Sunday, September 23, 2012

Asking About Life

I decided that I have been focusing too much on Tarot decks lately and not enough on Oracles decks for you here.  So I am using only Oracles for you this month.  These are the Earth Magic Cards, by Steven D. Farmer. It felt like such a good match for the question I chose this month. :-)

This month I asked for  you:

What is the nature of our connection to the world we live in?

The cards said:

Card 1--River: Movement

Isn't this a stunning image??? I just love this deck!

The first part of this answer as given by this deck, is something I found interesting. This card is saying that our connection to the world we live in is not a static thing. It changes and moves throughout our lives. There's an ebb and flow to it. While we are always part this world and of life, what this is saying to me is that sometimes we embrace that connection and feel it at its strongest level. And at other times, we don't seem to feel it as strongly, and at times almost to try to push it away. And anything in between.

Mountains, to me, tend to represent wisdom and knowledge. And the beautiful sunset is reminding me right now of the sunsets while I was on vacation. And that of course reminds me of relaxation. All that adds in that the world around us has a wisdom to it. There's a wisdom to the world. The same wisdom that knows how to make the seasons come at just the right time, that knows how to heal a forest after a fire, that controls all the unconscious parts of your body, and many other such things that are miracles but that we often take for granted. There is a natural wisdom to things and if we just relax into it that is when we are most connected.
This card says there is a natural movement and wisdom to life, to the world. It's a gentle movement and it will always lead us in our best direction if we let it. This card is saying that we do have a natural connection to the world around us. But when we try to block that flow or take our lives in a direction that is against it, it makes it harder to achieve our goals.  The expression "Go with the flow" really applies here. When we go with the natural flow of our lives, things run more smoothly and the natural wisdom that is this world will ensure that we get to the right place.

Card 2--Forest: Breath

Taken in the most literal sense, our connection to the world is a necessary one. The trees literally give us the oxygen we need to breathe. And they always have and we depend on them for that. The world/planet meets all our physical needs for survival: food, shelter,....And when our physical needs are met that gives us the space to not have to think of that and to follow our feelings and our spirits.
Leaving aside the physical aspects, the world and nature bring joy and light and wonder and love to our souls. Trees/forests encapture a depth of beauty that makes our spirits soar.  Our souls are so deeply touched by the  world's natural sights, sounds and odors because we are just that connected.

Spending time in nature is relaxing. It encourages us to slow down and let go of anything hectic. The sights and sounds are "naturally" relaxing. Thus all the nature sounds CDs for meditations and such. And there is definitely a lot we can learn by observing nature, things that can help us deal with all aspects of our lives.
Literally everything in our lives and all we see around us (our homes, our cell phones, our cars... and even our friends and family) are all of this world, from this world and a part of what it means to be in this world.

There is nothing that we know and love that is not of this world. That is how strong the connection is. It is all-encompassing.
Card 3--flipped Gaia: Nurturing

This card, and the next, are flipped cards. A flipped card for me is a card that drew attention to itself during the shuffling process. When a flipped card comes up it says that if you stop and think about its message a bit, you will see something there that you did not catch at first glance.
This card is an image of Mother Earth/Gaia lovingly looking after all in her domain, all that is there on the Planet Earth. The card is called Nurturing. So it is the image of her being caring, nurturing, and protective of all this is of this world and all that is nature: the plants, the animals, the mountains, and yes that includes us human beings as well. :-)

The image shows her lovingly, caringly and attentively doing just that. In that sense she is the personification of the world. And she is there looking after us constantly, providing for our physical and emotional and spiritual needs. And, when we are willing to listen, giving us guidance. So this is the message of this card. That our connection to the world is not one-sided. Not only are we connected to the world, but the world is connected to us.  There is the kind of connection that goes both ways.
This card is saying that part of the natural rhythm of the world is to look after us and meet our needs. And hopefully there are times when we can do something to look after it as well. :-)
Card 4-- flipped Ancestors: Generations


This is a really interesting card here. It is saying that our connection to the world lasts through all the generations of our lives (how could it not?) But it is saying even more than that, that is lasts longer than our individual lifetimes.
I don't generally like to touch on topics like reincarnation when doing group readings to be read by hundreds of people (as in this blog) as I know that is not part of everyone's belief systems. But it's possibly a hint at that.

If that is not part of your belief system, the card is also saying that our connection to the world can outlast our lifetime here on earth. When we lay our hands to creating something it can outlast us. Architects can build buildings that will outlast their lifetimes.  The effects we have on the environment can outlast us. Even the knowledge that we gain and pass on to future generations....
This card is, in fact, called Generations. And this part of the answer is about how we use our connection in ways that will be passed on to future generations. We are also connected to the world by what we create and by what we pass on to the others who come after us.
This card is about thinking about what has been passed on to you. When you think of it, a lot of our beliefs were passed on to us through many generations, starting with ancestors we never met. So this card is about what has been passed down to you through your ancestor's connection to you, And what you would like to pass down to future generations, with that connection that you know have, that lets you do so.


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