Sunday, September 29, 2013

Tarot Demystified

Setting and working on your goals, using Tarot

A lot of people think that Tarot is just for predicting the future. Maybe because that is how it's usually portrayed in movies and books. Some use it for self-examination and self-discovery and it's an excellent tool for that as well. But really what you have in the Tarot is a system that can literally answer any question at all 9although on the rarest of occasions it won't and just tells you that you are better not to know the answer to what you asked just now).. But when you really stop to think about what you accomplish if you could have the answers to anything you needed to know, it's really quite amazing. In that sense, Tarot is almost limitless in its uses.

And yes the cards are an amazing tool for narrowing down and helping you accomplish your goals. Since our goals are what we aim for and what you work to accomplish, and it certainly increases our chances of getting things we want if we work on them, this can be a very worthwhile and important use for the cards.
As for narrowing down your goals, let's say you want things to change but are not quite sure what you want the outcome to be. Maybe two or more potential outcomes feel like they could be good ones for you and look equally promising. You'd have to choose one and commit to one to start working towards it, but how do you choose?
One way is to ask the cards the outcome of each path and then when you can see where each will lead, you can just choose the one that leads to the outcome you would most like to have. Having that knowledge simplifies the decision-making process a lot.

You can look at this from whichever angle you feel with give you the information that will help you make the best decision. Besides asking which outcome each path will lead you, you could also ask how each path would make you feel, what would be most and least fulfilling for you in each path, what unexpected things would you meet up with in each path, ,,,,you could ask anything you want to know at all that would help you to know. It's all really limited only by your imagination.

Once you have a good idea of what you want to accomplish, the cards can also be useful tools at this point. You could ask things like:
  • What do I need to know now that will help me to work on this in the best way?
  • What will be the most effective way to deal with any issues that come up as I work on this?
  • What skills will I most help me (and how can I best strengthen and hone those skills within myself)
  • What will I face from outside of myself that I will need to work on to succeed (and how to best work on it)?
  • What will I face inside myself as I work on this (and how to do so in the best ways)? or simply
  • What do I most need to know as I work on this? ...
Really the kinds of questions you could ask about setting and working on goals are endless. Anything at all it would help you to know,. you can ask. Confidence-building questions, questions on how others will react (if you did this what would they do...?), how your past affects how you will react to best engage your unique inner talents.... pretty well anything.

These kinds of questions will give you want to need to work on and towards your goal. But my very favorite method for using the cards to work on our goals is to use them to create your goals.
In this method instead of asking what you need (to know) to achieve them you ask the cards for the steps you need to take to succeed. So let's say you exactly where you want to end up. Let's say your goal is that you want a job promotion. You can ask the cards what steps you can take that will help you achieve that. The  cards can very much list them all in that way, and give you concrete  steps you can work on to get to where you want to go (Unless for some reason what you are trying to achieve is not possible at which point the cards should be able to tell you that right away).
Then of course comes the real work,. you need to take the steps and follow the advice. In a few weeks to a  month you can stop again and ask the cards which future you are heading towards, and see if that job promotion is shown in your future yet. If so, great. If not you start again and ask what steps you can take from where you are then that will lead to the promotion and take them again. And check in a while later to see if that promotion is showing up yet in your future. Just keep at it until it does.

I love this method as I had an enormous success with it once in my love life and I never forgot that. :-)
Besides all the methods mentioned above the cards can help us achieve our goals in ways that are unrelated to readings. Tarot meditations are also useful tools to help us achieve our goals. 
A good way is to meditate on the image of a card to bring more of the cards qualities into yourself. Tarot card images are designed to represent and embody the energy of the card, So focusing on the image in a meditation can help bring more of that energy to you. You can meditate on the Strength card if you feel you need more inner strength,  the lovers card to bring out more connection and love-based feelings, The Hanged man to help you accept what you need to or to see things in new ways....This can be very useful too in helping you deepen the skills you may need to succeed

If you don't fell sure of what you want to meditate on or gain more of, you can just look through a deck face up for a card whose image touches you emotionally. A negative emotional response shows something to work on. You can ask the cards later what and how to work on it. A positive emotional response is something you want to cultivate and grow. Meditation on that card will help you do just that.
By now I hope I have dispelled any myths that Tarot is just for asking about the future and shown to some extent a small part of all it can do and the wonder that is Tarot. And will that, my heart goes out to you and I truly wish you all the best of everything as we all work on our goals together.
Coming next month: Tarot as in interactive too

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