Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tarot Demystified

Connecting to spirits

This is always one of my favourite topics to write about. As, well...., one of my main purposes of writing this column was to help clarify what Tarot is and what it is not, and to help eliminate some of the MANY superstitions and popular misconceptions on the topic. So much of what is commonly believed about Tarot is untrue. And there are SO many of those superstitions and misconceptions related to the topic of a reader accidentally contacting some negative force of spirit.

I have seen this superstition come up in all kinds of ways.  When I started to learn to read Tarot, I had a friend tell me (quite seriously) that I should not get involved in Tarot as it was "Voodoo".   She was really quite scared for me. While I can't say that I honestly know anything about Voodoo, I know that there is nothing scary or negative about reading cards. In my experience, it has always been a beautiful, caring, connection, awe-filled, loving. That is the only kind of energy I have ever seen from my cards. Whether or not you "could" in theory use Tarot in Voodoo, couldn't tell you as I have no knowledge on the topic. But it certainly isn't going to happen accidentally.

I have also seen many people afraid to learn how to read Tarot or to even have a reading done for them, as if by having or doing a reading they might open the door to some kind of negative energy. As if they can just accidentally tap into that somehow by just picking up the cards and asking for answers. Again, I do not at all believe that is possible.

Admittedly no one knows for sure where the answers come from in Tarot or how Tarot works, even though it DOES work. But I don't believe you can connect to anything accidentally, and the answers will literally come where you look for them. If you ask that your answers come to you from a place of light and love, then that is all you will get. I asked for that early on and that is all I have ever seen from my cards. I have never seen any kind of negative energy at all from my cards.

If a reader uses their cards to seek the beauty and connection and love in life, that is what they will find. Tarot is a tool that can be just what you want it to be, to help you in the way that will benefit you most. Some prefer predictive readings, some like to use it to understand themselves and their world better, some to create the life they want. It's a tool that CAN answer ANY question. And with that knowledge comes power, power to be what we most want to be, power to take charge of our lives, and the power understand.
Coming next month: Different uses for Tarot


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  1. Having grown up in a household where tarot card readings were the norm and living with a mother and extended family who were psychic - mediums, and also who read palms, tea leaves, crystals, etc. it was a bit weird for us kids to live a sort of 'double life'. We knew not to mention about the abilities of our mother and family as it was considered "the work of the devil".

    Even in today's world, I often will get a raised eyebrow and a sniker from people when I tell them I am a psychic-medium. Though, it is more acceptable now then back then.