Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tarot Demystified

Present moment readings that can improve your life and help you feel happier

Society often portrays a Tarot deck as a thing of deep mystery with dangerous or negative cards...that can cause things to happen to us.
 It is often falsely portrayed in uncomfortable ways such as this. And there are lots of popular misconceptions along these lines...which is, in fact, my reason for writing this column. To help eliminate them and to get the truth out.

Tarot is in fact a wonderfully positive tool. It is a tool that can pretty much answer anything you ask of it. Any question you can think of the cards can answer, when you really stop to think of it, the possibilities are almost endless. what would you fo with a tool like that? What would you want to know if having that knowledge could make you feel happier and more fulfilled?

It is MUCH more than a tool for asking about the future. It's uses are almost unlimited and go beyond just readings into Tarot meditations and more.

And most tines what is predicted in a reading on the future is fluid and changable. And, to me, Tarot is much better used S a tool to create your future than just to predict it,
And contrary to popular belief, there really ARE no bad or negative Tarot cards.
So, if you were to hold this beautifully positive tool in your hands, this tool that can answer practically anything you ask of it that could bring you happiness to know, what WOULD you ask of it? (in my experience Tarot CAN answer on any topic , but does not do as well with yes/no questions or timing questions) The kinds of questions we could ask are really limited only by our imaginations.
Some of my favorites are anything philosophical or about the meaning of life and how it works. Or just asking outright on how to get what we need. Choosing the best question is a very important part of a reading. The question, and even the wording of it, affects the answer you will get.

Some sample questions of these type would be:
--What can you tell me now that would make me happy to hear it?
--What outcome in this situation would bring me the most inner fulfillment?
--What steps can I take to achieve that outcome? ( a question aimed at creating the future you want, not just predicting what is coming)
--Why are things perfect and meant to be exactly as they are right now?
--What is my life trying to teach me right now through this experience?
--How will my life be improved once I learn it?
--How can I act in the mist love-based way in this situation?/ How can I encourage X to?
--Show me what is beautiful in my life right now?
--What qualities do I have that I may tale for granted but that others truly value?
--Why is what is happening right now in my best interest?

...but you get the gist.:-) These are all questions that would lead to strongly positive answers. Feel free to try some of them if you want to.
But, in reality, there is nothing negative about Tarot in the hands of a good reader. It is a problem solving tool, it does not create problems. It is a tool. To make you feel better, never worse. And best of all it can literally be anything we want or need it to be. The power to make the best of it is within each reader. Make yours work for you in the best ways and the magic of life itself will unfold before your eyes.

Coming next month: Why some readers dress as gypsies,


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