Wednesday, March 27, 2013

April 2013 Friendship Reading

This month I felt like using an Oracle for you. I went with The Secret Language of Colour , by Inna Segal. It's a very bright and brilliant deck, and it felt like time to bring in some bright colours, just as springtime is starting once again.

I asked the cards what messages they had for you to help you make the absolute best of your life this month. There were the cards that came up for you:

(I used upright cards  to represent you and reversed cards to represent others in your life)
Card 1: Plum

 Well. if you have any challenges in your life now is the time to face them and overcome them. This month you are meant to work on that, not to procrastinate or wait until the time is right. The time IS right now. It doesn't get better than this. :-)
This image says to me that the energy is right this month of April to heal whatever is getting in the way of your ultimate success. You'll get some clear glimpses of and sense the underlying causes behind the challenges in your life. And that will help you work on them in a way that will help heal them.
If you commit to this  this month, it will help advance your life purpose. And help your faith and inner strength grow as they should this month.
Card 2:Blue

This month is a month of strength for you. You will be able to strongly access your connection to life and to others. And that will help you heal the situations in your life that need it, and anything within you that is getting in the way of where you are meant to be.

It's really about creating and maintaining balance in your life. This month, try not to spend so much time on some areas of your life that other get neglected. Try to make time for all of them. Now is not the time to work so hard you don't have enough time to relax properly and laugh. If you like to meditate, make sure you leave enough time for that. It`s really just about maintaining balance in your life and not favoring some areas while ignoring your needs in others.

That is what will activate your healing power.
Card 3: Purple (reversed)


Here is the only reversed card of this reading. So its message is not about you, but about the other people in your life this month of April. This card, of course as you can see, is about developing mental clarity. So the gist of this card is to help the others around you see clearly. If you feel misunderstood or this month, now is the time to work on fixing it. Now is the time to stop and sure they are understanding you in general and on any specific topics that come up, to make sure you are not phrasing things in an ambiguous way. It also means taking time to help the others around you develop more mental clarity and see and understand things more clearly.

 It`s about helping those around you to open their energy to seeing things in new ways if they are not seeing clearly. People  often tend to see situations that feel similar to things they have already faced in pre-set ways. And to think this is just like that...Which may or may not be true.
This card is about helping others to  look at each situation as it if were new, seeing it from different angles...instead of taking it for granted and thinking they  know all there is to know about it without investigating further. It`s about about  really looking at and seeing it fir exactly what it is. Shining their inner light on it, that comes from that place of love and acceptance. And about seeing that there is always something more to be learnt from each new situation if we look at it clearly.
 The advice of this card is to examine new situations this month from all angles,. with all your senses...with body mind and soul. As if it were the very first time. And to pass the ability to do this on to the others around you.  And this card says that if you do all this, surprising things will happen. And you'll see a lot less misunderstandings between yourself and the others in your life. 
And last but not least, it IS an image of a flower, so be gentle and tactful and try to work on this in beautiful natural ways. Help people see clearly in a way that you would like to be helped, that would feel like a positive experience to you.

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