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Asking about Life

I had the idea this month to ask how our thoughts and the way we think about something we are trying to accomplish affects how it turns out for us. I had the feeling that they play a fairly big role, but was curious to see what the cards would say that role is and how it works.

This is the Vision Tarot,  by Dirk Gillabel. It's  a very unique deck which is something I love. For me, If I am going to have many decks, which it seems that I am LOL, I don't want them to all be copies of the same theme. I like it best when each of my decks encourages me to think and to see the world in different ways. That, to me,  is empowering. To me this is quite a beautifully thought out deck, that has a lot to say. I asked of this deck here:

In what ways do our thoughts about something affect how successful we are at it?
and here is what it said (in all good and positive cards as that is how Tarot always talks to me):
Card 1: 6 of Fire: Solitude (reversed) 

As a card from the suit of Fire, this card is talking about our ability to create, and our passion to create what we choose to in our lives.  So right at the start, this is saying that the way we choose to think about something naturally affects whether we choose to create it or not. If we don't care enough about something to put that work into creating it, of course we just won't. And whether that passion that fires us to work on it is there or not (and now deeply it is there) depends on what we tell ourselves about the topic.
And this card is a reversed 6, which for me is about very sudden and quick change. It's the kind of change that happens almost in the blink of an eye, in a split-second, but that tends to changes things in a real permanent way. This is something that I find interesting here. The question was about how our thoughts about something affect how successful we are at accomplishing that thing. And this card says that our thoughts have an immediate and powerful effect.
Since this card is called Solitude, it's talking about the thoughts we have when we're alone, not the ones influenced by the thoughts of other people, Someone may come along and put a new idea in our heads. But that is not what we're talking about here. It's the thoughts that we have on our own, that we make part of us and of how we see the world: these have an immediate and long-lasting effect as soon as we think and embrace them.
The image shows a woman who just looks to me as though she were sitting on Mars. So it's hinting that there is something that is not commonly completely known or understood in how this is all connected. The way this works is something that's been "carved out" long ago, but all the stars in the sky here show that it is something that can bring us a lot of hope.
Card 2:  Queen of Earth (reversed)


And here is a card from the suit of Earth about our goals and the work we need to put in to make those goals reality. Which of course has a lot to do with the question asked as our goals come from our thoughts. We have to think about what we want our goals to be and to decide on which goals to follow and work on.
And here is where things get interesting. A reversed Queen for me, says that life is on your side, A reversed Queen says that you are not alone and that life is working with you behind the scenes to ensure things work out in your best interests on the issues you asked about in the question that was asked.
So what you have in this answer is that your thoughts are an essential part of the decision-making process, they let you decide what goals you believe you need to work on to succeed. AND that once you do use your thoughts to decide, the universe/life/fate (whatever you choose to call it, you can even call it Spirit if that is part of your life view) gets behind you and helps things work out in the way you have chosen.
The image says that this is an "old" process that has been at work since forever. That life will reach down and work to help you if you really  commit to something.  And the stars around this woman's head (where her thoughts come from) says this is a process that is meant to give  you hope.
Card 3: flipped 3 of Air--Expectancy

This card and the remaining 3 are flipped cards, cards that flipped out of the deck during shuffling. A flipped card asks you to stop and think about its message, saying that by doing so you will come to see something deeper in it.
This card is the 3 of Air. And naturally enough, given the question, it's about your thoughts and way of thinking.  And it's called "Expectancy". It's talking about what you expect to happen, about if you EXPECT to succeed when you start out on a new adventure, or not.
The 3's, for me, are about  all the caring, empathetic, kind kinds of thoughts and feelings. They're about that the kinds of thoughts that give birth to those kind, caring, sharing feelings.
The card image show a person (who represents you) looking towards the future. She is standing pretty high up here so she has a pretty good view. She's in the flow of life (as shown in the flow of her clothing in the wind)
What all this is saying is that your thoughts about what you expect the outcome to be, your expectations, affect how you view the future. They also affect how in tune and in the flow you are with the future.  And that having kind, caring, optimistic thoughts about the future and your capabilities are more likely to keep you in the proper flow to succeed.
Sounds maybe a bit obvious, but that is the message of this card. And seeing that can allow us to try to purposely choose the kinds of thoughts more likely to help us succeed.

Card 4: flipped  9 of Fire  -- Anxiety (reversed)



I want start here by saying, please do not take the image too seriously.:-)
It's a bit exaggerated, and maybe a bit tongue in cheek, and no it's not a premonition of anything to come in any way.  But yes, clearly our thoughts do affect our moods and if we choose to expect something unpleasant we can cause ourselves needless stress. The card image says this is not an uncommon thing and it's something that a lot of people do (but that it's not necessary to do it).
This is the 9 of Fire, reversed and that is a good thing.:-)
The suit of Fire is again about what you want to create in your life and about your inner ability to create. A reversed 9, the way I read, is about warmth, caring, what makes you feel good inside, healing. joy, and that feeling that all is just as it should be in the world. 
Clearly there is a huge difference between this and the image and words on the card. But this IS the message of the card, that you always always have two choices. You can choose thoughts that lead you to feel all these things: warmth, caring, what makes you feel good inside, healing. joy, and that feeling that all is just as it should be in the world. Or you can choose thoughts that cause you stress and that worry you. We do choose our thoughts and can learn to choose the ones that help take us where we want to go.
The card says that it is not at all uncommon to think stressful thoughts about if we will succeed or not, but is it helpful and what affect does it have on our success? This card is saying that the thoughts that make us feel good inside are more likely to lead to our success than the thoughts that worry us. And that we can come to see that and learn to change to the ones that benefit us most.
Card 5: flipped 2 of Air -- Soaring



And here is the last card in this reading. It's the 2 of Air and it's about the way you think of the relationships around you. About how you see your relationship to others who are involved in your success and your relationship to the tools you have to work with. And how you communicate your expectations to them.
It really is a beautiful card  here. Both artistically and meaning-wise. The image tells me it's about rising above any thoughts that are pulling you down, making you feel down. Just soaring above them and letting your spirits soar. It is telling you that is the best way to succeed.
The card shows someone (who represents you) soaring about the world,. And The World card in Tarot is one of the best and most positive cards in the deck for me. The World is about the best things can get, the best version of a situation possible, the best outcome imaginable. And hear the card shows you rising (soaring) above all this so you can really see the big picture.
This to me is a reminder that IF you could in fact be in a position to see the big picture, you would see that everything in your world is already perfect. That things are always just as they should be. And if you could somehow soar high enough to see this, then you would only have positive thoughts and then you would always succeed. And while we may not, as human beings, be able to soar above it all or high enough to see the all at work, it's still something to stop and think about.

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