Thursday, February 20, 2014

Tarot Demystified

Misunderstanding Tarot answers
(couldn't resist sticking this photo in, even though technically it's about a different kind of reading)
I thought this was in somewhat important topic, that I never really mentioned before. It felt like time this month. And the topic here this month i9s about how Tarot answers are interpreted after they are received. A reading is a partnership in a sense. A cooperation between two people, one who interprets what they see in the card. And the other who is interpreting what they see in the words of a reading

Here are some of the main places I see where things occasionally get confused and some tips I hope you will find helpful
  • Things can get confusing if the language/wording in the reading is unclear in some way or ambiguous. It happens on occasion, different people use language differently at times. If there is any question, the best way to solve that is to ask the reader what they meant. Any good reader will be more than open to that.
  • We tend to interpret things through our own belief systems. And it can be hard to see or believe something that does not fall into what we believe about  life or about ourselves.. I once had a brilliant reading done for me which the minute I read it I was certain it was all completely wrong about me. I even told the reader so. I put it down but reread if a number of times during the week, and suddenly I had a deep AHA moment. It was like Eureka, she had been SO right all along. Just couldn't believe it. And that does happen sometimes. What she told me about myself was so far removed from my beliefs about myself I could not accept it at first, and yet she had very much been right. Of course some readings really are just wrong, But not all that appear to be are. It can't hurt to look them over a few more times to be 100% sure.
  • Sometimes we tend to misunderstand the intended meaning of a reading because of our hopes and desires on the issue we asked about. They can become a bit like blinders that we wear at times.  I have actually seen this happen a number of times.  Where I have told someone a very positive outcome in a reading. And then they get back to me and tell me it was just as they believed and they knew nothing good would come of it. I then have to ask them what they saw in the reading that was negative and to tell them what it was I had really meant. This does happen, so if you're not 100% sure, it never hurts to ask and talk over the reading with the reader. A good reader will be open to discussing that things meant afterwards.
  • A big place of misunderstanding comes from readings about the future. Many people think that the future as predicted by the cards is set and cannot be changed. Almost nothing could be further from the truth and so many Tarot questions are about the future. I always tell anyone who asks a question about the future that the cards will only show one future amongst many, They can only show the exact future they are heading towards in the exact moment in time the reading was done. Nothing more. And that future can very much change and in fact usually they can purposely change it. I find it helps me make that all clear at the start.
  • Speaking of the future, another place where misunderstandings are quite common is when people project the present moment onto the future. One of the places this seem to happen most in my experience is when people ask the "What does he think about (or feel for) me right now?" questions. These are quite popular questions. I get asked them a lot. But by their very nature, they are only asking about this very moment now. What we think and feel can very well change. Moods change, we get new information that lets us see things differently. Eg the person may have been in a really bad mood at the moment the reading was done and not felt too positively about anything at that moment in time. And shortly later come out the other end and felt much more positively again about the other. What someone feels or thinks now may not be what they think or feel in the future. Thoughts flow in and out, feelings can be change.
  •  Sometimes people use readings just to try to confirm what they hope the answer will be, and they tend to not really hear well what is being said. They don't seem to really want to hear the truth, just confirmation of what they hope is true. They can see the answers all in  black and white, all yes or no and they really clearly never notice the nuances in between. They may see the answer they want to see when it's not clearly there. Or if it isn't there for sure (even if the cards say it will most likely happen),  If the answer is not YES for sure it will happen, they never see all the many positive and hopeful aspects to the reading, These are gifts to help them, but they get lost and all that matters is yes or no. Imo, readings can be used much more effectively to try to create what we want than to just see if it's coming. And that is comforting in itself, to feel there are things you can do to help improve your chances, instead of just leaving things up to fate.

Coming next month: Good readers vs bad readers (and warning signs of the latter)

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