Saturday, October 27, 2012

Tarot Demystified

Readings to Manifest Prosperity

This is another in the series of ways the cards can be used to manifest what we want in our lives, rather than just to asking the cards what is coming. Tarot truly has many many more uses than just asking about the future.

As I was writing this section, and the more I talked to others about the idea of prosperity, the more aware I because that "prosperity" does not have the same meaning to each of us. Maybe it does not have the exact same meaning for any of us. It has a lot to do with who we are inside, our beliefs, our goals...what represents success to us. And all these are very individual things.

While the concept of prosperity is often associated with money, it doesn't actually have to be. My favourite online dictionary, The Merriam-Webster, (love it for the quizzes there as well as the definitions) defines the word "prosperity" as: "the condition of being successful or thriving; especially: economic well-being",.

So it certainly can refer to other things than financial ones. To me, it has more to do with achieving your goals, arriving more and more at a place that represents whatever success means to you. and well ...getting to that place that gives you that feeling of inner fireworks: joy, a sense of wonder at where you are, a celebration at where you are, and well also feeling like you are arrived and are who, what and where you want to be.That feeling of the awesomeness of life and the awesomeness of you.

This edition of Tarot Demystified is about how the cards can help you achieve this state. And although it is titled "Readings to manifest prosperity", i felt I should mention that this tool that is Tarot can be helpful in helping us to prosper in more ways than through readings. Tarot meditations are also useful for this.

The type of meditation where you "enter" the card and talk to the characters in it can help us understand our life situations better and that can help us create what we most want in better ways.

And the type of Tarot meditation where you focus on the card image and let it bring the energy of the card;s image to you, Eg focusing on the Strength card to feel stronger, can also be helpful.

One of my favourite ideas about Tarot is about it being visual poetry. And the card images themselves can help us with visualizing what we want to achieve in much the same way that vision boards can. Seeing the image of what we want before us helps us focus on it and achieve it. And finding a card image that represents what prosperity means to you can help focus that energy in that way.

That being said, back to how readings can help. Really there are a number of ways that they can. Tarot cards can answer questions on any topic we like, and knowledge is the greatest tool there is.


  • We can ask questions to help clarify inside ourselves what prosperity really means to us.
  • We can ask if there is anything we are doing now that is holding us back or slowing us down from prospering in the ways we most want to.
  • If so, we can ask why this is happening and how to stop doing those things.
  • We can ask if we are actually seeing, in the here and now, the ways that we are prospering, or being  perfectionistic and not recognizing how far we actually have come.
  • We can ask what steps we can take in the here and now that will let us achieve our idea or prosperity in the best/easiest ways
  • We can ask how our idea of what it means to be prosperous says about us and how it reflects who we want to really be in the world.
  • We can ask how our inner beliefs about how prosperous we are capable of being are affecting our arriving at where we most want to me. (and how to correct what is in the way).
  • We can ask how we can best recognize the prosperity in our lives that is all around us right now in our present moment.
  • We can ask about our views on prosperity, how hard or how easy do we expect it to be to reach that point in our lives, and why.
  • We can ask if others see us as a prosperous person.
  • We can ask how we arrived at our ideas about what prosperity actually means to us. Did we come to them on our own of just adopt the ideas of others in our lives without thinking if this is the beset path for us.
  • We can ask what our spirits need us to know about prosperity now, what they connect it with.
  • We can ask how our spiritual path connects with our path to prosperity.

I will leave you with that for now, As I could go on forever. There is literally no limit to the kinds of questions you could ask.

Coming next month: The morality of asking certain types of questions.

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