Friday, November 29, 2013

The Readings by SunChariot Newsletter
December 2013 Edition
Volume 5, Edition 12


Welcome back to the Readings by SunChariot newsletter!
Well it's December and the year is coming to an end. Happy holidays to you once again.
The ending of a year is always a time that makes me look back at all that has happened and to think about it and all it's meant to me and what I've learnt. This was a year of challenges and lots of change for me. Maybe not entirely surprisingly as it was 2013 and card 13 is all about change and transformation. :-)
I have to say it was a year for me or learning and that is always a positive thing, the way I see it. Much of what I learnt came to me through unexpected life experiences. And a lot of old things ended and new things started. Maybe that was part of my lessons, to learn to face the unexpected. In fact, I am sure that it was.
And then there were the things I decided to work on and learn on my own, just for the sheer joy of learning. The main one was learning more about and how to use and read with crystal balls. I already have 3 now and 2 more in the mail somewhere winging their way to me from China. :-)  I've adored the path that lead me to this year.
Although I don't see full fledged images like watching  a movie or looking  at a photo when using my crystal balls, they have been good to me in showing me images that make sense to me and answer the questions I asked and have been really helpful to me, even in the short time I've been working with them.  
 For me, I've found a new love in all this. They're something complexly freeing in them. In cards with images you have a framework to work with, a set image. But when Scrying (reading in a crystal ball) there is no set image to start with and you are free to see anything at all. That's been amazing for me. I've loved it so much I even tried to share some of this with you this month. I did my Asking about Life section for you this month with my favourite (crystal ball).
So after all that, LOL, what I really wanted to say is that I hope you had the kind of 2013 where you can look back as it ends and be happy for what the year taught you. I tend to believe that anything we learn about life can't help but benefit us later on.
Oh, and just before I go. here's something fun for you to play with, It's a quiz to tell you what colour your aura is, and then it tells you about your personality. A friend sent it to me and we both tried it and both of our were pretty accurate, so I thought I'd share it here:
And I truly wish you a 2014 that will bring you many moments that make you smile. Lots of inner warmth, joy, laughter and love this year,
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