Tuesday, May 20, 2014

June 2014 Friendship Reading

The deck I chose for you here, is not really a Tarot or an Oracle deck. It was not actually designed to be used in divination at all. It was originally meant as a pretty little deck of cards for children to help them have sweet dreams and to encourage their dreams to become reality, by sleeping with the chosen card under their pillow.

The deck is called: "sweet dreams 36 BEDTIME WISHES", by Sheryl Abrams and Cooper Edens.   I got the deck though a trade once and I always saw a potential in it to be used as an Oracle deck for divination.

I used it for you here this month of June to ask:

What do you need to know this month to help make your dreams reality?

Here is what came up (I suspect this advice is good for more than just this month):

Cards 1 and 2

These two cards came out of the deck together. The way I read, that makes them a card duo, and that their messages are closely connected.

These cards don't have any specific names or suits or numbers, not being created as a divination deck, but the first  has what I find to be an absolutely beautiful message on the back. It's a quote from Mother Theresa that says: "It is not how much we do but how much love we put into doing."

And the image shows you offering caring and flowers back to life and to those around you whom you share this life with. The answer from this card is the more of the natural beauty, warmth and caring and yes love, that you put out into the world from that store of that inside you, the more easily you will achieve your dreams.

The more lovingly you work towards your dreams the more smoothly things will go,  says this card. It's not just about the end result, but about how you choose to work to create it.

The second card, the image just says to me to not be afraid to reach for the moon. If you go about things in a loving way, you can create almost anything. The words on the back of this card  confirm that message.  They say: " Dream-travelers, there is no path, paths are made by dreaming" (this was a quite from Antonio Machado).

This card is telling you can and should feel free to create whatever dreams you want to create in your life, to feel free to go where your heart calls you, to reach as high as you can, and to forge new and unique methods and ways to get there if you have to.

You are being told you can rise higher than you think, and if you follow the path of love to get there, you'd be surprised at what you could achieve.

Card 3

The words on this card say: "Tomorrow with the golden sun....may my wings do the growing and my roots do the flying." (a quote by Juan Ramon Jimenez).

Just the words themselves have a lot to say. They're a reminder that tomorrow is always a brand new day with no connection at all to what happened before (in our pasts). And that we can count on a new sun rising each day full of golden opportunities, because that is how we know life works. The sun rises every morning and always has.

It also says that we, as people, are continuously growing and able to accomplish more and more. And we can learn how to really fly from the roots that we learn from all our life experiences.

The image just says to me to hold all the positive experiences close to your heart, and focus on the love and good feelings. And that is what can help you rise above the mundane and closer to your dreams.

Card 4

On the back of this card is a quote by Celia Layton Thaxter, which says: "Infant souls, take comfort, nor forget that sunrise never failed us yet."

This, to me, is a reminder that no matter where we are right now in our lives, nothing lasts forever. Any obstacles we might see before us are not permanent. And maybe it helps to remember that and keep it mind: the sun have come up ever day since the world was created and always will. A new day will always dawn and we can count on that.

The image says to me that this is a fact of life. common to us all. And it means we can rest easy and we don't have to take issues, problems or anything we feel is in the way of our dreams too seriously. Whatever they are, they won't last forever and we can know that and expect it to be true. In essence it says that there is no cause to feel discouraged, but that you can feel patient as you work on it  and know it will pass. It has to, that is how life works.

Card 5

The words on this last card say: With each new day I put away the past and discover the new beginnings I have been given", a quote by Angela L. Wozniak.

This feels to me like an important part of the answer. I think how well we "put away the past" has a lot to do with how effectively we can create our dreams in the present and future. If we get stuck in the past and in the ways we learnt to see things and think then, it would make it harder to see in new ways that might work better in the present situation. 
To me this image looks like the child is trying to be a shepherd to a flock of birds. But of course the two situations are very different. If you try to herd a flock of birds in the same ways as sheep they may just up and fly away. They may look similar and are both a flock (group) of white animals, but they are not the same.  

This card is saying to me that each situation is usually unique and it is helpful to not carry the past over into it. But try to see it clearly as it is. To see each new situation as something new and unique, not as just the same thing all over again. No two things or situations in life are completely identical. Nor are any two people. Each person is also an individual, with no connection to anyone else we may have known in our pasts. 
Sometimes, it helps to be able to put away some of our past experiences so that we can see the present more clearly for what it is. 

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