Friday, January 24, 2014

February 2014 Friendship Reading

This month I used my new love for you here, my Tarot of the Hidden Realm. I just adore this deck, it's been amazing for me so far. The deck was created by Julia Jeffery and was given to me by a good friend. :-)

I thought that this month I would ask for you what you need to know to make this month of February beautifully memorable. 

And in answer to that question, the Tarot of the Hidden Realms said:

Card 1: Ace of Wands (reversed)

This is a Wands card, about what you would like to create this month. If you want a beautifully memorable month, think of what you can do to create that and how to go about doing so.
This is also a reversed Ace, this is all about fairness, justice, and really about things working out well and in the best way for all concerned. Naturally to create something beautifully memorable you would need to incorporate these elements. Otherwise it might be memorable in another way. :-)
So this is a card asking you to stop and think if there is something you have been looking forward to doing for a while, thinking fondly of? Something that you could do alone or with a friend of loved one, that would bring you a sense of pleasure and make things warm and joyous and as they were meant to be.  If so why not make it a reality for  you this month,. It can be a good time for some quality me time, some beautiful little surprises for loved ones, and/or a time of compromises and letting go of old issues.
Think of what you would like to have in your life and/or share with another that would feel beautiful. And/or  what you would like to add to the life of another that you think would create something beautiful there. Something that would feel memorable to you. Something you can really get behind and look forward to creating. And then see how you can set those wheels in motion to make it happen.
The message of this card is that if you want a month that is beautifully memorable you can certainly have it. And that you have the power to create that within you. And that if you have that power, why not put it to some good use? :-)
Card 2: 6 of Pentacles (reversed)

This card is a card from the suit of Pentacles, which for me is about our goals and the work we need to put in to achieve our goals.
It is also a reversed 6. A reversed 6 for me is about sudden change. It's about the kind of change that happens very quickly, almost in the blink of an eye, but that tends to be permanent. We are talking about a very good and positive change here, since the question is about how to have a month of February that is memorable in a beautiful way.
And as you see, this image is a lot about joyfully working together well with someone, teamwork, cooperation, compromise, and well... whatever leads to harmony in relationships.

This card is asking you to think if there is one thing that you could just suddenly do in one of the relationships in your life, that if you did it it could create something memorably beautiful for all concerned this month.
f there is just one thing you could do that would help increase your closeness and sharing and working together as one, what would it be?  It might be an apology, it might be opening up more, it might be pulling down some walls, or whatever form it might take for you. But if you can think of one, why not make it a goal to just suddenly up and do that this month and create something more beautifully memorable together..

Card 3: 5 of Pentacles (reversed)

This is another card from the suit of Pentacles, about what goals to set if you want to make this month beautifully memorable. It's a reversed 5. And reversed 5's are about feeling tempted by something that may not actually be in your very best interest. And that brings in a little bit of introspection here.
The first part of the message asks you to stop and think if there is something in your life that you are doing to yourself that is not in your best interest. Something that if you did stop doing it, it would make your life more beautifully memorable this month. Maybe things like cheating on your diet, repeatedly going to bed too late and being exhausted at work, not making enough "me" time to keep things in balance of just the way you talk to yourself. This card says that if you can see an area in your life, where you are not treating yourself as well as you should, why not make it a goal this month to let that go more and more each day?
To have a beautifully memorable month, it helps to be good to ourselves too.:-)  Try being particularly nurturing and patient with yourself this month. Talk to yourself as you would to someone you love dearly.. Try not to expect perfection and accept yourself as a human being with some baggage that you're working through in the best way you can, just like every other human being. Be patient and truly caring with yourself this month. Be understanding with yourself. Give yourself and inner hug and pat on the back. And yes be  your own best friend. If you do this, this card says that this in itself should help you have a more beautifully memorable month.
Card 4: flipped Queen of Swords


This last card was a flipped card, card that just flipped out of the deck during shuffling. Flipped card indicate messages that can be a bit complex. And say that if you stop and think about their message a bit. you may likely then see something in it that you may not have noticed at first. 
This last card is a Swords card, about both your thoughts and about the way that you personally think. It's a Queen. And Queen's for me about working together, cooperation, sharing, compromise.....all that goes into working together with others in harmonious ways.
So, this card is asking you to think about what your personal thoughts are on the best way to work together with others, Just to stop and think about why you see those as the best way. And of course to realize that others also have their own ideas on this and to accept that. And that we all have the right to our thoughts and beliefs.

Also, this card is about sharing your thoughts with others. It asks you to think about how open you are when it comes to sharing your thoughts with others. Are you are fairly open person who easily shares their innermost thoughts with others?  Or someone who  takes a long time to trust someone enough o share them, or someone who almost never does?

Do you find some thoughts easier to express than others?  Or find it harder to talk to certain specific people in your life? What do you think that is? Do you think you have walls up around certain people, or around everyone in certain areas? Do you think that is ultimately making your life better or worse?
All these kinds of questions are coming up from this card. But in the end the question of this reading remains what you can do this month to make It a beautifully memorable one for you. And this card say that to help do you can just lay your real thoughts out on the table and see where that leads. Communicate as openly as you can, but of course you can choose your wording of things so that things are phrased in caring ways, if you want to create beauty.

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