Saturday, March 29, 2014

April 2014 Friendship Reading

This month I decided to use a pretty Tarot deck for you. It's called the Touchstone Tarot by Kat Black.  I just love the artwork of this deck and the way it reads too.
This month, I asked this deck what was the absolute BEST advice for you for April 2014. It said:
Card 1: King of Coins
This card that is starting off your reading is all about the goals you have for what you want to accomplish this month and how to best do so. Kings are about inner mastery: self-control, patience, will-power, self-knowledge, wisdom, and any kind of strength that comes from within.
So to start with, this reading is saying that a good place to start this month is to be clear on what you really do want to accomplish. What would you like to create, have, be, give and do this month? What would it take to have all that? And when you are clear on what you want and can see the path there, if you want it enough the rest will follow.
The main figure in the card represents you. So the feather in his cap says life will send you the tools to create what you want this month. But the half eaten food and the urn turned on its side and its liquid poured out is about wasting what we are given.
The message here is that we are always sent what we need to be and create what we most want and need.  Sometimes we take advantage of it and sometimes we take it for granted to greater or lesser degrees, taking if for granted and not even noticing it's there. This card tells you that you will be sent all that you want and need this month to create what you want. The questions for you now, this month, are can you see and recognize what comes as what it is and see it's potential. And if you do what do to choose to do about it. It's all about choosing here. We always do have the choice.
Card 2: Queen of Coins (reversed)


This is of course another card from the suit of Coins here, about your goals and how to best accomplish them. A reversed Queen is a very positive thing. It tells you that your life will work with you, by your side, to help you accomplish what you want to. That is some pretty good news from this month.
It says that once you know what you want to accomplish and are clear on it. if you set out to work on it things will fall into place. What you need to accomplish it will show up when needed. The resources and people who can help you will be there when needed.  You can expect this to be the case this month, as this card is saying it will be the case.
The half eaten food and the overturned urn are shown again here. Saying that you have a true opportunity this month and if you don't waste it, you can really accomplish a lot.

In the sense that the King and Queen of Pentacles form  a pair, are a couple, this says that the messages of the two cards are connected...married together. And that knowing that you can expect the resources you need to be there this month can help you get together the self-motivation and willpower to take on a new project. And conversely, if you set your mind to take it on, your life will be on your side and things will go well.  You will have some "good luck" in your endeavors and things will fall into place as needed.
Card 3: 10 of Swords

The image here may look pretty negative, but please remember it's only a symbolic image and there are no negative Tarot cards.
The short version of this card simply tells you not to spend time worrying this month. Or ruminating over and over on the same thing. That is really the basis message of this card. Not to run yourself into the ground with worry. And the good news is that there really really is no need at all for it right now (although I think it's pretty safe to say that it rarely serves a useful purpose anyway). 
But given what the last two cards have already said, if you set your mind to work on something this month, things will go well.  And that tells you that any worry is groundless and unnecessary. Life has your back, so why worry?

Cards 4 and 5: Wheel of Fortune and Strength (together, both Majors)



These last two cards and an important part of your reading. The came out of the deck together and form a card duo. This means that their meanings are very closely connected.
What is also important here is that BOTH of these two cards are from the Major Arcana.  They are the only two cards of your reading here which are. And the Majors represent things that happen in your life that can teach you important life lessons.
The first card here is Wheel of Fortune. The general meaning of this card is that something that you had not planned on will happen. Not something negative, but just something unexpected. In my experience it always indicates something that will ultimately be in your best interest.
This card talks about one path closing down that you expected to take and another opening before you instead. It's the kind of thing where you plan to move to one city and your job transfers you elsewhere instead and you meet the love of your life in that new place. Since we can't know where we can meet someone who we are meant to love, sometimes life just takes a hand and makes makes sure we are where we are meant to be, even if we had other plans. The Wheel is about that type of thing.
So this card is saying that this month something unexpected will happen, that was meant to so that things can work out for the best for us.
The second card is called Strength. And it means pretty much what ti sounds like. It's about our inner strength.
Since the two cards came out together and are closely related. It says that this new thing that will come up unexpectedly in your life this month will be there to teach you something about your strength. Once you look it in the face, you will see it barely takes strength at all and will be easy enough to handle.  It will make you stronger and happier and it is something to embrace for this reason and all that you can learn from it. And what you do learn from it will change you in a way that will benefit you forever.

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