Friday, January 24, 2014

Asking about Life

Since this is the February edition, I pulled out my copy of The Heart Tarot for you this month, by Maria Distefano.  Of course, it's a good Tarot, one that I love and that can be used any time of year. But I do particularly like to use The Heart Tarot around this time of year and for questions about love. 
On that note, I asked for you this month: "What are the most  important things we can learn from the experience of love in our lives?"
And here is what The Heart Tarot had to say about that: 

Card 1:The Wheel


This card is a card from the Major Arcana. The Majors talk about important life lessons that our lives are working to teach us, in this case through the experience of love in our lives.

I have to say I really like this answer from this card here. The Wheel is basically about an unexpected change. The kind of thing that you are not even thinking of yet, that is not yet even remotely on your radar, and then suddenly it just shows up in your life.
It's that touch of the unexpected, those times when you were planning on one thing and something completely different comes out of the blue and changes all that you had planned. Something that is actually in your best interest, but that you couldn't have even begun to imagine before it showed up in your life.

In essence, this card is saying that there is something important that we can lean about life and about how it works by thinking about how both the people and things that we love actually do come into our lives. Although, we are born with a good number of the family members that we love, many many other people and things that we grow to love show up in our lives at various different points in our lives.
This card says there is a lot to be learnt by thinking on how and why the exact people and things we grow to love show up in our lives and why they come exactly when they do. As you can see, there are two beings in the card image. The one dressed in black represents us here. He has his eyes closed and a tall big hat.
This says that we may have lots of thoughts about the kind of person we would like to love before we meet that person, but we don't know for sure who that person actually is. We are still in the dark about that. Our eyes are still closed to who the real person is in actuality. This can be about anything that you could grow to love, not only a person. It could be a new job that you will grove to love as well, or anything that you could love.

But in the background of the image you also see another bring, representing your life (or the universe, or Spirit, or however you choose to view it) waving its hands in the air and working its magic and bringing that which you will then grow to love into your life. Finding in the real world what will fit what you believe you need, and making it reality by bringing that into your life in a real way.
So yes, this card says there are some important life lessons we can learn by thinking about how and why this happens just as it does. How and even why life finds us just that we need to love and brings it into our lives.
Card 2: King of Swords

This is a card from the suit of Swords, which is about both our thoughts and the way that we think. Kings are about inner control, self-control, self-mastery, will power, and all those kinds of things.
So in essence, The King of Swords is basically about being in control of the way you are thinking about and viewing things in your life.
As you can see in the image, the king's sword has two hearts on it and is resting comfortably on his knees/lap.  This says that feeling love in our lives is the act of focusing on two hearts instead of just one, on two beings whose hearts and feelings are equally important.
And that focus, puts to rest certain trains of thought and ways of thinking that we might otherwise have chosen. The 3 points to the King's crown says that love leads those thoughts strengthen us inside.

This card says that we lean to master our thoughts through love in two ways. The very act of feeling pure love changes our thoughts to stronger more positive ones. At its best, love leads to well... choosing love-based thoughts over fear-based ones. Choosing positive ones over negative ones. Choosing trust over suspicion.
And also that love strengthens us and our thoughts,. And also when someone we love truly needs us, a child perhaps, . our thoughts align and we can find an inner strength we never knew we had.
Card 3: 2 of Pentacles (reversed)

This is an interesting card here. it's a card from the suit of Pentacles, which is about goals and the work needed to achieve the goals we set.
And as a reversed 2 it can be about both accepting what we can't change in life graciously and about seeing things from a different viewpoint.
And I can see why this is one of those lessons we learn from love.  Of course, no two individuals can ever think exactly alike. Which is a good think in essence, as things would get boring if they did. :-)
But when people love each other and need to set and work on some goals together, at times there are naturally going to be some disagreements on which goals each wants to accomplish and/or on how to work on the goals together.
And this card is saying that we can learn a lot of important life lessons from this aspect of relationships with loved ones. While it's natural to disagree sometimes, this card is saying that the lesson is in how you both deal with it when it comes up.
And here are two people in the image.  Both have their hands over their hearts and their eyes closed. It's about remembering that the most important thing is what is in your heart, and closing your eyes to other issues (making them secondary). The coins behind them say that it's about keeping the focus on what will "profit" the relationship and help it grow.  And yes on mutual respect.
And yes the basic meaning of the card is about being truly willing to open your mind to really seeing things in a new way, from the other person's viewpoint. And to being willing to accept what can't be changed. The yellow background here says that in the end its about thinking what will most likely lead to maintaining the happiness and warmth between you and working towards that. .

And that it's not about winning and losing. When one person wins., the other loses. And if the goal is on the relationship itself then if one loses or remains hurt then both lose. Sometimes it's about remembering that the relationship matters more than the outcome of any given goal means both have to compromise and each only achieves part of their goal. And that that is fine was long as the warmth and sharing grows between you
Card 4: flipped 9 of Swords (reversed)

This was a flipped card, a card that "flipped" our of the card during shuffling. A flipped card tends to have a complex answer, one that you might see on a deeper level if you stop to think about its message
This is the 9 of Swords reversed..  Swords again are about our thoughts and our way of thinking. And a reversed 9 is a very positive thing. Reversed 9's are about. warmth, joy, feeling good inside, healing and many other good and positive things.:-)
The message is about the times that love can be healing, make you feel better when you feel sad, bring you warmth and joy on a sad day. And naturally about your capacity to do that for your loved ones.
This card says that when a loved one feels a bit shattered inside we can help them put the pieces together again and help them feel whole again. We can help them see the big picture when the are only focusing on one piece of the puzzle. We can help them stand straight and tall again when their life brings them to their knees. To show them truth, to bring them healing and joy. To show them beauty in life and in their life. To be there to share and care. And help build and solidify things.
We can be there to build joy, warmth, and beauty into the lives of our loved ones. And they, of course, can be there to do the same for us. And, well, I can't imagine what we could do with our lives that could be more worthwhile than that. And all involved learn such valuable life lessons in the sharing of all this. And as we help our loved ones we learn certain skills. And as these skills grow we can learn to apply them to ourselves as well. Just a win/win situation. 

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