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October 2013 Friendship Reading

This month, I pulled out another deck for you that I have not used in ages: The Baroque Bohemian Cats' Tarot. by Alex Ukolov and  Karen Mahony. I just felt like it as it's so pretty and the artwork is so detailed, which helps me read better.

And this month, I asked it for you: "What can you do this month that will bring you the most inner happiness and fulfilment?"

The answers were:

Card 1: 4 of Swords (reversed)

What was very interesting in this reading is that all the cards were either Major Arcana cards (about important life lessons that your life is working to teach you this month) and Swords (about your thoughts, It really boils down to your thoughts, this reading says. Think happy thoughts you will be happy, think sad thoughts you will feel sad. It's as simple as that.

This first card is from the suit of Swords, so yes it's about your thoughts and the way you think about things. it's a reversed 4, which for me is about taking things slowly, keeping things in balance, thinking before you act. moving with purpose and intention. So the essence of the meaning of this card here is to try to be aware of the ways your thoughts affect your moods and to try to keep things in that area in balance. That will lead to a happier month for you this month, this card says

As for the image, it's just crying out here to give any negative thoughts a rest, allow yourself a rest from them this month. Worrying never helped anything, see if you can think of one time it did,. If not, give yourself a month where you try not to give into anything of that kind. Or even a week or day can be a good place to start.

The stained glass window in the background says that when we give in to unhappy thought, the ones that make us feel unhappy, we are turning our back on our faith in life and in the world. While we see warm colours at the center of the window, looking like a flame. This says that at its core, life is warmth.  When we  truly believe that no matter what everything will work out for the best, there is no need for unhappy thoughts. Part of this message also asks you to make some time to TALK to people you know who seem to have a positive outlook on the parts of life you find harder to deal with, see if their thoughts differ from yours, how and why,  and how what you can learn from that.

Card 2: Hermes

This  card really does not belong to any of the suits or to the Major Arcana. It's an extra card in the deck, which has 79 cards. Although I tend to consider it as one of the Major Arcana cards anyway.

Either way its message is that....well... that you are going to get a message. Hermes was the messenger of the gods, so it's all about that. It says that you are going to get a message about what you can do this month to bring more joy and fulfillment into your life. Slow down, make room and watch for it. :-)

It might be something you dream, something someone tells you, something you learn directly from your life experiences this month, but it will be there. And if you pay attention you will see it. Might even come in more than one form. But there is a lesson you can learn on this this month, and you will get a message (or more than one) on the topic,

What I see in the images here in the winged cap, is the message will be something that makes your thoughts take flight. It will allow you to feel you can truly open up and show your real inner self to others. it can make you feel more lighthearted and light on your feet. And to make others want to reach out to you and communicate and share. It will be a healing message.

Card 3: flipped 2 of Swords

 Here's another card about your thoughts and the way you think, a Swords card. It`s the 2, and 2s are about interactions between yourself and another person or situation. So really this card here in this reading is about the way you tend to think about something or something in you life. It`s advice is to try to choose to look at the people and events in your life in the ways that make you happiest and you to feel lead to inner fulfillment. There are always many sides to any issue and many ways to view any one thing.

This card says to not hold onto any thoughts or ways of thinking that make you sad or hold you back from your happiness if you want to happy and fulfilled. Sounds logical and makes sense, but sometimes a bit harder to put into practice. Still this cards says the benefits to you this month from doing so will be large.

What you see in the image is the cat (who does represent you here) examining closely two swords, two different ways of thinking. This card is suggestion you do just that. Take a good look at the way you have been thinking about anything getting you down, see where that way of thinking is leading you and if that is really where you want to go. if not, work on "closing the gate" on those kinds of thoughts and putting them behind you.

It's all about following the thought that make you feel warm, full and happy inside.

Cards 4 & 5: flipped The Sun and 3 of Swords

These last two cards are not just flipped cards, which they are, but also form a card duo. They are flipped cards, cards that flipped out of the deck during shuffling. As such, they contain message that it will be easier to see if you reread them. The card duo comes up when two cards flip out of the deck as a pair, and that strongly connects the meanings of the two cards.

First you have the Sun. This is probably the most important card of this reading. It is a Major Arcana card which tells you that there is an important life lesson that you can learn from the message of this card. And the fact that the card came up as a flipped card also adds to its importance.

The Sun is really all about all the good positive things we get from the real sun: warmth, clarity, that feeling of well=being and that all is right with the world, joy and happiness...Whatever else you can think of about the sun that is happy and positive, feel free to add that in.

This reading really shows this as a great month of self-examination on what makes you happy and fulfilled and how to achieve them. The cat in this image (yes she represents you again) has his eyes wide open. It's about really stopping to take a good look and seeing things clearly. And what he is looking at here is in the past. So this card starts by asking you to take a good look at what has made you feel happy and fulfilled in the past. If you want to recreate that this month, it helps to know what brings it about.
Take a time out to look at your past, years of decades ago, to a time when you can remember feeling most happy and fulfilled. To a time when you felt most strongly that feeling of warmth, well-being and that all was right with the world and perfect just as it is. Now is the time to look at that. What is different between where you are now and then?  What is better? What would you like to be more like it was? How can you get back there? And/Or how can you celebrate being where you are now?

The second card of the card duo is the 3 of Swords, so the last card of the reading goes back to your thoughts once again and how you choose to think about and view things. Since the first card of the reading was also a Swords card, you could say that this is where it all starts and ends when it comes to your happiness and fulfillment, with your thoughts and the way you think about things.

3's are about being kind, caring and nurturing, supportive, open and empathetic. This particular card tells you that choosing these kinds of thoughts (BOTH about others and about yourself) is what will lead you to those feelings of warmth, well-being and that feeling that life is perfect and that all is right with the world. These two cards together say that if you choose to think kind, open, supportive empathetic, thoughts that is what will being you those feelings of warmth and well being. It's about having faith in life and in people and in the world around us.

And as for card image for the 3 of Swords, you see the cat with a stage behind her that she. You can say that she has turned her back on any feeling that she needs to put on an act around others. She is able to just openly be herself in all situations.

And she hold the Cupid near her, close to her heart. This all says that if you just be yourself and hold love,, loving feelings and love-based thoughts close to your heart, you'll find that happiness and fulfillment. You'll draw those feelings to you.  Her blue skirt also says it's not about skirting issues of avoiding them. Open communication will help too. It's how you look at the world, that's the key

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