Sunday, July 22, 2012

August 2012 Friendship Reading
Here is the August 2012 edition of your friendship reading. It's designed to tell you how to live your life to the fullest this month and to make the most of this month.

This time around I used my new Gaian Tarot, a deck that I just love and have wanted for a long time, and finally treated myself to recently. The Gaian Tarot is by Joanna Powell Colbert and as you can see is a real beauty of a deck that reads well also.
So I asked this deck what you most need to know this month to make the most of it and this is what it said: (Interestingly, I used reversals, but none came up).

Card 1: Temperance

This first card is from the Major Arcana, and that means this is an important issue for you to work on this month

This card is telling you to take things a bit slowly and carefully this month. It is saying this month in particular is not the best one to be spontaneous, to act without thinking first, or to rush into things. Instead, this card is telling you to take things slow and to stop and think before you act

The question is only about this month, or course, but this card says things will go best in August for you if you take this advice.

The image shows you with a rainbow flowing from your hands into a bird's nests. You will FEEL this month in some area of your life (or in all of them), the promise of better things to come and of new better things about to be born. Life is hatching up something new for you and you will sense it and the promise of it. The flowers and the pink mist before you tell you that you will feel something beautiful coming your way, something good and beautiful and love-based. And naturally you will be drawn to it and maybe have a tendency to want to rush out and meet it.

The message of this card is that you shouldn't try to rush things, that things must happen in their own time and to come when the time is right. Otherwise, something in the situation that needs healing may get glossed over and that can cause issues later on that could have been avoided, but following the advice of this card.

Card 2: 6 of Earth
This is a card from the suit of Earth, which for me is about our goals and the way we choose to work on them. 6's, for me, are all about love. So this tells you to work on your goals in a very love-based way this month. Try to work on your goals from a place of faith and belief in life. To know that life wants you to have your goals fulfilled and is working alongside you to create them. Expect things to work out for the best, no matter what.

This is also an image of great abundance. This card tells you that that is what life is, that that is what your life is. And you can expect that to be the final outcome. But for now just relax, have faith and let them come of their own accord, they can't be forced. Just get into the flow and your life will reward you.

As the 6 of Earth this card also talks to me about the love of the Earth itself. This asks you to stop and slow down and really pay attention to our planet and nature and how they work. See what you can do by doing that. This is a good month to slow down, not to try to speed things up

Card 3: 2 of Air
The last card here is from the suit of Air, about your thoughts. And it is the 2. 2's for me are about the interaction between two things. This card would usually be talking about your thoughts about what is going on between you and another person in your life. Sometimes it can be about the interaction between yourself and a specific situation in your life, but that is more rare. Usually it's about yourself and another person.

This image to me just says that whatever is going on between you two, just take a deep breath and relax. Just see wherever you as the natural place to be for you two now. It does not have to be the final outcome, but things go through natural phases to get the the outcome. Each is necessary to get there. Where you are now is just one of those phases.
Seeing this is the key. And this message very much refers back to the message of the first card. This month is not a good month to react to that person hastily. Think before you act, take a deep breath and count to 10 if you have to. But do not try to push things. Don't try to rush them. Just relax and accept all as it is for now. Accept where you are now is where you are meant to be right now. Next month may be different. But it is not advised this August to rush or push things or to act too spontaneously with this person, or react very emotionally without thinking of the consequences first.
The woman here (who represents you) is wearing blue. And blue is the colour of the throat chakra and of communication. This card is not saying at all to avoid communicating with this person, just not to try and push things or to react overly emotionally. To look before you leap, or to think before you speak....kind of thing.
This image to me talks about meditation. To me it is saying that meditating. particularly this month,would help give you and heighten that feeling of inner peace and acceptance that will lead you in the best direction. It also says to me that getting out in nature this month would help you with this
If you happen to live in a part of the world where it's warm right now, getting out for walks in nature, spending time at the beach and things of that nature would likely be helpful. If not, there are still many other ways to appreciate nature such as nature CDs and looking looking at beautiful nature images.

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