Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Readings by SunChariot Newsletter
September 2013 Edition
Volume 5, Edition 9


Welcome back to the Readings by SunChariot newsletter!
The September edition of this newsletter seems to have a dual theme. It seems to be focusing on two different topics.
The first came into my life on Friday afternoon (August 23rd).  Here is the story of that and how it went. LOL
As I was stepping out of the subway station, I was stopped by a girl of about 12 years old. She told me she was working on a project for school and asked if I would help her. I was in a bit of a  hurry but I said yes. It is important to me to help the children when I can.
She then led me over to a table where there were 3 flowering plants and a bottle of liquid labelled "Butterfly Attractant". She said it was for her Science project at school and that she had invented this solution that if you spray it on things it can attract butterflies to land on them.  She asked me to try to spray it on one of the plants and see what happens. Which I did.  Nothing really happened.

Then she told me maybe if she sprayed it on my hand, a butterfly would then come and land on my hand. And she sprayed some on a Kleenex and then rubbed it on my hand. By that point, I was paying close attention trying to see how I could help her.

Then after she put some on my hand, I hear "ROAR!!!" behind me.

I turned and there were two large guys dressed as butterflies, one in blue and one in purple, with huge flapping wings and elephant like noses, flapping around and pretty well jumping up and down and grabbing my hand and "trying to land on it".

After my initial scream and my heart got back to normal pace, LOL, it was pretty funny. Then a woman came out and showed me where the camera was and well....I had been on a hidden camera show. At least I may be. They try it 30 times and keep the best 6. But hey, I may be on television in February. LOL

For me,  the point was that sometimes things are just NOT what they seem. Never in all the times that a child asked me to help with homework did it turn out quite like that. LOL
 This very same message also came up this month in the Asking about Life section. So it seems to be an important theme this month, to not assume what things are what they seem, that someone feels what we think they do, is acting from whatever motivation we think they are.... This month the message seems to be not to assume, but to stop and verify. You never know when things may not be just what they seem unless you ask.
Second theme that came up here this month, is about being good and kind to ourselves, patient with ourselves and treating ourselves as good dear friends. I am getting that message a lot this month too, so it seems to be something important that we can all do to feel better in this month of September. So do be good to yourself this month.

Let's do it, let's make this a month to look back on and smile.  


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