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September 2013 Friendship Reading

I used one of my very favourite decks this month for you here.  And that is The Haindl Tarot, by Hermann Haindl.  I may have said it here before, but I will always adore this deck for being my first deck I ever used. It was the deck I learn to read Tarot on, and the only one I used for the first 6 to 8 months or so  of being a reader. And it will always be very special to me for that. Also it is somewhat unique in that it is quite complete, including I-Ching symbols, Runes, and Hebrew letters to add additional meaning. And contains some of the beautiful mythology of 4 separate cultures.

All that being said, this month I asked this deck what you most need to know this month of September to live your life in the way that will bring you the most personal fulfillment. And here are the cards that came up for you and what they said: 

Card 1: 4 of Cups (Yearning)

This card is about how to "complete" the feelings inside you that will lead to your feeling the greatest sense of personal fulfillment. How to work on successfully turning any feelings that are not making you feel that fulfillment into a place where you feel that inside.

When it comes to this particular deck, after the deck was printed the deck creator wanted to revise some of the keywords. The book I have for the deck gives the revised keywords as well. So whenever there is a discrepancy, I use the revised keywords instead. So in short, please ignore where it says "Mixed Happiness" as it should read "Yearning" instead.

That being said, this card is saying that this month, there will be a sense of yearning in you, a sense of longing for something (maybe more than one thing) that is not yet fully a part of your life. Or a sense of wishing certain things in your life were different.

Given the question I asked this month, quite possibly you feel that your feeling of fulfillment in your life hinges somewhat on that which you yearn for, that you would feel more fulfilled inside if you had that thing (or person or whatever it is). The image says that you may not feel sure which way things are going, whether things are up or if they are down.

The I-Ching symbol at the top of this card is called "Difficulty at the Beginning".  And what this is saying to me here is that at the beginning of this month a sense of yearning for something you do not yet have completely in your life may be interfering somewhat with your true sense of personal fulfillment in your life. But if you can stop and realize this, you can work to let it go and to find your happiness and beauty already there in the present moment and to love and accept all just as it is in each moment.

It's about living in the present moment and focusing on and seeing the beauty and goodness that is already there. Maybe your fulfillment lies not in getting that which don't have but in finding ways to feel satisfied, content and happy with where you are and with the things that you have in the here and now.

Card 2: Mother of Stones in the West (reversed) (Spider Woman)

The Mothers in this deck, are the equivalent of the Queens in other decks, as you can see. Stones in this deck are the same as Pentacles or Disks. So the most basic meaning for me for this card would be about talking about your goals with others, getting some good advice and help from those whose wisdom you admire with deciding what the best goals for you are. And even about getting help from others to work on and achieve your goals. This card is telling you that you don't have to do it all yourself this month. Others in your life have the ability and the desire to help you achieve your fondest wishes, Those whom you most trust and who most care about you want to help you, let them.

The image shows a maze, so part of your answer from this card is about finding your way through a bit of a maze or thoughts and feelings to arrive at what truly will lead to real personal fulfilment for you this month. This card says the topic of personal fulfilment can be a complex one. We can sometimes get a bit lost looking for it, or take some wrong turns. It may not always be found just where we think at first that it might.

This card is about "Spider Woman" a concept from the Hopi Indian tale of creation, and which appears in other cultures as well. The web itself and the strands of it, can symbolize all the things that you could potentially create/call into being this month, starting from the center point (where you are in the hear and now and working outwards).

But this card is asking you to stop and really think about which direction you want to take and who (if anyone) is creating stuck energy in your life.

Card 3: 7 of Wands (Courage)  

Wands can be about either creating something or about the passion inside you which guides you and inspires you on what to create. Both apply here. 7's. for me, are really encouraging cards. They should something stuck, a sort of difficultly, BUT the much much more importantly, the real meaning is that you can and will have arrive at that point and have that.  

So really, what this card is saying about the question I asked is that this month when it comes to how to live your life in the way that will bring you the most personal fulfilment, the trick is to work on finding that passion for what you really want inside. And then to work on creating that which you feel passionately will bring you that sense of satisfaction inside.

This card tells you to have the courage to not give up. To keep on working to figure it all out and then to create it. And the effort will be more than rewarded in the long term. This card tells you that if you keep at it, you will find your personal fulfillment in a big way.

It's about finding what you need from inside you. Not what others tell you you need. But about slowing down and really listening to you true needs and desires. To focus on that core that is from the real you and to let the rest evaporate away.

A hint is that what makes you feel warmth inside and to feel a sense of warmth in all that is around you is a good direction.

Card 4: The Empress (reversed)

This is the most important card of the reading. It is a card from the Major Arcana (and the Majors always talk about important life lessons that life is working to teach us). This card also came up reversed (upside down), and a reversal on a Major Arcana card, for me, emphasizes the card's meaning and makes it even more important.

The Empress is a truly beautiful card. It's all about caring, sharing, openness, empathy, oneness, connection. Really all that is most beautiful in life and that leads to beauty in relationships. The question I asked for you in this reading was about how you can live your life this month in the way that will bring you the most personal fulfillment.

So really that is the gist of the answer: to be very open and generous and sharing and trusting with others. To put out that energy and see what kind of energy your life sends back your way in response. Do it as much as you can. Just as an experiment for this month. And this card says that if you do, you'll learn some valuable life lessons in the process. The Hebrew letter in this card (top left hand corner) means "Door", so doing this will open new doors to you. The Rune on this card (top right hand corner) means "Thorn" and is a Rune about the cycles of life, the return on our really this all says the same thing.:-)

The image says that following the advice on this card can help you grow inside, to a place of greater personal control. You can "float" on beautiful romantic ideas of the best life can be, past any more difficult emotions and get past them in that way.  Focusing on others this month and how you can treat them well, will let you see the light in some way. And teach you something very useful that will help strengthen you.

Card 5: flipped Father of Stones in the West (Old Man)

This last card is an important one too.  It was a flipped card, flipped out of the deck during shuffling. When a card comes up as a flipped card, it says that there is something complex in it's meaning that it might benefit you to stop and think about . You may only see it fully after rereading the message a few times.

This is another Court card as was the Mother of Stones. This card is the Father of Stones (Father's are the equivalent of Kings in a more traditional deck. Stones are about our goals and what we need to do to achieve them

The Fathers, for me, are about inner control, self-control, inner strength....They are individuals and work alone to achieve their goals. It's all about the inner challenges and inner growth that comes form the learning on your own.

This card does have a strong connection to the Mother of Stones.  They form a pair in this reading, both being from the same suit.  Just as a Father and Mother are generally married, there is a certain degree of intermarriage between the concepts here in this reading of between the Mother and Father of Stones. They are a couple

The question being about how to live your life in the way that will bring you the most personal fulfilment this month of September, The Mother says that you have many many paths you could potentially take, that could lead in many different directions. The choice is ultimately yours. You can get advice from others and talk about their lives and that will help, But really it's you who is the center of your own life and no one else can see things from the perspective that you can. You are the only one who can fulfill your self and your needs.

The Father says that it's all about self-knowledge and he suggests trying to follow paths that have made you feel good inside in the past and not following ones that did not. But he says that no matter what you do, you will learn valuable lessons.  There is much to be learnt on any path you choose.

This image shows the footprints of many different animals, suggesting you follow the path that feels most natural to you. This card says that you WILL be guided if you pay attention. If you believe that your life will send you signs and if you pay attention....then you will see them.  What may seem to be coincidences for you this month, may very well really instead be life working together with you to create what you want and need. And to teach you what you need to know to find that fulfillment that you seek.

One hint is that at least part of it can be found in focusing on and feeling your connection to the world around you and all that is in it and a part of it.

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