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November 2012 Friendship Reading

I decided to use a Tarot for you that I have not used in a long time, the Rohrig Tarot, by Carl W. Rohrig.  Please note that the Death card did come up and no it does NOT have anything at all to do with real or actual death. That is a popular misconception, but the card does not actually mean that and it has nothing at all to do with anything of the kind in this reading. And in fact it has quite a positive message for you here.

I asked this fascinating deck what you needed to know this month of November to make the most of your life and here is what it said:

Card 1: The Hermit


This is a Major Arcana card and the Majors talk about important life lessons that we are meant to learn from what we are facing. This is The Hermit, about making some needed down time, alone time, to slow down and to stop and think.

So the start of your reading here says that taking yourself this time in this month of November will really benefit you now. This card says there are still some things inside you that could use some thought to work them out. And now is an ideal time to do so.

The person in the image, representing you here, has a maze/puzzle om their face. This says that now is an ideal time to stop and think about and try to make sense of anything that is puzzling you right now. The advise is not to put it aside, thinking you are too busy. Make the time for this, this November.

The image also shows you with an "open" top of the head. This asks you to try and stay open-minded as you try to make sense of things, and to be willing to think outside the box. The stars ask you to have hopeful thoughts, to believer there is always hope. And to trust that a window of opportunity will open up for you, if you now how to look and see with new eyes.

Card 2: 2 of Swords (Peace)

Swords are about our thoughts and our way of thinking and viewing the world and the situations of our lives. The 2's, for me, are about the interaction between two people. So really this card here for you this month is about the thoughts you have about someone (maybe more than one person in your life) and the situation you are in with them.

And as you can see, this card is called "Peace".  The general message is that when you think of this person (or people) and of what you share think peace.  Think about the peaceful times you have shared in the past and remember them. Think about  what peace feels like between you. And most of all, if you don't feel that things are as peaceful as you would like between you right now, think of what is needed to get things back to that place once again.

This is a very natural and beautiful countryside shown in this image. Peace is the natural state between you two. If you are not feeling at peace, then something is disrupting that. What would that be, how can you heal that?

And last but not least, this card says that thinking of peace and making those thoughts the predominant once about this person this month, will lead you to a place of wisdom in the end. And the rising balloons say that it will lead you back to a place that lifts your spirits and lets you create something of a higher caliber.

Card 3: Death (R)

Once again this card here has NOTHING to do with actual death. I know I have said it many times in my newsletters, but since it came up here that will give me a chance to demonstrate what it actually does mean. :-)

The Death card simply means transformation and change, from one form to another. This almost always a good and positive change, as it is here and you will soon see. It also means that something will end to make room for something better that will come to take its place. And that is very much the meaning it has here in this reading for you. And what will change in your life this month will be an important and positive change.

As you can see the card has the word "rebirth" featured a few times on it, so this is heralding a rebirth of something in you this month. As the image shows, you are just going to stand up straight and tall and proud.

This November is a good time to believe in yourself and to stand up for yourself and you will have the chance to do so and that will improve things in your life and create the wonderful change to come. It will come out in a natural gentle way and in a caring way and it will improve things in your life.  Assertive, not aggressive is the key.  This was a reversed card in your reading, and this tells you that facing these issues for you this month will be important life issues for you.

Whenever I see the Death card come up, since it says that one thing will end to make room for a better thing to come and take its place, I always ask after what is it that will end, and is it that will then start. I asked those two questions for you below. I pulled one card for each.

1) What will end?
5 of Swords (Defeat)
Well as you can see, this card is called "Defeat" and that looks like a good thing to end in your life.:-)

This is the 5 of Swords. Swords are about your way of thinking and the thoughts you are having and choosing. The 5's are about traditions, about what is considered acceptable by those around you, what what others expect of you and even what you expect of them, and your upbringing and what you were taught growing up your family and all those around you.

This is all saying that in some way something related to what is acceptable and expected and tradition has been playing on your mind lately. And that it has had you feeling a little defeated. Maybe someone was expecting to much of you, expecting you to be different than you were brought up to be, a difference in moral values between yourself and another, ....that type of thing. And it has had you feeling a bit defeated at times and like something was missing and worried.

The image shows you standing high atop a hard block of cement. Things may have felt hard to you in this area of your life. Or this may just be an isolated issue that will come up for the first time this November. But the good news, the REALLY good news (and I know what this refers to in my own life and this has me overjoyed! :-) ) is that in November this issue will be put to rest and come to an end. The question here was what will end. And this is your answer. All this will come to an end.

What will start?

This is a Major Arcana card once again. And that means there is an important life lesson this month for you here.
So those feelings of "defeat" are going to end this months to be replaced by strength. You are going to be in a position of strength, feel strong, be strong, and the others around you will know and sense it.
The image says that you're just going to burst out of your shell and let the real beautiful you shine through. Your inner light will shine brightly enough to dispel any darkness, or fear of confusion around you.  This can be a month where you shine that authentic light inside you out into the world stronger and more authentically than you have in a long time.
The foundation for you to do that is built. It has been there for a long time, You just have to open up and let it out as much as you can. No harder than
 that. If things feel dark for the moment, if there are unknowns around you, just trust that opening up and being the real you will remove then, just as easily and surely as turning  on a light removes the darkness.
Now is your month to shine. To shine your true inner beauty back out into the world. Trust, and have faith. The world and the others in your life need what you have give from the real you. 

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