Sunday, July 22, 2012

Asking about Life

I’m starting a new section of the newsletter for you here. It’s one I hope will be meaningful to you. Some of my favorite Tarot questions are the ones about the meaning of life. I’ve always been fascinated by those and love to ask them. And as you know, if you know me by now. I am a big believer in dong my best to stay optimistic and having faith in life. So I thought I would do some of that here. Ask questions related to that that could hopefully touch us all in our lives.

I am using a faery deck for you here. Something I don’t think I have done much in this newsletter so far, if at all. This is the Mystic Faerie Tarot by Barbara Moore and Linda Ravenscroft. Needless to say, another very beautiful deck.

The question here was inspired by this month’s Quote of the Month. It got me thinking about that childlike sense of joyful wonder and seeing the magic in life. And the state of mind that lets us see all the amazing things before us as just that. So I asked for you, and for me,,…for us:

What can you tell me/us about the nature of that state of being?

--The Lovers: J

That it is a very love-based state. One of the most love based states one can be in. It’s about slowing down, making the time to slow down so that you can listen to life with your heart as well as with your senses.

It’s about trust and caring and oneness. Closing your eyes and trusting that life is on your side and that all is well and will continue to be so. And this IS a Major Arcana card so it is talking about a very important life lesson here

--flipped The Tower (reversed) AND The Ace of Cups (reversed)

These two cards are flipped cards, cards that flipped out of the deck during shuffling. When this happens it indicates an important message and one we’re being asked to stop and think over. These two cards also form a card pair--they came out together so that means that their meanings are connected and closely related in this question

The first card is The Tower. It is also a Major Arcana card. And it also about a very important life lesson life. The reversal on this card strengthens it meaning and importance. It says it is a very very important message

The Tower is about a sudden change, A sudden unexpected change that happened very quickly and once it happened changed things forever. This card here is saying for me that we were born with that innate trust in life and the ability to see the true wonder in all around us. Then for many of us, something suddenly came along and changed that and he lost that ability to see things that way as easily as we used to. And it changed things forever. Something in our lives hit us and broke apart our ability to trust openly in all areas and to feel at home and trust in all situations always. And to see the miraculous all around us

The second card in this card pair is the Ace of Cups (reversed). As a Cups card, it is all about our feelings. About both our feelings and our passion for life. A reversed Ace is, the way I read, about justice. About fairness and justice. It was a lot to do with how just and fair we expect life to be. How sure we are that things will always work out for the best, or for that matter how unsure we are that they will always do so.

As for the image, the Cup (representing our feelings) is sitting in an open lotus flower. The lotus flower is a symbol of clarity of mind and heart. And a symbol of rising above the mundane aspects of life to reach greater heights, perfect symbol for this question

The Cup here is overflowing. And maybe this is the key. When you see it, what does that look like it means to you? Negative or positive, we get to choose how we view life. The overflowing water can look like tears of sadness and the overflow as something lost forever or wasted. Or we can see it as tears of joy at the beauty of like and the overflow is healing to the life and flower around it . And any other variation in between. When we look at the world around us we can see it all kinds of ways. It seems to me that choosing the positive ways leads to greater happiness and that those thoughts are closer to the truth. Which way would you rather choose to view life? Then just choose it, this card says.

(Incidentally, when I took the photos the cards came out more “yellow” that they really are. And for me, everything in a reading has meaning, even that. Yellow remind me of the sun and is a warm colour so its about warmth, healing, joy, contentment, a feeling of well being and like all is well with the world. The advice being that choosing the beliefs, feelings and thoughts that are in alignment with these, will lead to more of those feeling represented by yellow in your life)

To end this for today, I just had to add in another quote I found recently that I totally adore! Here it is:

'“If you're looking to find the key to the Universe, I have some bad news and some good news. The bad news is - there is no key to the Universe. The good news is - it has been left unlocked.'“ ~Swami Beyondananda (Steve Bhaerman)


  1. Wow! the last two cards, the tower and the ace of cups both really spoke volumes to me. It has helped me in a sense with how you wrote their meanings here today, with what I feel now. I also love that last quote. I do feel like the Universe is open to us all. We only need to open our eyes and see it to be able to find our way there.

  2. I am so glad, and thank you for telling me. As readers we all love to help others. It is wonderful to hear when you have. Thank you for taking the time to let me know. I appreciate it. And will be here again for you every month.

    Thanks for your kindness in wirting,