Friday, November 29, 2013

Asking about Life

This month I did something different for you.

Instead of using my cards (Tarot or Oracle) for you here, I used one of my crystal balls (the one pictured above).

I have 3 right now with 2 more in the mail on the way to me, But this one was my first and is both my largest and my favourite so far.  I have been working with crystal balls for a little while now, and I've just totally loved them since Day 1. Although you know I love my Tarot and Oracles, there is also something freeing about scrying. Having no set images at all, means you can literally see anything at all in it. And it feels even more magical to read with as anything at all that you see is coming from inside you and from that connection inside you to wherever the answers come from. So this month, since I was having so much fun with my crystal ball I decided to use it for you here.

The question I asked for you was: "What is beyond the apparent in life, that is there but that we don't usually see or recognize?"

I tried to add in some photos to show approximations of what I saw, some are closer than others. And this is what happened: 

First, I saw an ever-moving lattice of energy. Moving fairly quickly, like the way clouds move across the sky in a film that is sped up. If you know what I mean. Somewhat like this:

But more wispy and swirling around. It was purple energy and purple for me is about healing, I felt that this was saying that there is an energy behind things and that our lives themselves are self-healing, just as our bodies are.

There was lots of constant movement, spreading outwards from a central point. This said to me that things are always in movement behind the scenes. That our lives "spread" out before us,  as the planets spread apart from each other over time. There was green in the energy to, which to me represented growth...

I then saw this:

That I sensed as the head of a baby about to be born.  That said to me that there are new things that are about to be born into our lives before we even start to be aware of them. Sometimes quite a long time before we even suspect...Things as in motion in our lives a while before they actualize and we become aware of them.

In another sense that shape also looked a bit to me like "the tip of an iceberg", and it can also be saying that what we are aware of is really just the tip of the iceberg of all that is going on related to our lives.
Then the shape morphed into this shape:

which naturally was a message about love for me. And about the love-based positive emotions and parts of life. This said to me that things self-heal in our lives and work to reset to a positive  place if we step back, go with the flow and get out of life's way. Not to say that we shouldn't try to create what we want of our lives, just that things in our lives are set to heal back to a positive place if we let go and don't try to create from stress or negativity. If things aren't working as we hope, if we step back things will go back into place on their own over time. That is what I got.
I saw the swirling energy again forming into an ever-changing face, in constant change and motion...It kept moving and changing shape. It seemed to be telling me that there is an intelligence behind things and that life is not just random, likely what answers us when we do readings.  And/or that as things change we change who we are/evolve, we change our minds on what life is and what we want out lives to be,. We are a reflection of the ever changing energy behind things. And about the oneness between us all.

And that is what I saw, but when I blew out the candle I was using in this reading, something unusual happened.  It would not go out at first. It took 4 tries, even though I was blowing hard. Since to me everything, and especially everything related to a reading, has meaning....and since 4 is the number related to completion and the totality of things for me,  I took this to mean that that this energy is at work in all parts of our lives and will continue to run throughout our lives always.

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