Sunday, June 29, 2014

New Toys

I add this section in periodically when the mood strikes me, when I get something new that brings me so much joy that I feel I need to share it. Something that I just love that makes me feel like a kid with a new toy I can't wait to use and play with. LOL

I've had one of those recently and so here we are again.

All this was the result of two friends, both of whom I am grateful to for the roles they played in this. A big thank you to you both!

The first who made me see and understand that buying something of quality does not actually cost more than buying cheaper versions of it. And taught me to love beautiful purses and that we are after all worth it.  Until recently, I used to buy the least expensive ones I could find. The linings would last a couple of months and in less than a  year the purse was done. That friend taught me that if you pay 5 times as much for something of quality that lasts 10 times longer, you're ahead in the long run and have something better to use and love and enjoy.  Since I got a tax refund just about the time we were discussing it, I went out and took her advice right away. :-)

In the end I bought 2  purses, a beautiful gentle soft leather one that I adore but which may not be as good for winter. And a tougher one to make it through our Canadian weather. This story is about the latter.

I got the second thanks to the advice of a second friend who told me about the company that makes them.

I bought this one:

(front...It does come with an adjustable strap and one handle. It only looks like two as I photographed it in front of a mirror)

(back,  I just LOVE the colour, which they call Paprika)

I have to say that I have been very very favourably impressed here both by the product and by the company itself. It's a company that I truly admire for their philosophy, ethics and what they are doing out in the world. I was very touched by that. And that is another reason I wanted to mention them here.

The company is called Matt & Nat. MATT & NAT stands for MAT(T)ERIAL + NATURE.  It's a very eco-friendly, conscientious company, which impressed me right from the start. They do not use real leather or anything animal based, but still manage to make beautiful and very durable products. Although mine is still brand new, I have spoken to a few friends who have owned a Matt & Nat and everyone seems to be saying they are very well made and very durable. That is in fact one of the company's goals, to create classic, timeless styles, that are durable and long-lasting.  And of course, what lasts a long time is better for the environment. As it doesn't need to be replaced as often.

Another thing I truly do admire is that all the linings in their products are made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. Their site says that approximately 21 recycled bottles go into the lining of one of their purses (depending of course on the size of the purse). That comes out to about 120, 000 recycled bottles a year that go into their products. It does actually feel quite nice and silky to the touch. My lining looks like this:

One more thing I love is the company's motto to: "Live Beautifully". According to their web site: "Living beautifully means appreciating the humanity, creativity and positivity found in all of us." As I am sure you know, that is a very good description of how I want to live my life. And this motto is there on the front of each purse. It makes me smile whenever I see it. Definitely part of the "new toy" appeal. It's a daily reminder or who and what I want to be, as our purses are so often with us. There it is on my purse:

The particular one I got comes from the Vintage collection. It's a bit like distressed leather. (but of course not leather). It even touches me how it says on their site about the Vintage line how "The surface is always a little imperfect, but it’s an acknowledgement of the journey, of learning, and of change."  Again very much values that are important to me.

When I got my purse, the tag on it said "designed with love"... And I just love it back.

So in my view a great purse and a great company. I don't have room to go into all that they do and embody as a socially responsible company, but you can see more about that (and more of their styles) on their web site which is:

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