true. I have 116 decks now that all work for me, and only 2 were gifts)
  5. a deck must be covered in black silk when not in use (or any kind of specific covering, there IS no such thing as "must" in Tarot
  6. That you cannot read on certain days or times of the month
  7. that you can't read while wearing shoes (love that one!)
  8. that neither the reader or the querent should be wearing metal during a reading
  9. that you need to cleanse decks with safe, or leaving them out in the moonlight or with remove negative energy. I have never cleansed a deck yet and have never seen any negative energy at all.
  10. that the cards can actually cause something to happen. (not at all true)
  11. that you need to be "psychic" to be a good Tarot reader/that all Tarot readers are "psychic"
  12. that you should or shouldn't let others touch your decks
  13. that you can only read for someone when they are in the room with you (or in the same city or country)
  14. that readers must always charge for their readings and conversely that readers must never charge for their readings (Now those can't BOTH be true!) :-)
  15.  that there are "negative' cards that you could hope don't come up....(Tarot is a system to help people, and to make them feel better. Any card that comes up in a reading does so for those purposes. And no there are no "bad" cards).
  16. that Tarot is voodoo or anything negative at all. (Tarot is just a tool,  nothing more. It is not inherently any one thing in and of itself. And it can be an amazing source of wisdom, connection,  and enlightenment.
    etc,,,, there are probably thousands of these myths and superstitions out there, but I will just have to end this here instead of trying to list them all. LOL
    Coming next month: Misunderstanding Tarot answers


  1. I have a couple more, unless you did state this and I forgot--

    1. The cards are the Devils Picture book and if you touch them, use them in anyway, you'll go to hell.

    2. That if any bad cards come out--it is the GOSPEL TRUTH and there is nothing you can do to change your doomed future.

    3. The tarot reading is always right--good or bad, there is nothing you can change about what the reading says.

    4. The death card means someone is going to die.

    5. The Tower card is always something devastating coming to be.

    6. You as a tarot card reader MUST stick to the meanings that are given for the cards and not stray to anything else. You must memorize those meanings!

    1. Yep those are all Tarot superstitions too. The first is so untrue you could say it was the opposite of the truth. Tarot is the most deeply beautifully spiritual thing I know.

      Yeah the Death card one. That is a common one and also of course so untrue. I fell into that one myself when I was new to Tarot. The very first reading I did ever, which was for myself, the Death card came up.

      I was so scared I wanted to run away. When I finally got myself together and looked in the book to see what the card actually DID mean, of course as you know it had nothing to do with actual Death.

      That is a really popularly believed one. And of course no, The Devil card is not about the Devil either. Many of the cards do not have much to do with what they sound like. And there ARE not bad or negative Tarot cards.