Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New Toys

Just got something new a few days ago that has been fun and exciting and that I just love. So I thought to share it with you here. Finally got my first eReader.  I've been seeing a lot of people reading them on the buses and subways around here for a while. Then somehow it felt like time to get my own. And there it is above. :-) Mine is a Kindle Paperwhite.

I do love to read, but what makes this a toy for me personally ( as in fun and exciting and you don't want to put it down) is how lightweight and pretty it is and easy to carry around. All the good parts of a real book with none of the other things. It does look like a real book, very white background with clear black lettering (it actually is quite a bit clearer in reality than in this photo). The screen is lit (adjustable lighting) and has no glare, so you can read clearly in any lighting. Even in the dark.

It can carry up to 1100 books on it. And with the Cloud storage it comes with an infinite amount. Like carrying your whole library with you wherever you go. Saves a lot of trees over time, the way I see it. Other fun features include the "time to read" feature, which you can see in the bottom left hand side of the screen. It estimates for you how many minutes it will take you to finish your current chapter, judging by your current reading speeds. It adjusts as needed. Useful for when you are getting tired at night, to decide if you want to finish the chapter or not. It can also tell you how long to finish the book. (the little page fold thing on the top right hand corner is what it looks like when you place a bookmark in the book)

Also, as you can see in the bottom right hand corner it tells you how far along in the book you are. In this image is it telling me I have already read 44% of it.

Another cool thing is that it arrives personalized. Mine says "Barbara's Kindle" on it, and with all your books you downloaded already on it. (if you order it from amazon). And very quick and easy to get more books. Also eReader books tend to be much less expensive than paper books, many are free so it really does pay for itself over time.

So that is where I am right now. LOL Just got it, can't put it down, I am in LOVE with it. Thought I would share.  And hey, reading is relaxing and I do have some spiritual books on it too, so it's all good. :-)

(currently reading: The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out The Window And Disappeared, by Jonas Jonasson. . Rather an unusual book, but quite funny and with a writing style that I feel drawn to)

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