Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Readings by SunChariot Newsletter
April 2014 Edition
Volume 6, Edition 4

Welcome back to the Readings by SunChariot newsletter!
Hope you've been well over there!:-)
Am definitely anticipating a fun month over here. My boyfriend is turning 60 this month, so there will be lots of celebrating over here. 

Well, the past month was definitely been an interesting month over here, in a good way.:-)
I have been learning  lot lately about the law of attraction, that I do believe has been starting to benefit me in my personal life. And to say that is a big thing for me. As I have tried it so many times before and it has never worked at all for me. I had pretty much given up on the whole thing, until  I came across some new short books on Kindle and decided it was time to be open-minded again and give it another try. And I did. And I think it did do some good this time.
I started by trying to manifest the kind of new job I wanted. I was looking for a new day job that would be right for me at the time. I was reading the book "The Magic Formula" at the time by William Wittman. Since I loved his "Simply Serene" book so much I thought I would give this one a try.
In it he said that the reason that manifesting what we want doesn't work for most people (it hadn't for me till that point in time for sure) was that underneath it all,  your mind KNOWS that you don't have whatever it is you're asking for, so just saying you have it now isn't fooling anyone in reality as inside you you know you don't currently have it.
Made sense to me. He has a new way to bypass that, so I went and tried it for a while. And I did in fact get a job that certainly seems to fit what I asked for. I can see for sure that it meets 2 of the 4 things I asked for. The other 2, it is too soon to know yet as I just started very recently. But I was happy. And when I asked Tarot,  my cards said that I did in fact manifest that job, which make me even more happy.
I then came across two more books on the topic that made it even clearer and easier for me. Just read them yesterday. They are called "Why Quantum Physicists Do Not Suffer" and "Why Quantum Physicists Create More Abundance" both by Greg Kuhn.  Both little books but fascinating to me and quite informative. (If you know me, you will know I have been reading all these books on my Kindle) :-)
Since I was getting into this law of attraction thing AND have always been curious about quantum physics and how it connects to spiritual things, I thought to read them. I just learnt a lot form them both that I am happy to know.
On another front, I ordered a new deck a few days ago and can't wait to get it. It's my first Lenormand Oracle and I find it an amazing one (you can see some of the card images at the bottom of the page.

I have been so excited waiting for it to come, and talking to others who have a Lenormand, and watching youtubes on it and reading up on it. And it has not even arrived yet. LOL
Funny thing is I have already started to see the symbols in the cards in my real life. I saw 4 in a 2 minute period. Since I am not on to believe in coincidence, that has meaning to me.

As I was studying the deck so much, my bf just  came home one day with a mug with an image of an anchor on it. Anchor is the second to last card of this deck! So that was some interesting timing.
A minute or two later, literally, he was watching TV and called me over. There was a show was on that he wanted me to see about Rome. I looked and they were showing a mosaic pattern in the floor. In the image were 2 ships, a tower in the middle and fish under the ships. Nothing else in the image at all. Now Ship, Tower and Fish are also 3 other cards in my new deck.
So that was pretty interesting, all those cards from that deck I have been so fascinated by showing up in my life in a short period, just now when the deck is so on my mind.
This has happened to me before too. Right before my first crystal ball arrived (it is royal blue) I saw a ceiling on a shopping center decorated with about 100 hanging royal blue balls. And my beautiful crystal ball arrived the next day.
I do take these things as meaningful. Maybe it is to tell me that I will get my new deck tomorrow. LOL
Usually I do take them as angel messages that I am meant to work with this tool, a sort of confirmation that yes it is part of my path and I didn't fall into it accidentally.
But honestly after reading those two books on Quantum Physics, I've been wondering it there is something else along the lines of Quantum Physics to it. And wondering if I didn't manifest those things into my life myself by thinking so much about them. If you ever read the last two books I mentioned above you may know what I mean. :-)
Anyway, have a happy April, and enjoy the warming weather! 



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