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Tarot Demystified

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Creating connection through the cards

I chose this topic because it felt interesting to me, and not something you hear about every day.  It felt like a good topic to me. But when I started to really look at it, there are so many different ways to connect and types of connections it's just hard to know where to start. :-)

I guess a good place to start is to say that of course the reader themselves develops a special kind of connection with their cards/decks. It takes place on many levels. Pretty much on all levels. The reader is using the cards to connect to wherever they believe the answers come from. The connection is made through the cards. And it strengthens and deepens the longer they use the cards. Being a Tarot reader also creates a deeper and deeper connection to your intuition, which is an amazing thing when it starts to really open up.
Although opinions differ on where the answers in readings actually do come from, and no one knows for sure, the fact that they do come at all is pretty miraculous in and of itself. And to be able to connect to that at will, is even more so.
This connection take place on many levels. There is a physical connection, the touch of the cards and then the way we receive the info and answers. Some see the answers before them, some hear them, some even smell them...There is an emotional part of this connection as we need to use of feelings and intuition to sense what the cards are saying, There is a mental  connection at times, as we know certain things about how Tarot and the deck we are using work for us personally. And even for some Tarot can be a connection to the spiritual.
Although readers can connect though the cards to something powerful and knowledgeable in life, and that in itself IS amazing, there are other ways of connecting through the cards as well.
There is of course, the connection between the reader and the querent (person asking the question). The act of having a reading done by a qualified reader creates that connection between these two people through the cards.
Ideally this becomes a connection of trust, empathy, caring, honestly, helpfulness, unselfishness and everything else that a good reading can and should be. A sense of working together towards a common goal
But besides all this there are many other ways of creating connection through the cards by the kind of questions we choose to ask.
Tarot IS, after all, a system that can answer any question at all that we ask of it. I have never seen a question of any type that the cards could not answer. I have,  very rarely though, seen the cards tell me that they do not want to answer as it is not in the best interest of the querent to know the answer to the question they asked. But I have never seen them be unable to answer any type of question at all.
And that means all we need to do is to think of what we need to know to build that connection we want to create (in any area or aspect of our lives) and the cards can tell us.
The cards can be very good at helping to analyse dreams, for example. There are a number of ways to do that. I tend to take all the symbols of the dream one by one and ask what they symbolize and what they are trying to tell us. And then a few cards for the overall message of the dream. Using the cards to analyse dreams can connect you more to who you are inside. And help you see and understand things you did not know where there.
The cards can be used as a tool to connect to life itself more. That is actually one of my favourite kinds of questions. I love to ask the questions about how life works, what it means, what it means to be human being living in the times we are in, about destiny...They create a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us. I think we all have our questions about life at times. Often I even ask what IS our connection to life, to the others around us....and/or how to deepen it. :-)
Then we come to the relationship questions that are so popular in Tarot. They seem to be one of the most common questions asked of Tarot readers. Of course the relationships in our lives are right up there with the most important parts of life. And Tarot does well at helping understand the others in our lives better, at telling us how to eliminate blocks between two people, at telling you HOW to get closer to someone.

The answers to these kinds of questions can make huge changes in the relationships of our lives and the cards can really tell us how to strengthen or build what we already have.
Coming next month: More Tarot superstitions

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