Friday, December 20, 2013

Quote of the Month

A Note from the Universe

Here's a trick, for dealing with someone who's disappointed you.

Imagine how they looked as a very young child -- timid, a little scared, really cute, and truly not knowing any better -- and realize this is who you're dealing with now.


        The Universe


This came to me in my e-mail via

I joined (and it is free to join) a while back to get daily inspirational sayings. I am a fan of that site and I can't tell you how many times those sayings helped me find the answer I was looking for to what I was facing in my life.

They take the form of Notes from the Universe, such as this one and come daily Mondays to Fridays, The notes are personalized, but I removed my name from the note when I added it in here.

I added this quote for you this month, because  I just loved it when I saw it. It really touched and warmed my heart when I saw it. It just felt like truth to me. And I hope that it means something to you and touches you as well.


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