Saturday, March 29, 2014

Tarot Demystified

Good readers vs bad readers (and warning signs of the latter)

What makes a someone a "good" or a "bad" reader is for the most part subjective.  I don't usually use those words at all for that reason and because they do sound judgmental. But I used them today as I was trying to make a point which I will get to sooner or later here. LOL

But yes for the most part both readers and querents (those who have readings done) are individuals each with their own personality, tastes. life beliefs and needs.  As readers I believe we each have to develop our own code of ethics that represents the highest version of who we can be as readers. But that too varies from reader to reader, depending on their personal beliefs.

The cards will give readers the answers, but what each chooses to do with that and how they choose to form the story with the info they are given is more personal and comes from who they are inside. Some readers believe only in giving the straight facts and nothing else.  Some look for solutions to issues brought up by the cards in the reading. And/or to offer comfort.

None of these make a reader a good or bad one. It really depends on the needs of  the querent. If they prefer bluntness and just want to know the facts, period, a reader who prefers to give the answers in that format will be the  best fit for them. If they  are they type who needs help seeing the positive side of a situation that is really bothering them, a reader who makes that their focus would be the best fit for them....At this point it's just a matter of finding a reader whose reading style matches your needs and tastes.
As a reader we need to develop our own beliefs on things like if we feel it's appropriate to answer questions about someone else other than the querent, if it sometimes or never is and a number of things of that nature. We need to ask ourselves what WE think the purpose of a reading is and how we can best achieve that.  What we need to connect to, to do that. And how.
Some things I personally believe strongly in are that we are there to help others. In my mind any reading that makes the client feel worse and not better is a failed reading. Even if the info was completely true. I believe that if people come to me for help, it is my job to help.
I believe that to be a reader you have to always put the querent's needs first. And that means also being available for any questions after the reading is done.
And here is where I am working into the reason for writing this today, a reading should be complete unto itself. It should answer any questions asked and not leave any open questions or threads hanging.
I wrote on this topic today, because some readers are not completely honest and some people will even claim to be readers and charge for it who have no idea how to read at all. Unfortunately for this beautiful thing called Tarot, there are some scam artists out there.
And that is really what I originally meant by "bad" readers.
Some signs to watch out for if you see them:
  1. A paid reading should be complete and not leave the question unanswered. It is unethical for a professional reader to suggest that you need another reading. If a reader leaves a lot of unanswered questions, then says that to find out the rest, you need more readings...that is a warning sign.
  2. Very unfortunately some readers purposely give scary readings and then tell the person they need to buy some kind of talisman or good luck charm to ward off what is coming.  That is also unethical.  And the reading was likely not true at all, just a means to charge more money.
  3. Another thing to watch out for is a reader who asks you not to tell anyone what your reading said. Which makes you wonder why someone who takes pride in their work would not want others to know about it. I once heard of an entire high school class who went to the same reader as a class assignment.  The reader told them never to tell anyone what their reading said. Afterwards they DID all discuss it and found out that all 35 or so of them had gotten the identical reading! 
  4. I also once joined a site and when I joined it came with a free reading.  Since it was free I went for it. The reader then wrote me that I needed to understand that she had had so many requests that she could not afford to do them for free anymore so she was going to charge for them. I told her that was fine, but since I myself am a reader, I don't need it and can do my own. And thanked her for her time and told her not thank you. She did not give up there but sent me a relentless series of letters trying to talk me into buying a reader from her. Full of unethical statements like no one should ever go to professionals like psychologists are readers are more caring and do a better job...I am sure she never meant the readings to be free at all.
  5. Which brings me to another point. It is unethical and also illegal in many cases for a  reader to tell someone not to see a professional: a therapist, a doctor, a lawyer. If someone has a real problem that needs to be treated by a professional, the reader needs to tell the person that they need to see a professional about that and that is not the domain of Tarot. 
  6. Also as a professional if you agree to do something, then to me you need to do it. It's a matter or not taking on things you are not sure you will have the time or resources for.

Coming next month: Tarot and your dreams

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