Sunday, June 29, 2014

July 2014 Friendship Reading

I used another Oracle deck for you here. The Color Wisdom Cards, by Tori Hartman. It's another deck that I love. I find it deep and it has beautiful stories that go with each card. Colour certainly does speak to us in life too.

This month I asked what you most need to see and learn this month. I believe that the answer will lead you to learn something that it will truly benefit you to know, if you look for that lesson this month.

(In this reading I used upright cards to represent you yourself  and what is going on inside you. And reversed cards to represent what is coming from others, from the world around you, from outside of yourself.)

Here is what came up:

Card 1: A Woman named Aubergine (reversed)

 This is a reversed card, so it's only indirectly about you. It's about something that is affecting your life, but not something coming from you.

 This card is telling you to listen to and respect your intuition this month and to trust it. It will have something valuable to teach you. And reveal something that you could not find out in any other way. If you ignore it or push it away, you may never find out. 

This card is telling you that this month you'll come across something or someone who is not who or what they seem to be. You can figure it out if you pay attention. This is where your intuition can be a help. And seeing it more clearly will be helpful to you. It might be a situation that you think is one thing, but if truth is something else altogether. It might be a door you hoped to go through that seems closed to you now. But IS it really? Is there another key to that door to open it? Another way you haven't yet thought of?

Or something like  someone in your life acting cold or aloof and unfeeling, when in fact they truly do care but are reacting out of fear of being hurt as they have been at some point(s) in the past. This card is saying that this month something of someone is not exactly what they seem. The true face of the situation may not immediately be evident. So don't just take everything at face value.  Use your inner heart and love-based feelings and dig gently a little underneath the surface. You might be surprised what you find out.  This card says you will be facing something that is an unknown to you. Something that is not what it seems.

Card 2: Topaz (reversed)

This is also a reversed card, so it is also about things in your life that you yourself are not directly creating. I've always loved this card in this deck too. This card is about enlightenment, also one of my favourite topics.:-)

This card is telling you that this month is a great time for you to focus on what brings you inner peace, to meditate, try to stay in that present moment as much as you can, really listen for and to your inner voice, and to do whatever makes you feel good and like your best version of you. It's a time to tune out the outside world a bit and listen more within. The answers to anything that you really need to know will be there inside you if you slow down and listen and trust.

Now (the month of July) is not the time to avoid or procrastinate endlessly about anything bothering you. It's a time  to embrace change as a part of what life actually is. To embrace life and all that it is, to trust that there is a beauty and order to life. It's about knowing that life will always have ups and downs, but inner peace is something apart from that. Life situations seem to come at us from the outside, but peace is something that comes from the inside out.

This card says that acceptance of and trust in what comes are good places to start. Naturally avoiding and procrastinating are not accepting what is or trusting what will come. They are not paths to inner peace.

Card 3: Righteous Raspberry (reversed)
This is one more reversed card, again about something that you are not directly creating and that seem to be coming to you from outside yourself. 
The theme of this card is about perfection. It is not directly about you striving for perfection, as the cards was reversed here. It's more about what others taught you about it during your lifetime. The lessons about it that came to you from outside yourself that you learnt and assimilated into yourself over time.

It looks like this month is a good time to stop and think about all that. What were you told, how much validity does it seem to hold to you? How is it helping you , or holding you back in your life? How might things change if you embraced different attitudes on about perfection? IS what you believe logically about perfection in sync with the way you act when the topic comes to mind...? 

This card here this month is about coming to see the truth on this topic. Weighing what you have been told on what actually makes you feel happy and at peace inside. Hint: if they are not the same, what makes you feel happy and at peace inside is going to be much closer to the truth of the matter. :-)
This card is how you were taught to others vs how you were learnt to treat yourself. These are all things that we learn from the world around us. IS there a difference between how you treat others and how you treat yourself? If so where do you think that came from? Was it a  message of truth or was it flawed of distorted in some way? Is there something you would like to see change?
The message of this card is to try to lighten up on yourself if you are being to hard on yourself. There is no real reason to and being kind is just more effective.  

Card 4: Final Sunset

This card is the only one of the reading that is not a reversed card. It IS directly about what is going on inside you. And naturally there is nothing negative about that card, whatever is on the image. :-)
It's really a card about taking a look at what baggage you might be carrying around with you from situations that have ended long ago. Maybe we all have some situations in the past that were painful and even a couple that almost brought us to our knees. The memories of them can sometimes still follow around behind us and affect some of our reactions and feelings. And that hold us back.  

This card is about trying to find some kind of closure if necessary, to realize that what is done is done and is in the past and can't hurt us anymore. And in letting the sun finally set on those things in our life and to put them behind us in a real way. When we let go, it leaves us more room to gather more of life's beauty towards us. It opens more doors, it frees us, it brings more meaningful situations towards us. 
It's about trying to let go of whatever makes us feel committed to hold onto that and letting the sun set on any such things from our past once and for all. The card is called Final Sunset. Letting the sun set on what causes us pain or reminds us of it, so that we can leave the past in the past so that a new day may dawn that brings with it renewal and the light.  

Card 5: Flipped Bronze God (reversed) 


This last card of the reading is a flipped card, the only one in this reading. A flipped card (card that flipped out of the deck during shuffling) tends to have a deep message to it, that can be seen more easily and clearly if we stop and think it over.
This card is once more a reversed card, so it is really talking to something/an energy that is coming towards you but did not start from you.  

This card is about facades, and the "face" that you put in the situations of your life. It's asking you to think about if you consistently (almost rigidly) tend to see situations in similar ways. Do you enter most new situations full of hope, or wary of what may come.  Or do each seem unique and new to you and you go in with no expectations. This card is about thinking about that, if you have a set way to think and react about new things, and where it came from. And how it affects what comes.
This card is a lot about our expectations, and where (or whom) they came from. And seeing if they really are taking us where we most want to go. Thinking about if another way would benefit us more and make life easier, or if we really are on the right track in this area of our lives.  

In the end this card is really about being true to yourself, and following your true inner wisdom. It advocates love and trust in life and in all that you can be and become. It about taking life by the hand and trusting in it. Leaving the past in the past and holding onto the concept or something greater and wiser as you move forward.  And in fact following whatever path helps you to grow greater and wiser with each passing day.

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