Friday, December 20, 2013

January 2014 Friendship Reading

I thought that for a change I'd use an Oracle for you here this month, instead of a Tarot. The one I chose is the Earth Magic Oracle Cards, by  Steven D Farmer. Very pretty nature based deck. And to me our connection to nature is always an important part of who we are and of what we are meant to be in this world.
The question that I asked for you this month is: How can you make the most of what is coming your way in this first month of the new year?
And in answer to that, the Earth Magic Oracle Cards said:
 Card 1: Green Man (reversed)

In this particular reading I used reversals (upside down cards) to show something that will take some time and patience to work itself out. Not an overnight kind of thing.
So your first card here was in fact a reversed card. It's the Green man card and it's related to synergy, which is really all about the combined effort between yourself and others that can lead to great things. It's about your relationships with others, whether on the job front or your personal relationships.
As the images shows this card is talking about how you can best work together with others so that what you share and what you create together really grows in healthy and strong ways that really benefit all concerned. This card says there is a lot of opportunity for this type of growth this month. The reversals advises you not to try to rush it, but to be patient and work from love (green is the colour of the heart chakra and of love and love-based feelings) and to let things evolve naturally and at a natural pace as they are meant to.
This card is telling you that there IS a great amount of synergy working in your life this month,. Things are naturally going to tend to work out well in what you try to accomplish with others this January. You may even feel guided if you try to stray off the best path of you related to this area of your life.
It is also a month that can bring a balance and harmony between the different parts of your life. A balance between work and play, your body and mind...this card is advising you to try to keep these balances this month too.
Card 2: Waterfall (reversed)


Here is another reversed card. And a nice card to come up here at that. :-)
As soon as I saw the word "effortless" it made me happy. I always prefer a month where things go easily to one of struggle. LOL Even though, I believe there are benefits to each and nothing comes to us that is not meant to for our highest good.
So this card is called Waterfall,  And it's talking about how to  make things effortless for yourself this month. And I see the answer from this card as just going with the flow. If you just let things be, accept what comes and have that faith that life has your back and what comes is meant to, and be happy in knowing it, then what you want and need will flow to you.
This again is about the patience, as it's a reversed card. The message here is that if you just let things be, and be patient and calm inside, what you want will flow to you. But if you try to "fight": what comes it will work about as well as trying to sail paddle a boat up a waterfall. A lot easier and more productive this month to just go with the flow.
This card advises you that if at any point in this month  you feel at the edge of your comfort zone or not content with how far things have progressed part of your just try to let it go and trust in where life is taking you and how long it naturally takes. Fighting it will just stress you and make things take longer. All is fine this month just as it is. Let go of any thoughts that tell you things are not just as they should be this month.
Card 3: Shaman (reversed)

This card says this is a good month for you to stop and read something about ancient wisdom.  To read about it, to discuss it with others, to learn in whatever way you can, even by talking with people much older than you and learning from them.  But the topic is ancient wisdom is coming up here as an important them for you. It would benefit you to look into this.  (I know this is true in my life, as two days ago I was invited to take a course on the topic this January, and NOW this card has come up).
This card is telling you that if you look into this topic you will learn something healing to you. Of if you feel shamanism if your thing, it could also be suggesting that you look more into shamanistic healing practices. Whichever path feels right to you, there is something to be gained for you this January if you look into this. Something that will feel leaning to you. Of course you can't learn it ALL in one month, but now is an excellent time for you to start. There is something to be gained for you by looking into this  topic now, this month.
Card 4: Fog

And this last card says that there will be something (or some things this month) that you will not see perfectly clearly. I suppose that is true of all months, of course, But this did come up here as something to focus on that will help you make the most of this month.
But just accept even that and know that the sun will come out from behind the clouds when the time is right and then you will see more clearly again. No fog ever last forever. It's really just a phase or a cycle you're passing through.  While all this is so, and part of the message, the second part is (naturally enough) to try not to make important decisions from that place where things don't seem quite clear.
This card suggests that you just allow yourself to feel confused, to accept it fully as the present moment of the situation. It is what it is, and really it's just fine. If you don't have all the info, decide to be confused for now. That will be a better path than trying to deny it. If you try to act without enough facts, you'll just confuse the situation and yourself more.
Just be patient, accept it for the current reality, and it will pass much more quickly.

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