Sunday, July 22, 2012

Quote of the Month

I've always been a big fan of inspirational quotes. They helps me see life in new ways and to remind me of things I may have forgotten while rushing around in my life. :-) So I thought I would start thsi section here to feature one i found noteworthy each month.

This was taken from the July 9th edition of Woman’s World magazine and is attributed to Ellen DeGeneres

“We can sit around and worry about what’s going to happen to us two weeks from now. I’d rather focus on the amazing things happening right in front of us. Animals help us do that.”
(Life is full of gifts waiting to be unwrapped) :-)


  1. Isnt' this the truth about animals showing us the amazing world and the amazing gifts we have right before us? This morning, I was out watering our vegetable garden and I was enjoying the bounty we have in this garden, while also enjoying the beautiful early morning.

    It is a crisp morning today, almost fall like, and hte birds were singing happily and coming in to feed at the birdfeeder.

    The air smelled wonderful and the light mist was still lifting. Everything was fresh and good.

    I finished the watering and went to turn off the water and noticed a cute little chipmunk sitting at the base of our basement door, also enjoying the cool fresh morning and the birds singing. He didn't notice me coming up at first and I did say "Good Morning!" to him, but then when I was within just a foot or two of him, he took notice and scampered back into his hole. But, it was a special morning with the birds and this chipmunk.

  2. Thank you Nancy. Thank you for sharing that. I LOVED that story, I truly enjoyed hearing it. I found it just beauriful.

    I'm will you, there are few things as special in life as the connection to nature in all her forms. I really get what you are saying.

    Beautifully told too, you should be a writer. :-)