Saturday, August 18, 2012

September 2012 Friendship Reading

Here is your Friendship Reading for the month of September 2012, to tell you what you need to know to make the most of this month in your life. :-)

I used my ChronaTarot for you here, by Robin Tisch Hollister. Which, as you can see, is a very beautiful Tarot and also happens to be a Majors only deck

These are the cards that came up for you this month:

Card 1: World

Here is where we start your reading this month, with pretty well one of the best cards you could get! :-) World, for me, is about the best that life has to offer, the best possible version of what you are experiencing that you could possibly have. For me, this card represents the height of the experience, the apex of it, the best version of it possible

This card coming up here is saying that you are going to have that experience this month, in some area of your life. You have a lot to look forward to. The image is one of celebration, there will be something really worth celebrating this month for you.

Whichever area of your life this falls into, it is going to bring with it some beautiful, bright, clear thoughts and feelings. And movement and joy. You'll be in the flow and moving to the rhythm of life.

Card 2: Strength

This is also a month where you will be learning some lessons about yourself in regards to your inner strength. You will have to face something that will bring this issue to your attention. And you will take things in hand and rise above it all. And when you do, you'll feel the rewards that come from that. You will have earned those rewards, much like in a fairy tale where the hero must face certain challenges to reach the final reward and his deepest happiness.

This card is saying that there will be an issue or two that will require you to use from strength, but what you learn from it will earn you that additional peace and happiness that you seek. Just do your best, tame any inner dragons, and then you will rise above it all and you'll get to that deep inner peace on the other side. And reach a more love-based place in your life.

And this card asks you to do your best to have hope and faith in life and in yourself as you work on this. With those you can just close your eyes, breathe in deeply and know just what to do.

Card 3: Moon (reversed)

This is an important card here. It is the only reversed card of the reading. This is an all Majors deck, and a reversal on a Major Arcana card, for me, does not change its meaning but it does strengthen it. The reversal tells you that this will be a very important issue for you this month. With some very important life lessons that your life is working to teach you,

And the meaning of the Moon card is, romance. The way I personally read, that is the only meaning this card has. So you are being told that romance and your romantic life are going to be particularly important for you this month. You will be learning some very important lessons about romance and romantic relationships, and about yours in particular this month.

What you learn will benefit you now and later on as well. And it will be clear when you see it. It will be like the lesson is "staring you right in the face". You'll see it, there will be no mistaking it. It will help you feel more connected to life, the universe and the others around you. And it will send little flickers of light and hope and joy spiraling out from you into the universe, more and more.

When I saw that Moon had come up talking about romance, I asked for you what it was about romance that this card wanted you to know, wanted you to learn. I got:

Card 4: Star

This just made me smile. Star is about hope and faith. This card tells you to have hope and faith in love and romance. To have hope and faith in your romance in your life. Wherever you are in your life now, this card asks you to have that hope and faith in life and love. And you will see it rewarded in time.

The woman in the card is a mermaid, and this tells you to have faith in the fairy tale, that things can work out happily no matter when they are now. Have that faith that life CAN bring you what you want romantically and that it wants to.

When you lean back and daydream about this area of your life, chose positive daydreams, visualize happy outcomes. The jewels in your hair here (the main figure in the card generally represents the person the question is about) say that you have within you the strength and ability to choose the beautiful thoughts that will in fact improve the romances in your life.

The image shows two things most of all. The mermaid is sitting on a hard rock and in the background is a ship coming closer. The lesson is in how we choose to view things in our situation. She can choose to focus of how hard things feel right now, sitting there on that hard rock. Or she can choose to have that faith that her ship will come in and to feel the happiness that comes from that.

Star is the card of hope, so in whatever areas of your romantic life that you feel things could be improved on, choose the second viewpoint and not the first. Choose to have faith in all the good and not focus on anything that feels hard right now.

That is the message of this card. And be open and talk in a kind way about your feelings.

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