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September 2014 Friendship Reading

Today I used my Simply Deep Tarot. It's the second deck by Chanel Bayless and James Battersby (the first being the A Kings' Journey Tarot which is one of my favourite all time decks). So yes I am a fan of this deck. :-)

This month I asked the cards for us what we need to know to create the best with our lives that we can this month of September 2014

Card 1: The Sun (reversed)

We're starting off this reading with an important card here. It's both a card from the Major Arcana and also a reversed card. Which in essence says that there is a very important life lesson we can learn by paying attention to the message of this particular card.

This first card is the Sun card. It's a very positive card and place to start the reading. And I am seeing here that it's telling you to get outside this month and really enjoy the sunny days. Get out there when you see some nice weather and just be there in the moment. Feel the warmth of the sunshine on your skin, feel the joy of the breezes going past. Get out there, slow down and really enjoy it. It's yours to enjoy, go for it. :-)

Sun is also about good health, so doing some form of exercise outdoors in the sunshine this month would also be a good thing, if anything of that nature calls to you, go for it. Now is the time. 

Sun is about warmth, and caring and joy and just plain feeling good. Do those things that make you feel that way this month. Make a list if you want of what makes you feel good and joyful and do as many of those things as you can this month, repeat as needed. It's also about the caring and sharing of good things with others. This month is a good time for that was well.

All this will help you create a really good month for yourself. And when you feel good inside, it can't help but radiate out to others around you. And bring them joy as well. It sets ripples of well-being out into the world. It can start with you. :-)

Card 2: 3 of Wands (reversed)

This card is from the suit of Wands and is about the art of creating what you want in your life. It's a reversed 3, which is about change. This card is telling you that in order to create what is best for you this month you may have to let go of things you are holding onto that have been holding you back. You are being told that when we let go of what is holding us back, logically we can then move forwards again.

This card is saying asking you here to stop and take a lot at what it is that you want to create in and of your life. How are things moving and flowing in those areas? Is there something holding you back that you can eliminate? Are you carrying some baggage with you wherever you go that is unnecessarily slowing you down or stalling things? How can you put it back down and leave it there? Are you holding onto some dreams when in reality the ship has already sailed in those areas and it is time to let them go and come up with some new ones?  

 This card this month is asking you to take a bit of time and lovingly and caringly ask yourself some of those question, talking to yourself warmly and lovingly as you would to a dear dear friend. And it also reminds you not to feel alone. In reality you never are, and others are there for you more than you may yet know.

Card 3: flipped Moon

This and all the remaining cards in the reading are flipped cards (cards that flipped out of the deck in some way during shuffling). Flipped cards tend to talk about things that are a bit deep and that we may understand better after taking a bit if time to think the over.

This is an interesting card here. It is also a Major Arcana card, so we are talking about something that has an important life lesson to teach us here. The Moon for me is all about the mysteries of life, and the deep beauty behind them. The magic of this life and world that we live in, and of what it means to be a human being living in this world. 

The message of this card  here is really saying that there are some things about yourself that you are not clearly seeing or understanding. Some things about yourself that you are still in the dark about, where you are not seeing the magic of life working right there behind you. Or the full effect that your actions can have.

Naturally enough. I don't think we can ever see every little nuance of how what we do affects others and the world around us. But this card says that you can trust that it does. That what we say, think and do has much more far-reaching consequences than we realize at that time. And that is something to think about when we reach out and touch something or someone, or when we may hesitate to do so. One little smile or act of reaching out may well have much greater effects that we imagine. And this card is saying that keeping that in mind this month, can help you to create something much more positive, powerful and far-reaching with this month. 

Card 4: flipped Princess of Wands

This card is also from the suit of Wands, about what you can create this month. And it's the Princess of Wands. The princesses are about facing new things, facing something unlike anything you have before.

This card is saying that this September would be a good month to branch out and try some new things.  Try something new, or do something you often do in a new way. Have fun with it. Stir things up and get out of the ordinary, out of the mundane and find some joy. 
This month would also be a good time to get started on creating something new in your life.  You are being advised to see it as an adventure, a learning experience where there is no right or wrong....only learning.  And you will learn as you move one and get better and better at it. Especially if you hold onto that attitude. Don't forget to give yourself that praise for sticking to it. You will and do deserve it.  
First step, a little preliminary planning to be sure of what you want to create/accomplish and the best way to get there. Once that stage is done, and you know what you want, you can put that behind you and follow your heart and moral compass. Plans can change, and the best way to accomplish something may need adjustment along the way. But your heart and moral compass will always be reliable. Trust them, follow them, and honour yourself and the process.  

Card 5: flipped Judgment (reversed)

This is another powerful card. And I think an important concept. It is another reversed Major Arcana card. So there is a very important life lesson to be learnt here too.
And it's about learning from your past. The last card talked about paying attention to how things are going in the present moment and adjusting our plans if necessary accordingly. This card is about stopping, and looking back and our pasts and see what we can learn from it.
This card is suggesting looking back and seeing what has worked for you in the past and what has not. And thinking that all over and deciding what to do.  No problem with the things that have gone well. But if you see something where you repeatedly do the same thing or react in the same way and it has never worked well for you, then there is something to work on. Then it may well be time to change the way you do that thing or just let it go and stop doing it at all if that is the solution.
That reminds me of two phases that I may have to paraphrase here as I don't at the moment remember the exact wording. LOL But both are related to the meaning of this card here and to what it is trying to say.  
The first is about how if you keep doing what you have always done, then you will always get what you have always gotten. So logically if you don't want that outcome, then you need to do something differently.  Oh, and I just found the second one online. :-)  It was the one by Albert Einstein about how the definition of insanity is: "doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results".
In essence this card is asking you to stop and think about if anything you have been working on has not been working for you in your life. And if so to stop and think about what you have been doing. And if you find you have been repeatedly acting and reacting in the same way and it has not lead to the results you wanted, time to try a new method.  Just accept and surrender to idea that you were not going about it in the best way and think up a new better way. And do it in a kind and loving way, it's a gift you are giving yourself that you well deserve.

Card 6: flipped Ace of Coins (reversed)

This last card here has a message that I have to say that I like here. Coins are about our goals and about how we work on them. A reversed Ace is about being fair and just. The gist of this card is a suggestion to you this month to set yourself a goal to think more and learn more about fairness. What does it mean to you? How can you form fair solutions when people with very divergent interests involved? Does fairness even mean the same thing to each of us? 
This card suggests making fairness a goal this month. Both to try to be as fair as you can to all concerned as you work on your already established goals. Take the time to think what would be fair to the others involved before proceeding. And also to make it a goal to learn about what fairness means to you personally, and what others think it means.  
You are being told here, by this card, that if you do this and make this a goal this month things won't just stop there. It will be the start of something very healthy that grows from this effort that you put in. It will bear fruit in the future, if you think about and work on it now. And once you have though out what feels fair to you, act on it a few times this month. Go out and do something you might not have done before to practice what you have learnt. Even if it's just talking to others about it. It will plant a seed that will grow.

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