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October 2012 Friendship Reading

Here is your Friendship Reading for the month of September 2012, to tell you what you need to know to make the most of this month in your life. :-)

I used the Tao Oracle for you here, by Ma Deva Padma. It's really a fascinating deck as it is part Oracle deck and part I-Ching. 3 Coins are used alongside the deck in readings. The deck is a deck that talks about changes. The cards tell you where you are now, where you are heading, and how to make the transition in the smoothest way.

Here is the advice of this deck for you, for this month of October:

Card 1: Work on What Has Been Spoiled

While "spoiled" is too harsh a word here, this card is suggesting that now is a good time to work on whatever you feel could benefit from some healing in your life, and to fix what needs fixing. This month is a good time to set to work on that. This is where you are now in this exact place in your life. it's a good time to start.

The woman is shown putting the past away and being nurturing and helping new healthy things to grow in her life. Whatever is past is past, but there is always room for some good. positive and healthy growth, if we make that our priority.

Next, is the advice on how to make this transition in the easiest and most effective way.

  • Part 1: Sometimes the way we view the world and act has just become habit and we don't think about it. The advice here is that if you feel this is the case, then you have been given a wonderful opportunity right now. This is telling you that any changes you make in these areas will truly benefit you in deep ways. 
  • Part 2: You are being asked if you have been avoiding something that could. benefit from being "fixed"  out of concern for the consequences of fear that you may get hurt. You are being told that any others involved have been doing their best and it was never their intention to cause pain. The advice is just to treat them respectfully and it will come back to you.
  • Part 3: But the first step is to admit to yourself what in your life needs healing. If you see something that does, you are being asked to commit to fixing that. Once you start the process you will relax more and more inside yourself which will start to improve things more and more.

The result of doing this work, if you choose to take it on, is  "The Family", a card which looks like this:

It's about our connection to all the other people in our lives, and our interconnection that to all human beings--to mankind. As the card says: We are all members of one human family.

This card says that there is a connection between us all. And so many similar themes running through all our lives.

So the essence of this card, and the last, is that if you work on correcting what feels like it needs it will will lead to a greater sense of oneness to the others in your life.  More closeness, warmth, and a deeper connection to those in your life.  It will lead you to a place where it is easier to focus on the similarities than the differences between you. Where you will see your oneness and feel it more deeply.

Card 2: flipped The Wanderer

This card, and the next, were flipped cards. A flipped card is a card that drew attention to itself during the shuffling process. When a flipped card comes up it tells you to pay attention as there is something the message that you may not notice at first glance.

This card is called "The Wanderer" and it is about going through a period of change. This says that in some area of your life this month you will be facing something quite new to you, that feels a bit unknown. In those situations we sometimes feel like we are wandering around, not sure of the path to or how to get to where we want to.

But it need not make you feel lost. You never are, in reality. There are always others you can talk to and ask. And things will absolutely work itself out as they should. The unknown is only unknown until we have enough time to get to know it. It's only a temporary thing.

It would feel helpful to just see it as an adventure. As if you were traveling and looking forward to seeing and experiencing all the sights and sounds...Just treat it as something exciting and with a sense of curiosity and wondering what interesting new thing is coming next.

Here is your advice on how to best deal with this in this period:
  • Part 1: Start by just focusing on your own feelings and finding your own path. Now is the time to focus on what you need to do to get to the best, calmest place and not to put the focus on what others need to do. It's about you, and maintaining the balance in your life.
  •  Part 2: You have created a lot in your life, even in this area. But there are still some inner things and feelings that need some tweaking. And that is at the root of things. The goal is to find what you have to do to feel at home and truly comfortable in the situation, so that you don't feel you need to be guarded, and so that you feel you can be open and at one with yourself and the world.
  • Part 3: Since we are talking about facing a somewhat new situation for you, the advice here is to not rush into things. Take some time to watch and learn. Learn from your situation itself and from others who have been through similar ones. What you learn will help you relax more first, so that you can ease into things when the time is right.

The card telling you the outcome of taking these steps is called "Contemplation" and it looks like this:

This card says something very similar to what was just mentioned above, so this is very important here.

It says that if you do all this you will get through that period of facing this new thing. You will come to understand it better.  Taking the needed time to reflect on will have helped you to integrate it into your life in a real what. It will become a part of you, a part of who and what you are, and a part of all that is your life.

Another part of process is to find the time to create inner calm. Not just to think things out, but to know when it is the time to stop the thinking and to slow down and relax into yourself and the situation. When we try to live situations to quickly, we skim over some things that are found deep down in them. So slowing down enough so you can see it all will be helpful.

Whatever helps you do that, go for it. And the process will get easier. The most you get to know and understand this new situation, the easier it will become to understand it more deeply and to feel totally at home with it and integrate it fully into your life.

Card 3: Progress

Well, this is a nice message here. The first thing you can say about the image is that it is clearly about balance and about creating balance in your life.

This card picks up where the last let off. It says that in facing the unknown, as talked about in the last card, you will come to see it clearly and come to know it deeply. Things will illuminate themselves for you as you go and things will then start to progress more and more quickly for you.

What was once unknown and unclear will become the known and clear. This card says that as long as you have been working on what you are working on in an enlightened way (meaning not ignoring other people or their needs, or taking them for granted) then things will start to advance and you will reach some steady gains. Things will progress in this area where you have wanted them too and in what you have been working on here. You will get some recognition for all the work you put it. But the advice of this card is to still try to keep you "ego" out of things and to think about what is best for all concerned.

The advice for you on how to help your situation(s) that you are working on (if you choose to work on them this month) progress in the best ways is:

  • Part 1: You are being told here that the best path would be to try to keep things in balance. Now is not the time to hold yourself and your energy back out of concern for the possible consequences. It is also a time to let anything else involved know if your feelings have been hurt. Progress can be a good thing, as is, as long as it is positively motivated and moving in your best direction. If something feels wrong, just stop and take yourself to some higher ground where you can see things more clearly. and stop and reassess. And adjust things as necessary.
  • Part 2: This says that when you are focused on what you want to accomplish, it will energize you. It says that if you give it your all, while staying relaxed and at peace inside and ready to accept whatever happens, you will gain some real satisfaction for knowing you did your best and for seeing positive results for your efforts. This is the best way to encourage good positive progress in your life.

If you do this and work on this, you will get to:

The Receptive

 This is a place where you can just relax into life and trust it to bring you what you need. You won't have to try so hard because things will be where you want them to be, you will be at ease and content with just how things are, and just at peace with your life. Just imagine taking a deep sigh of relief. The struggle's over, you are where you want to be. That is this card.

Whenever I see a naked chest in a card image, it always makes me think of "baring your chest" and "getting things off your chest". This says that you will arrive at a place where you can feel totally at ease with the others in your life. A place where you have let it all out, gotten it all off your chest (and the other person has too). You know how you are with them, you know who they are. They know who they are with you, they know who you are.  You've gotten it all out. Everyone involved knows where they stand and just a warm caring atmosphere of total calm and acceptance of all that is just as it is. And of exactly who everyone is.

This card is called "Receptivity" and it's about being open and receptive. It involves a certain balance. It's about being open and caring and nurturing with all involved, but also knowing when to stand up for the situation and yourself if that is ever needed. The card does not advise avoiding issues that come up. It does say to discuss them, but in a receptive way. And in a way that helps others to feel safe to be receptive back.

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