Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tarot Demystified

One popular misconception about Tarot is that it is just for predicting the future. Another is that the future as predicted by the cards is unchangeable. Both these beliefs are false.  Tarot can answer ANY question at all: past, present or future. And that does not  have to refer to our current lifetimes only.

Of course each of us, as individuals, will be interested in different topics and in asking different kinds of questions. And yes past life readings are not for everyone, certainly not for people who do not believe they have had past lives or in reincarnation. But DO past life readings work?

In my experience yes. I didn't believe in past lives myself when I star\ted off on my Tarot journey. Then one day I did a reading exchange with someone where I read for her and she read for me. And the answer she saw for me was related to a past life. Which I had to admit threw me at a bit since I did believe in Tarot, but not in past lives.
That was how the subject first came up in my life. I then went out and talked to everyone I could think of on the topic and was recommended a great book on that topic. If you are curious it's called "Many lives, Many Masters" by Dr. Brian L Weiss. And that went pretty far in convincing me.

So that was my story on that. Back to the topic. :-) Yes. I have found in my experience (and talked to a number of other readers who have had the same experience) past life readings do work. They can be very interesting and even helpful. And no, not everyone is Cleopatra or someone famous. It does not at all work that way. In my experience the past lives I have looked at have all been pretty ordinary. I've never run into anyone who was famous. At least it has not come up.

But they are interesting kinds of readings. ..If you've ever looked at an image like the one above and wondered what was the life like of the people who built it. or the people who used the building, or what your live might have been like if you were living then instead or now. Or what it WAS like when you were living then instead of now...then a past life reading is an interesting way to shed some light on that.

Past life readings can also be useful for people who find  they are facing things in their lives that just feel unfair. Sometimes when you can see back into the past you see the reason for it and see exactly why it IS far. These things can at times span more than one lifetime. I did a reading once for myself that cleared things up for me in this way.

Or they can be useful for people who feel an aversion to something in their lives and have no idea why, have never even faced it in their current lifetimes. And yet there are those feelings. It might that they have an unconscious memory of something that happened to them in another lifetime. The card should be able to tell you what that was. And sometimes just the knowing where it came from can help. As they you can rationally see that it came form there and there is no reason in your current life to feel that way any longer.

So yes, Tarot can answer any question at all, including questions on past lives

Coming next month: Cold Reading

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