Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Readings by SunChariot Newsletter
October 2013 Edition
Volume 5, Edition 10

Welcome back to the Readings by SunChariot newsletter!

And I hope you have been having a wonderful month of September. Over here it's been an education this past month, as I suppose you can say that all of life is. We can always learn new things from what is going on around us.  And I have always loved to learn new things. For me I could have been wonderfully happy  making a career of being a student full time, if I could figure out from whatever's going on  how to get paid for it. LOL

That aside, :-),.September for me was mostly lessons on patience and faith. Things I wanted kept almost coming to me, then backing off. then coming closer and backing off again. It just took a lot of patience and faith. And by now, after this month, I am happy with where I have come to be from all this in both areas.

Besides that, this edition of the newsletter has a lot to do with finding your happiness and with what we can do each of us to make the world a better place. Mainly because these are the questions I asked in the Asking about Life and Friendship readings of this edition. LOL

In my mind, the two are not unrelated topics anyway. Helping others and doing some good does lead to happy feelings overall. And I think anytime we help someone else,. we can't help helping ourselves as well. Not just from karma, but in other ways too.

I had an experience of that today, the day I am writing this (Sept 27/13) that made me really feel that. I had to go the bank this afternoon. And when I got there there were brightly coloured pictures hanging all over the place. One of the tellers had artistic talent and had done some paintings and made prints of them. The bank was selling them with the proceeds to go to Centraide, a charity near here.

I decided I needed to buy one and got a 8 x 10" print for $25.00. To put on the wall in my bedroom of the country house we are still just on the verge of buying (really just on the verge hopefully!, Just yesterday we made a bid on one)! It was this picture and I found it pretty. Printed on some kind of metallic paper that makes it bright and pretty.

I then ran off to the dollar store and got a frame for it and now it looks like this. :-)

Besides that I think it's pretty and it even speaks to me, and it is to me and does. Not only was I able to help others but it helps me. I intend to hang it in my bedroom near my bed as a visual reminder of my connection to others and that "charity starts at home". And having that there will be a help to me too. Win/win situation.

As I was thinking this afternoon on what we can actually do as individuals to create change or help make the world around us a better place,  my thoughts were around how so many people seem to look around and say no one else would do it, why should I?

I've heard people say that to me a number of times. To me,. it's not so much a question of what others are doing or not doing. Something is either right to do or wrong to do in and of itself regardless of what others do or not. Maybe it's knowing who you are or who you want to be. But I tend to follow the rule my father told me growing up that if everyone were doing a specific thing and it make the world a lesser place, then it is not right to do. On the other hand, if everyone were doing something and by doing so the world became a better place well then it's a good thing to do. It's kindof about imagining the action magnified, to me.

Enough people working in tandem can make a real difference, just as the amount I gave to the charity today when I bought that picture may not go that far, but if enough people contributed, just a bit each it could make a huge difference in the end. So I was thinking that wouldn't it be nice if instead of people asking why they should do this thing to be helpful if no one else is doing it, if instead they looked around and actually saw real people doing it and thought why don't they do it too?  Maybe it just takes a few of us who believe to get it started.

Oh, and I wish you a very Happy Halloween!


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