Friday, November 29, 2013

December 2013 Friendship Reading

This month I used the very beautiful nature-inspired Gaian Tarot for you, by Joanna Powell Colbert. I watched this deck for a longish time on Joanna's web site, seeing all the beautiful cards come into being before the deck was available to the public. Watching them emerge from the uniqueness of Joanna's heart and soul, one by one, And of course this reading has a lot to do with that, with the unique beauty that is in yours.

The question I asked for you was: What do you most need to know right now about how to make the very best of all that comes into your life this December?

And here is what this deck had to say:

Card 1: The Magician

The Magician is a card from the Major Arcana. And so you are being told that there is and important life lesson that your life will be working to teach you this month, in relation to the message of this card.

And the general meaning of this card is that ....well, the magic is in you. It says that you have within you the power to create what you want of this month. You may not fully realize it yet, but the message of this card is that yes you have it there inside you. What you want from this month, you can have it. It's just a matter of knowing you have that inner power and strength and about using your inner tools to take you where you want to go.

The tools of the Magician, the tools with which he can have what he chooses to in his (or her) life, as his thoughts, feelings, his creative power and the goals the he chooses for himself and the ways in which he deems it best to carry them out.

This card is telling you that it would be helpful to you this month, and likely beyond it, to see and realize that you have that power to create what you want, And maybe to think on how to use it to the best advantage. This card says you are not in reality someone to whom life just happens. You are creating your life as it is, for the most part.

As for the card image, It says that within you, you have always been the creative power in your life. The image also shows a warmth and connection around you. You are not alone, and the others around you can help you get to where you want to. That could be considered another of your tools. And that the universe itself is on your side.

And mainly what I see here is that it will be important to your life this month and to learning the lessons that your life is sending, to be open with others and talk about all this with others. They may have a point of view that could be really helpful to you.

And that in the end it's really all about being the real you, about dancing to the beat of your own drum. finding your own uniqueness and following it, openly being the true you who you are deep inside, and finding your own inner rhythms and inner harmonies and following where they lead.

Card 2: 4 of Earth

This next part to your answer about how to make the most of this month is about your goals. Earth (more traditionally called either Pentacles or Coins in most decks) is all about the goals you choose and set to achieve what you want to, and the work that you are willing to put in to make them happen.

The 4's for me are about completion, about bringing things to completion. So, so far the first card has told you that you have the power to make anything you want of this month. The tools are then inside you to do so. they are a real part of you. The next logical step, shown here, is to decide what you want.

If you knew you could accomplish what you wanted, and you have just been told that you can, what would you like to have and accomplish in your life this month. What goals would you like to set, work on, and achieve for this month.

That is the next step in the process that is shown here. You have to know what you want to work towards, before working towards it. :-)

A hint for you here, is to think of what has felt fulfilling to you in the past, what nurtured you and felt good. What have you always wanted a lot of in your life. What feels natural to you to have, that is a natural part of you that you can't imagine being without. These could be some hints to what would be worthwhile to you to work to accomplish. You can look as far into the past as you like. But when you find it, you'll get that AHA feeling and you'll know that is what you are meant to create now and be.

Card 3: flipped 3 of Air (reversed)

This card, and the next two as well, are flipped cards. Cards that flipped out of the deck during shuffling or otherwise stood out in some way. When a flipped card comes up it says that there is something a bit complex in the answer and if you reread the answer from that card or take time to think about it, then you will see something deeper in it.

This part of your answer is a bit more complicated. :-) The suit of Air (traditionally called Swords) is about your thoughts and the way you think. A reversed 3, for me, is about endings...about something that must end to make room for something that is much better that is meant to come and take it's place. Or put another way, it can represent change, from a lesser thing to a greater one. But first you must let go of the lesser thing to move forward.

In effect, this card is telling you that to make the very best of what is coming to you this month of December would require you to change something about the way you are currently thinking. To stop seeing something in they way that you usually do and to learn to see it in a new way that will ultimately be more beneficial to you in the long run.

This would require you to look inside you and to do some soul searching. As you see in the image, there is the man, who represents you here, turning his back on all those books. That represents turning your back on things you have been taught in the past. Wisdom that was passed on to you, that may have been right for the person giving it but may not have been the best advice for you. We are all individuals after all, there is not necessarily a one size fits all when it comes to how we see the world around us.

And the image shows you journaling, which does not have to be taken literally (although if you happen to like journaling, go for it!). But really it is about getting in touch with what is going on deep inside you., Paying attention, taking note of it.  The fountain pen in your hand here, says that there is a fountain of wisdom and knowledge inside you. It's very close at hand and if you consult with it, you will be rewarded this month.

Cards 4 & 5: flipped 8 of Air (reversed) and Ace of Fire


These last two cards came out of the deck together. That makes them a card duo and it means that their meanings are very closely associated.

The first card of your duo here is the 8 of Air, reversed. Air is about your thoughts and your way of thinking about certain things once again. And a reversed 8 is about, well....romance, romantic thoughts and feelings and any romantic relationships in your life currently or that you hope to have.

And as you can see in the image, talking about your thoughts about this topic can be important to you this month. it can be talking about relationships in general and your thoughts and feelings on the topic, and/or the message may be about maintaining a good communication within the romantic relationships of your life. But the card says that will be a component that you can work on to make the very best of this month.

It's about finding the ways that everyone can feel comfortable and free to act naturally and be their true selves.  About how you can reach out to those you are in a romantic relationship with in ways that are freeing. Ways that create an atmosphere you can feel free in and where they can feel free also to openly be themselves. How to best build something that makes you both feel strong inside,.

And the second card of your card duo, and the last card of the reading for today is the Ace of Fire. Fire (usually called Wands in most decks) is about creating, your power to create and how to create things in the best way.

And this is the Ace, which is about purity, and all the positive love-based, open caring kinds of thoughts feelings and actions.

So the card is talking about creating what you create (in any romantic relationships) from that kind of place, creating only from positive feelings, empathy, mutual understanding, openness. Either working on the doing of that in any current romantic relationship you are in, or thinking over what this all means within and to a relationship.

The image says working on this this month can lead to something more and new  in relationships. To improvements, growth, and change,. And well, as you can see in the fireworks to more of that warm exciting kind of  "electricity"  and to feelings worth celebrating

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